Le respect et la stratégie du bonheur! Comment se faire respecter?

Le respect et la stratégie du bonheur! Comment se faire respecter?

Respect and the strategy of happiness! How
enforce? what is the strategy to make sure
if you ask yourself this question I gives you some answers in this
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What is the strategy to be respected? first I will not stop saying ‘our
life is filled with interruptions with the others, and then if you look at me in this
moment is that in some of your relationships you do not feel, or even at all
hope, today I will give you the major elements that contribute to how
to be respected by others; The first element I’m going to give you
here is to start with you respect yourself even, you know there’s a concept of life
very simple that the majority of people do not do not understand at all, rotten fish
never attract butterflies, rot, shit even when it’s covered with a
wrapping paper always attracts vermin like flies, cockroaches, fleas,
you know, very often what you receive is that the reflection of what you are, if the others
do not respect you, it’s probably you do not respect yourself enough, you know,
you can not display a behavior ridiculous, joker, pig more
late you get angry when someone misses you of respect, so I ask you the question;
in which case, in which area do you respect you can not be enough? can be your body that
you do not respect it enough, it can to be your image, the esteem of yourself,
that you wish to be, indeed how do you behave like a scavenger
and wait for you to receive treatment of a respectable person? you are there
, you are the superior of a group of people on a work project but you
leasts also the first to always arrive late, how do you want to be
respect me, do you know the meaning of the word to be honest?
we respect you, after we Did he lend him nicely when you come to borrow
money to someone at this time there you have the tongue honey, you are in
the need, we borrow money because that you are going through a financial shadow zone,
you are granted the loan, as a person worthy of respect and credibility you
say, I will pay to Latin of the month, the end of the month arrived, your turn off your phone, from
the less it passes, now it takes to pick you up must go on a hunt
to the man, At home you are no longer found, you have
gone from the planet earth, now when we will catch you on the way we will want
to undress you will say that we missed you of respect.It will just assume, if you
want to count as a marabout then receive a thunder of treatment worthy of a marabout.
Listen to me very well my loves, when we have the impression that others do not
we do not respect, it is that they pass their time to finally exceed the limits
to others, what do you accept from others and what do not you accept?
personal, it can be for example, nobody do not insult me, nobody forces me
to do something so I do not want to, no one makes me doubt myself, when you
set your limits so you respect those others automatically, look at
thing, how do you want to be taken seriously as a motivational coach
and life, astonishing as adviser, as as pastor or priest when your account
Instagram or Facebook are filled with photos obscenities, videos that stupefy youth,
no one will take you to the sieur, all at otherwise you will only receive a lack of
e respect, My loves did you know that for hope to earn respect from others and you
to enforce, we must first show them than you have respect for yourself and for
what you do? I bet not, and yet it’s a fundamental rule you do not
do not respect yourself, how do you want that we respect you? and then yu vas
to hear them swing things like that, do what I say, not what I do,
it’s terrible really, plus you want we respect you.
You are an ambassador for the nation and you wiggle in the bars with the
girls, and you want us to respect how, wallay you have to stop it
hen, there’s a big gap between the image that you are reflecting there by
your actions and how you would like to be treated or to be respected;
your attitude, what you get out of contact with others
influence them

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  1. Le respect de soi permet d’en avoir pour les autres. Tout ce qui se fait dans le respect même amère est recevable.

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