Leon Paul – Apex Range Uniform

Leon Paul – Apex Range Uniform

The Apex Range Uniform took 4 years to develop, design and create. We made it with the French team, the US team and the British team, so we took lots of imput from top professional athletes, and made something that I think is really special and fantastic. What makes the uniform so unique, is that we’ve selected a fabric that is very light. It’s 37% lighter than the Team Range. It’s still 800N, so it’s incredibly protective and tough, but it’s much lighter, and you’re really going to notice that as soon as you put it on. The material, also, is very stretchy, so it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, but we also decided to look at the whole seam structure of the uniform. Because everyone would always follow the same designs and the same paterns. So what we did is we made a Raglan sleeve at the front of the sword arm, this means that it’s more comfortable to move, and gives better freedom of movement. We also looked at all the seams and in which direction they went, so that when a blade hits, it’s less likely to catch on the seams in the high-hit areas. We’ve also included an anti-microbial agent in the uniform, so this means that it kills off bacteria which means the uniform stays fresher for longer. The uniform also has many of the standard Leon Paul features, a packpocket for your bodywire, the elastic around the base of the jacket, which keeps it tight, so it follows the contour of your body. And also it’s got a blade catcher in the collar. The material is sourced from France and everything is put together, here, in London. This uniform is perfect for any serious fencer, and I believe that you’re really going to notice the performance difference once you try it.

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  1. I know I'm late, but I just bought this uniform and it's awesome. Maybe it's because I was stepping up from a nylon 350 NW but it really just feels comfortable and makes prime hits actually possible for once. Before I had to practically lean back to find the target in prime. Not really relevant here but the x change mask also feels really good and kinda completes the set.

  2. I don't know if I should wait a bit longer and save my money to get this one or if I should just buy the Team range jacket. Is it worth paying the extra money ?

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