*lemon Drop* Outfit Glitch TutorialGTA 5 online

*lemon Drop* Outfit Glitch TutorialGTA 5 online

hello and welcome back to my channel for another grand theft auto 5 online video and I hope you guys are all having a good day today so with this video I'm gonna be showing you guys the Lemon Drop outfit glitch tutorial here so what you will need is some black joggers and if you guys don't have black joggers go ahead and go to the descriptions and I will leave a link to a video that you guys can watch and show you how to get some black joggers so from here guys basically we're just gonna be starting from the ground up so let's go find a store alright so this one we got our black joggers we're gonna go with shoes let's go to canvas alright we got to go to canvas and we're gonna get the yellow canvas shoes right here to changing there's gonna be a really clean outfit you guys to be sick all right so we're gonna be going to here go to arena first one go to the bottom alright and then scroll through and we're gonna be looking for the hoodie that's got a whole bunch of lemons on it so we limit hoodie oh there it is right here guys woo okay so now we're gonna go get some gloves we've got some gloves they're gonna match this outfit perfect alright guys so we're gonna go to gloves and we're gonna get these trash man gloves well they're the ones that the trash men usually wear but though the yellow and white and you're not really gonna see the white at all because the hoodie actually is going to go ahead and cover the white up so we got basically some yellow gloves here doop alright guys so from here what we're gonna need to do is advance the outfit even further so what I like to do is go ahead and put a parachute on to my outfits so what we're gonna do is make our way to an emu nation right here perfect and I'm probably just gonna go ahead and go with a black parachute so I can go ahead and match the black joggers to make it all color-coordinated and it's gonna look really clean at the end so we're gonna go ahead and get this one right here purchase that now go to your action menu go to style and then go to parachute and then just put it to um there we go thank him looking good alright guys now from here what we're gonna go ahead and do is make our way over to the casino where they have exclusive clothing items available okay so once we get into the casino right here we're just gonna go ahead and walk right over here to the store right over here to the masks and we're gonna go ahead and get the lemon right here alright guys so from here what we're gonna have to do is make sure that we own a bulletproof helmet so we're gonna go with the black bulletproof helmet and you guys can go ahead and purchase that at a store or you can just go to the mask shop which you see that I'm doing right now and I already have one purchased so what we're gonna do from here guys is the telescope glitch so basically we will need to make sure that our mask is on our face first before we do the glitch okay guys that's important so we're gonna be basically putting that bulletproof helmet with this mask okay because we're not able to do that otherwise than doing the telescope glitch which is still working after patch 1.14 all right awesome so to do the telescope glitch if you guys have never done it before all you have to do is just simply run past the telescope and press right on the d-pad to wear your mask comes off and you're not looking at the telescope make sure you guys got a dollar – okay first try I got it so we're gonna go to interaction menu go to style go to accessories and then go to helmets input on the bulletproof helmet okay guys and then from here all we got to do is back out of the interaction menu and walk away and as you can see I am we got our Lemon Drop outfit 100% cumple EEP Wow okay sorry about that I'm training to be a ninja and Grand Theft Auto I'm thinking about making a video at some point and showing you guys how you can be a ninja as well but anyways guys here we go we got the Lemon Drop glitched – Tori outfit here so you guys go ahead and copy this so you guys can wear it and show other players that like yeah I got a really clean outfit cool I gotta stop this guy's face JA ok sorry about that guys you know how it is in Los Santos so anyways guys if you ended up liking this video and this outfit you guys would copying it go for it man that's awesome and anyways don't forget to smash like button and subscribe if you are new in turn on post notifications so you guys do not miss out on daily grand theft auto 5 hola videos and hope everyone's having a good day today and hope you guys really enjoyed this and I'll see you in the next one so like always it is peace

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  1. Lol you whats funn3 i had made this outfit alredy but good video bro nice outfit huh i made a strawberry outfit to

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