LEGO Textiles Museum with Interior Rooms | BrickCan 2019

LEGO Textiles Museum with Interior Rooms | BrickCan 2019

my name is Christian lock and my builder name is bricks are for me I built this as it's the whole thing is my design original design original concept it's not a real building it's all my own my own work and it's modular as well so I can take the pieces off and and there's there's items inside as well and I also hand-painted various aspects of it it's so it's actually a textiles and museum so I used rice paper and brush pens so I ate it all the fabric that's represented in there that's fantastic work so yeah I know you said it's kind of modular so can you take off some sections what kind of look inside here so I'll take this piece off first it's the easiest so this is all made by rice paper and I each each of the roofs have these these little pieces so not only are they for design but it's also just stop it's a stopgap from letting it slide all the way in so i use it as a barrier so these are original paper paper pieces and also they're minifigure sizes too so they're scale to minifigs as well so it fits within the lego world very nicely well I would hope so yes so I'll take off another section here I'll fit that here and then it gets a little bit tough maybe I'll say that this is at the front door here which it actually closes here a little bit tricky but here we go and I designed the logo as well for the museum and so the door has the logo of the museum and the logo of the museum is actually a it represents the war the warp and the weft of weaving as well so and I'll take this off so this slides off here a little tricky in sections here and here and this is the interior the front section which I just what do we have in this section you just pulled off here see this is the cafe the eatery and this is the front section that the lobby the front lobby and you can see there's an original illustration here a piece of fabric which is actually paper so that's incredible work so talk a little about that process creating you know the piece of fabric there and then also you know the designs on it well I have an art background and I wanted to I wanted to represent fabric in a way and I'm I got really interested in the the graphic design of patterns on fabric so I thought how am I going to represent that in a Lego block so I thought oh I'll use paper and brush pen so so is what this is is it's becoming it became a it's sort of like it contains my own art is a container so it's an art within an art piece so there's multiple layers of it and yeah I just I I thought well I definitely want it to be scaled to minifigs because I want to I like the realism of it I want to represent it as if of the viewers in a structure and it's is realistic as I can possibly make it so many details and everything in there to really bring it to life yes yes and the center is actually well what I'll start off with saying is I usually build the structure first and then the inside after but in this case I actually built the structure to accommodate the this elevator the central elevator which houses a replica of a fabric flat flat bed fabric printer a commercial sized one and you can I can scroll that I can demonstrate that in the scroll the fabric through the printer as well yeah can you give an example of that right I'll just take this section off which is again in a whole other section here it's the shop and I'll have to take off the other one as well here it's a complicated thing to do really here's the other section here so this is the back portion and here's another section these fittings so perfectly within the larger building it's quite a balance because you know I have to sort of somehow structurally make it as sound as possible so it's quite a challenge to do that and yet make it modular so I can I can actually have detail inside too so this is very very very challenging so I can scroll this through the printing press here and so it sort of I hand painted that as well and it kind of a little bit it's like it represents a like a Chinese painting with Scrolls a scroll Chinese painting so but then in this case it's in the you know a representative commercial printer so so there's many aspects of it there's many layers to it and yeah this is the first time I've ever done anything like that and I wanted to do something different it's very different I think you captured it nicely so talk a little more about some of these sections you took off earlier here I think John showed him briefly but what all do we have in there sure this is just that general gallery I just tried to make some variations of fabric prints that I've seen on on other fabric pieces real fabric so and I just did it freehand I just cut it to size and and I just Illustrated it freehand without any planning I don't plan life my builds or anything I just do it free you feel like that helps you you know come up with ideas just kind of more free style and you're just sitting down and you know it just kind of flows out yes it's sort of like the artistic side of me I just I I want to work with the materials I don't want to be restricted so much by the materials and I don't like pre-planning I like to just go as I like I go and if there's a mistake it's fine because sometimes the mistakes like it in court gets incorporated in and it's no