LG WT7300CW Washer Review & Demo – Top Load w/ TurboWash™ (2019)

LG WT7300CW Washer Review & Demo – Top Load w/ TurboWash™ (2019)

This is a review and demonstration of
the LG 5 cubic feet high efficiency top load washing machine model WT7300C
in white. In this review I’ll share with you the washing
machine cycles, other features, some of the specifications, the smartthinq app,
touch up on installation, do a load of laundry, or eight, and share my likes and
dislikes along the way. And to make it fun I’ll be sure to drop in every
entertaining, confusing, and trademarked buzzword that LG uses to describe the
features of this model. Lastly I’ll show you the washer in
action. As always see the information section below if you’d like to jump to a
specific point in the video, for example if you only want to see the washer in
action or perhaps the creepy face that appeared in the washing machine while
washing towels for this video. We got this model four months ago to replace a
20 year old Maytag that wasn’t as large as this LG or just complicated either.
There was definitely a learning curve going from this to this, but we’re
pleased that this LG provides many options and features that are helpful to
our household. If you’re like us and upgrading your machine after decades of
using an older machine the first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful stainless
steel tub and the fact that it doesn’t have an agitator in the middle of it.
Newer machines like this LG have an impeller here in the bottom of the tub.
This machine uses LG’s trademarked six motion technology, buzzword, which is six
different motions to rub the clothes together and get them clean in less
water. And because you’re using the same amount of detergent in less water the
detergent is more concentrated for better stain removal. Also, not having an
agitator adds to the useable cubic feet of the machine. What you’re not likely to
notice is what’s inside. As noted here it says, “inverter direct drive” and that’s
referring to the motor. Now I’m not an expert on this as I haven’t had reason
to take this thing apart. Yet! And I’m not an electrical engineer like
my dad. So anyway, that’s just my disclaimer for the next few statements. Anyway
older models of washing machines used a motor, pulley, and belt drive system to
turn the tub and agitator to get your clothes clean. A direct drive motor would
typically mean the motor is directly connected to the shaft of the tub.
Inverter usually means there’s an electronic drive control system likely a
circuit board, which controls speed and torque. Ultimately the takeaway is less
vibration and noise and more efficiency and this models energy star-qualified. Regarding noise level or should I say
the low decibel motor and true balance anti-vibration system “designed to
reduce washer noise and vibration for smooth quiet performance.” I honestly
don’t notice that this machine is much if any quieter than our old machine. Before I throw in a load of laundry I’ll
show you the control panel and features. I’ll turn on the machine by pressing the
power button and if the machine was loaded and I wanted to simply run a
Normal cycle I could just press and hold the start button. That would get it
started. If I wanted to make changes or choose a different cycle I’d use the
Dial-A-Cycle selector knob to select any one of these eight programs. And
Download can include one of many programs which I’ll talk about in a
moment. Surprisingly I use more cycles than I
expected to and the cycles are as follows: Normal, which is for moderately
soiled cotton, linen, shirts, jeans and mixed loads. This is the most efficient
cycle given it uses Turbo Wash, which I’ll explain later. Heavy Duty, which uses more powerful wash
motions for heavily soiled fabrics. Deep Wash, which uses additional water if it’s
a mixed load of moderately and heavily soiled garments. I use this one
frequently. Waterproof for waterproof items only like water resistant clothing,
for example, raincoats or mattress covers, sleeping bags, etc. Pre-wash & Normal is
to pre wash stands without needing to hand wash. You basically load pre treated
stained items, start the cycle and after the chime add detergent and the
remaining clothes. Delicates for small loads and dress shirts, blouses, nylon,
silk, lacy garments, and wool. Bedding for large bulky items such as pillows,
blankets, comforters, sheets and polyfilled jackets. And I use this to wash my little
assistants full set of bedding and that includes sheets, pillowcases, blanket,
and duvet cover, all at once. And finally Downloaded of which the default is small
load and that’s good for two to three items. Using the app you can download
any one of currently 22 different cycles based on size, stain, garment fabric type,
and environment. I’ve only tried Small Load so far, which is the default, but
for a full description of each downloadable cycle just select it. Keep
in mind you can only store one downloaded program at a time on the
machine; however, the last downloaded cycle will remain on the machine until
it’s replaced. Once you’ve selected a cycle you can use these cycle modifier
buttons here to choose a different wash temperature based on a garments cleaning
instructions, and I have no idea what the difference between
cold and tap cold and warm versus semi warm are. Hmm! Not in the manual. Oh! And I
should point out that all rinses are cold. It’s noted here. You can change the
spin cycle or select no spin to extract more or less water from the load; and
adjust the soil level, which may change wash time. Not all settings are
available on all cycles and I’ll show you that in a moment. Here you can select
Special Care items, which are just special cycles and options, for example
rinse and spin only, which does just that. You use this option by turning on power and
then pressing Special Care until Rinse and Spin only is selected. Then press an hold
start for a good old fashioned rinse and spin. Speed Wash can be used to
quickly wash a small load of 2 to 3 lightly soiled garments. Stain Care is a
cycle that starts with warm water then adds hot to remove stains. It’s meant for
small loads. And finally Soak, which adds 30 minutes of soak time prior to a
selected wash cycle. Just keep in mind that this cycle uses the soak water for
the wash cycle and that could be gross if you’re dealing with a serious code
brown. Parents with small kids you know what I’m talking about!
