Let's Make: Fabric Scrap Twine

Let's Make: Fabric Scrap Twine

today I'm gonna show you how to make some twisted rope from old fabric scraps if you've got a ton of fabric scraps like I have and don't want to throw them away you something you can do with them it's pretty easy and you'll find that it's punted in front of the television because it doesn't take a lot of concentration so to actually twist the twine what you want to do is grab one of the strips and start twisting away from your body and then you pull it forward and then grab the next one and do the same so twist away and pull it forward towards you pissed away and pull it forward towards you now by twisting it away it's going to want to twist back up on itself and that's what's going to give it the strength you can see here up how to join and it's really quite quite strong now I'm going to keep twisting till the end and then I want to show you how to join another piece now when we get to the end we're going to leave about an inch and a half to two inches grab your piece you want to join it doesn't have to be tapered this piece just happens to be tapered and you want to wrap it wrap it up in the in May a little tube is going to continue twisting exactly the same as you can see we've got to join you can trim these little ends off that are sticking out now when you choose a piece for the end make sure that the next piece you choose is going to be longer than your trailing end so it can be much longer it's always good to work with one long piece on one shorter piece you

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  1. I've been looking for a way to use all my expensive fabric scraps–thank you so much for the video!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea!  I have a ton of scrap fabric as well & was going to save them for making a quilt or something but after seeing this and since I've gotten into loom knitting, I think I might like to try using it as "yarn", but knitting very loosely since this doesn't have any give to it, or very little.  My question is: how did you start this?  Did you take a long and short piece of scrap fabric, tie a knot to join them, then start twisting? The video doesn't show that part of it since you already had one started, so was just curious.  Thanks for sharing this video tutorial & for the time you took to make it 🙂

  3. Will this technique work on T-shirt material? The semi-stretchy jersey knit? If this functioned more as a yarn I'd have plenty of uses for it : ) that and I don't have any non-stretchy cotton fabric scraps : /

  4. thanks Carla for sending me this link.
    awesome video…. there is no such thing as waste…. if you just use imagination.

    ~Cindy from Ohio~

  6. That is beautiful, and a lovely way to use up scrap fabric. Thanks for posting the video on how to do it, I will make some of this to use as present wrapping twine, I already save scrap packing paper that Amazon use to bulk out the stuff they send through the post, I get all the creases out and reuse it, print designs on it with embossing stamps

  7. Question?? did you just tie the two ends together,at the end?? or did you wrap till you ran out of the short strip and then make a loopy sort of knot? ( not sure of the proper name of the knot,sorry)

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