Lesson 4 – Laying and cutting the fabric in the right way to make a Kurti/kameez /dress

Lesson 4 – Laying and cutting the fabric in the right way to make a Kurti/kameez /dress

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  1. Hi, good teacher… I feel now it's all so simple… But here ur audio is on off… This is important part …can u redo this to fix the audio… Plz

  2. Ur teaching is superb
    Keep up the good work. Also can u help me in differentiating the right side from the wrong side in plain fabric.

  3. Hi video is fine…but sound is going on and off which is making it difficult to understand… If you could fix it

  4. कृप्या हिन्दी में जानकारी दें….. क्योंकि भारत हिंदी ज्यादा समझता है।

  5. U r just amazing.. And helped me a lot.. Can you please start giving some tutorials on kids frocks.. I have 6years daughter.. And I love to sew, as my grandmother used to sew, but I don't know sewing..
    Plz upload a video on basic bodice block for kids..
    Thanku so much in advance..
    Can I share my creations with you.. I have stitched some frocks for my daughter, but only with the help of readymade ones not with actual meaurementz..

  6. Hello mam…. For sleeveless kurti … Arm hole markings will remain same? Or there will be any change?

  7. My pattern piece (for a bag) is too long for the 1 yd of fabric I have. Can I fold the fabric the other way (instead of selvage to selvage) to accommodate? Or will the cut piece be distorted? Thank u.

  8. Mam why don't you post CROSS CUT BLOUSE cutting and stitching plsssss….. tried many methods watched almost all the YouTube videos but not able to stitch a perfect one … pls help

  9. I like your vidéo classes ,it's the first time I see your video I like it, and it not difficult for me To understand and I love sewing but I don't know from wat I will began,thanks from France, sorry i can't speak english well

  10. Hi the way you fold if it is plain fabric it is fine but when it has printed pattern fabric then the pattern goes up side down the pattern doesn't match both side front and back I hope you know what I mean thanks

  11. I have learned stitching with the help of your videos..thank u Soo much for these onlyn classes.. and please upload a video of blouse cutting and stiching

  12. Hello Savi Ji, Thanks for your important – helpful Youtube lessons on Cutting and stitching . I wanted to join in your online Paid classes for Kurti but I have failed to send you message for required informations on your website, Pls email me, [email protected] Will look forward, Regards.

  13. You are making very nice. But i have one question for you. Why don't you just leave half cm or one cm on the pattern paper and just cut like that pattern? U confuse me alot, u measurement yourself and you leave 1 cm already then when u cut the pattern and u leave 1 more cm???? Why??? It's weird. I just don't agree with that.

  14. Thank you Savi you are beautiful , i learn a lot from your technique step by step i follow your instruction.you help me alot .😘😘🙏🏼❤️

  15. Hello ma'am.. could you please upload a video on cutting a princess cut kurti…love all the tutorials you have done till date

  16. Hi Mam…plz tell us how much fabric we need to take n while drafting how much pattern paper we need to take?

  17. Hi Savi! All of my confusions regarding pattern making disappeared after watching this video..you teach with great accuracy and ease! Thanks a lot❤️ Will you plz upload a pencil pant drafting video? Thank you!

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