Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume | DIY Bow & Makeup

Last-Minute Minnie Mouse Costume | DIY Bow & Makeup

hey everyone so I'm kind of just sitting in my room in my pajamas editing this video and I thought I would just spell my little intro to start things off and I personally understand the struggles of Halloween a lot so I thought I would post this little last minute video on a DIY bow that I made myself for Minnie Mouse as well as the makeup look I'll be wearing and hopefully it'll help some of you for maybe a last minute costume this year or even inspire you for something next year so let's get started to make the Mickey Mouse ears I first went to a thrift shop nearby to buy a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and I removed the blue bow that came with it after that you'll also need a pair of scissors a hot glue gun and I also picked up a pair of pants for babies which had a kind of Minnie Mouse design on it that I wanted to use so any kind of fabric that's red with white dog to staff you'll want to cut up the fabric so for me I started off by cutting open the legs to create a larger piece of fabric then you can place the photo that you originally have and if you don't have a bow you can just kind of eye it out yourself and you want to make it twice the width and twice the length that you want your bow to be after cutting everything out I had a little bit of difficulty in assistance or a way to as well you can start by folding the fabric together in a horizontal direction and using your happy going to glue down the seat then taking your two longer sides you can fold them to meet in the middle and glue that down as well and make sure to do in between all the scenes so that nothing comes fine or nothing and nothing is loose you can then turn the ball over to the cleaner side of everything and pinch it in a way where the top folds over to the middle and the bottom floors ocean to the middle and the middle sticks up that's where you got your kind of bow folding effect bun and using a hot glue gun add two generous dots of glue to glue these three sides together in the middle to keep it in that position I also added a dot of glue on the back where there's a fold in the middle and I glued that fold together then using any of the excess fabric you have cut out a long strip of fabric and fold the strip those are horizontally as well so to make it thinner you can then tie it around the male of your bow and measure how long you need it to be and cut off any of the excess then firmly wrap it on your bow and make sure everything looks nice from the front before you glue the two ends together I then place the bow onto the ears that I have and I first glue down the middle and then I glue down the sides onto the ears just in case to make sure they would last me through the day and there we have it your own pair of Minnie Mouse ears that are super cute and only cost around five dollars to me now that we're done with making the bow we can move on to makeup so start off with a little disclaimer I'm definitely not an expert happening with makeup in fact I've probably only done it like around ten times in my life so it might be cringe worthy so I started off by taking my Revlon Photoready airbrush effect in the color zero zero two vanilla and I applied one pump of that onto my index finger and I dotted it over my face evenly I then use my hands to apply the makeup and spread it control it up with the foundation brush to blend it all in after that I applied concealer under my eyes around my nose and I just put some of the and I just used the del applicator to put some on my finger and die on some of my acne so I wouldn't spread that the bacteria into the container itself I then brought everything out that I applied with my fingers I'm using the Rimmel wake me up concealer after applying my foundation and concealer and we've done to my powder which is a DR powder and it's just it comes with a cushion I just pop that around my t-zone and our cheekbones to set the concealer after that I moved on to my brows so I just used the faceshop style my brow the lovely max and brown gray and I tend to just fill in the front of my brow to make it more straight and clean-cut I also have never plucked my eyebrows before so excuse the mess afterwards I fall in love with an eyeshadow primer that came with my lorac palette and I just applied a very small amount onto my eyelid then with the eyeshadow I start by using a normal eye shadow brush and applying the color taupe all over my lid after blending that in I then use a same eyeshadow brush and I top the color garnet over the ball of my eye and slowly brush it out afterwards when this was done I used a cruise brush and I use the colors table and I put it through the crease of my eyes then they took came back with the same fire brush and blended everything through evenly or as evenly as I could once the eye shadow was done I use my Clio eyeliner and I start off by applying a normal winged eyeliner look then by adding a little Minnie Mouse effect I added two more fake eyelashes and just wing them out once this was done I use my face sharp eyelash curler and just curled my lashes and followed up with the Maybelline the falsies big eyes it's a lot of good consistency so it should last you for the entire day the entire night whatever you plan to do and I just applied a couple of coats of that to my top lash and a little bit around my bottom lash so those are my eyes complete and I've moved on afterwards to adding a little bit more dimension to my face so I use a little bit of bronzer and I used a blush brush to apply this along the hollows of my cheek as well as across the temples and under the jawline as well under my chin to add a little more definition I also took the crease brush and contoured my nose a little bit in nature to blend that in once the bronzer was done I followed up with a cream blush which is a Maybelline Dream bouncy blush and I just usually tap a little bit of it onto my fingers and tap it along in a circle on the apples of my cheeks and the color is fully on I then tried to spread it out towards the chocolate like she's walking on water then I'll use a blush brush which I used previously for the bronzer I'll clean it off a little and try to even blend it even more with the blush and finally I follow up with a red lipstick this one is a Maybelline lipstick in the colour six nine zero siren in scarlet and I initially use a lip brush just to trace out the shape of my lips and then apply the lipstick more opaquely afterwards and using a pencil eyeliner I wish I didn't have for this video but I will be boring your friends for the day of Halloween our drew little mouse nose but I turned into a kind of like a triangle shape and I drew it onto my nose just to add the Minnie Mouse effect and there we have the makeup done I really like how the eye shadow is kind of dark but definitely not too smoky since I'm not a fan of smokey eye shadow yet I just don't I'm not I'm not experienced enough with makeup to rock it and I just think it's a really cute look and this has the nice tawdry eyelashes and the cute Minnie Mouse meals and I look forward to wearing this on Halloween night

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