longer a mistake it's something to my benefit so you just never know what to expect so I don't use programs I don't use anything it's just all freehand that's a great way to look at it we've been building with Lego you know there's so many possibilities that you can just incorporate everything into the build yes yeah it's it's really it's it's so it's it's the process that I I hold most dear to me it's at it's like there's no I don't I don't like following instructions and then that way you know the whole thing's original and I can really represent what I want to represent in there yeah one thing I notice here is there some like signage and decals in different areas talk about the how you made those eye stickers I did use stickers I just printed it on a printer and I used a program for that so yeah I just it's just sticker printing and I designed the logo to myself so that's really great so how would you decide to go with all white for the building that's a lot of white bricks here between all these different sections yes I usually build with white because this is sort of I I kind of took the inspiration from our real architectural mocks because it brings out the details better rather than a lot of color so that's why I just used plain white because then the details pop out yeah you even got it on kind of a nice table that can rotate here as well as you can show all the different sections yes yes that was an idea from somebody to handle without the rotation so it's just a lazy susan underneath and and just the board on top so yeah very low-tech it works really well it allows people to see everything yes it does it's helped a lot and otherwise it you know it's hard for people to negotiate around this table so and there's a lot of details in the building that I want people to see otherwise it's too cults oh I just love I'm into details speaking of details I noticed there's like sort of chandelier pieces in a few different sections here so what ton of pieces did you use in those to create those big kind of chandelier pieces oh gosh I used I don't know how did I'm not doing technical with that but I used um you know there oh gosh I think the only way I can say is actually pull one off it's kind of hard to say but the studs that with the holes are holding this or an ornate piece here and I just started doing a bit of tech using Technic pieces and I didn't before so I'm just starting to learn about Technic pieces so I there are a few of I think it's the I forgot what the piece is called the that little yeah it's kind of holding it together there so I actually modeled this after the artist the glass blowing artist Dale Chihuly I don't know if you know it's it's an artist and and so I kind of modeled that ornate style from ham so you captured really nicely with like the the gold pieces especially there I think just look really great especially in contrast to the white building in general exactly I mean I do want color in there but I don't want it so much that it's overwhelming the details of the building and other aspects of it so and I wanted my original illustrations to pop out so it's the perfect it's a perfect way to get the details coming out another section I like is the roof here in general especially the skylight which isn't even there you've got kind of you know it slopes down on the sides and everything so how did the roof come together for you it's actually removable it's like a lid I'm not gonna do it here because it's really finicky but and yeah I just I wanted the glass roof because I want to be to people to be able to see through the top into the into the the elevator area and to also give some natural light like like an in a real building like yeah so that's where it just came sometimes that's just what you've got to do you know you won't be able to be able to see the inside and also give it some uniqueness to it as well so I don't know I just it just happens that makes sense well it's a fantastic build here I really appreciate you taking us through all the different sections here it's it's so creative I love your idea with both the Lego in the fabric side of it so thanks for bringing to the show here you

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  1. What a lovely way to show off her magnificent tiny art pieces! I love this clean, modernist style of architecture which she has captured very well. A true artist in every sense!

  2. By in large one of the most breathtaking builds I have ever witnessed. As a mixed media artist, I can only imagine the painstaking work that went into this build. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wow, amazing. Very interesting idea to build this lego model of Textiles museum with Interior rooms and of course very realistic look of lego museum textiles.

  4. I loved the architecture on that MOC it was so beautiful I think she needs to post that on LEGO ideas I think it will definitely get 10,000 votes

  5. Definitely original and amazing! Even though she was nervous, she explained things very well. I am impressed.
    Thank you for sharing✌💛☺

  6. I can understand why this lady is so nervous, she's being interviewed by one of the greatest YouTubers of all time 😉

  7. I feel ….she look like…..real builder…
    Hi👍 fantastic 🙏work🌈
    🐰Thank you🎵Good day

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