Lebron Resurrects Hair & Gives Tiny Sneak Peek At Brand New Toon Squad Jersey!

Lebron Resurrects Hair & Gives Tiny Sneak Peek At Brand New Toon Squad Jersey!

leave it to good old Twitter the LeBron haters parade are letting him have it after his IG push on him getting a cut prior to shooting Space Jam too because apparently people think he's got a hairpiece on well hate all you want because the James family is not bothered and even though they were apart yesterday they were still celebrating Taco Tuesday and showed us a sneak peek of the new Space Jam two jerseys what's going on for my favorite boy Chris but you can also find me over on my youtube channel see k2k but make sure you subscribe right here if that notification bill and don't forget to like this video first off y'all need to chill man I saw the video on Twitter and before I could even let it finish I went straight to the damn replies and man y'all are cool I'm getting ahead of myself let me explain what actually went down we've seen lebron post a few photos and videos this summer of his hairline magically getting a second life but in his latest haircut post people are tearing them up and accusing him of having a hairpiece I mean you could definitely tell the fact that the rest of his head is wavy but there's just that one patch just like right here that's like Froude out it's obvious who cares some of y'all 9 year olds watching this video and trolling and we're probably gonna go ball to my one thing with bran is you got all this money to get proper hair plugs though my guy either way it's not about what I think I need to show you the savage responses that were on Twitter starting with this one I'm crying son you can see the separation of a hairpiece lmf guess I gotta make a better blood then there was this one by a dude with the Twitter handle named James Dolan saying the n-word season look man maybe that'd be best that's probably the only thing that could get his ass out of New York anyways I'm sorry saw the name and I went crazy anyway he tweeted this lebron lost all his hair in like 2011 now it's all back huh and no one wants to question another one said whoever installed LeBrons hair has got to go to hell y'all stupid that dude said installed like his hair was some kind of like software update anyways next one said LeBron really got all his hair back man I just need a billion I'm straight then this dude cave he put you know LeBron hair ain't real with all that damn head bobbing he do while he is in the chair not the best one in my opinion was this one that had a video attached and he said nah this how bran got his cut and hairline back they were so pretty more but I can only say this dude said this or another one saying so many times so y'all got to go check out the thread for yourself over on Twitter after this video is done it's hilarious but enough about LeBrons hair he showed us something else while he was on set and that was a glimpse of his new space changers we all know the iconic Space Jam Jersey Michael Jordan in the toon squad rocked in the first movie well while LeBron posted a video to remind us what day it was yesterday he showed us a little sneak peek at how the new Space Jam jerseys are going to look ya'll most spacejam right now shooting and y'all wish I could show y'all the whole uniform but I can't but more importantly y'all know what today is right you thought I was gonna go on a date without me saying good Tuesday oh you thought she was getting out of this new day you thought she was you thought it is but as you can tell the video took our attention away from Jersey and quickly made us laugh and he's continued Tuesday tradition of posted on IG and letting us know what time it is it is even though bran was on set for Space Jam the family still participated Ronnie is currently in Vegas for a tournament and he has the rest of the crew with him to still celebrate this sacred holiday yeah we're in Vegas right now for a tournament so we're not with my dad to do the original you know this one what day is it I love this Taco Tuesday meme the James family got going on I hope they keep it going so what are your thoughts on the bronze here let all of your LeBron hair line jokes fly in the comment section below because I know as hell I can't stop you spear your bored person I'll catch you guys in the next video I'm out

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  2. Damn LeBron and Savannah (I think that's his wife's name) has been very busy over the years… They got like 5-6 children. I thought they had 3-4

  3. Wow when it goes…just let it go!!! It is what it is…do the bald mj and wait for that comparison from Steven A

  4. As long as you bring in a ring to his legacy it do not matter you can have all the fake hair in the world sir

  5. Bron haters need life๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฟโ€โ™‚๏ธI said what I said and Iโ€™m proud of it

  6. His hairline was bad when he was 23 on 23rd of June his favorite players is 23 it took 23 surgeries to fixed thatโ€™s why he wears 23

  7. Bro… He had the uncle phil.. Then the denzel Washington from training day fade..๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜’ …

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