Add Garments is more of an indicator that while the light is on you can add
garments or remove objects you might have left in your pockets
like coins, your wallet, or your other half’s cell phone. And it won’t impact the cycle time.
Once the Add Garments light has gone off however, you can still press the Play/
Pause button and remove or add items, but cycle timer and wash performance could be
affected. Now just to further confuse you… on the outside here, LG has included even
more cycle options, special cycles, and special functions marked with an
asterisk. Additional cycle options include Cold Wash™, TurboWash™ 3D, Water
Plus, and Extra Rinse. Cold Wash, which is trademarked apparently, and confusing
because it’s not the same as merely selecting a cold wash temperature, is
supposed to save energy by using cooler water. It’s best for small loads of less
than 8 pounds is what it says. Now because it increases wash and rinse
times to maintain wash performance I really have to question how much energy
is really saved. Spill it LG! okay. Water Plus can be used to add extra
water to a wash cycle for better performance with large bulky items, and
I should just note that selecting this option with the Normal cycle just
changes the cycle to Deep Wash. Turbo Wash wrestles your clothes like a person
wrestling an alligator. Only without the yelling and screaming and cries for help.
Seriously! I’m just kidding. Turbo Wash uses powerful washing motions in the tub,
water temperature, the jet spray at the top of the tub, and a special combination
of drain, rinse, and spin to ultimately get your clothes clean in less time and
using less water. Turbo Wash is the default for the Normal cycle
and can be selected for Heavy Duty and some downloaded cycles like Small Load
and Speed Wash. Extra Rinse adds an extra rinse or two to the cycle depending on
how many times you press the button. Just note that if you use fabric softener
it’ll be added to whatever the final rinse is. I should point out that not all
cycle modifiers or options are available on all cycles as you can see here in the
manual. That’s to protect your clothes according to LG. Now if you try
to select an option that’s not available for example Deep Wash with the
trademarked Cold Wash you hear the two chimes of shame to tell you, “knock
it off!” Tub Clean is a maintenance cycle used monthly to remove residue and any
odor from the tub. It runs for over an hour and there are a variety of cleaning
products that can be used. Ilike the idea of this and I’m impressed at how
the tub gets blown dry at the end, but as you can see here it didn’t remove these
water spots. We don’t have hard water so I typically use bleach. Perhaps I’ll
try a different product next time. The other buttons and items marked with an
asterisk are special functions and items marked with an asterisk require you to
press and hold the button for 3 seconds to select them.
Press and hold Remote Start for 3 seconds to start the washer from the
SmartThinQ app and this I find especially helpful in that I can avoid
sleeping on the couch as a result of starting the washer while someone’s in
the shower. Sorry Honey! Delay Wash is similar in that you can
delay the start time from 1 to 19 hours by consecutively pressing the Delay Wash
button. Pressing and holding the Delay Wash
button for three seconds turns on Wi-Fi so you can connect your router for use
with the app. Holding the Spin button for 3 seconds runs a Spin Only cycle and
that could be helpful if you’ve washed clothes by hand and you just want to
spin out the water. Signal is used to turn on or off the musical signal and
pressing and holding the Signal button for 3 seconds turns on Control Lock to
prevent buttons from being pressed by… Curious children? Definitely not cats. In the time and status display this
indicator tells you when the lid is locked. This one shows you that Wi-Fi is enabled.
…and they’re both hard to see. The others are cycle status indicators, for
example, load sensing, wash, rinse, and spin cycles. The machine’s countdown timer
here is helpful and the amount of time frequently changes up or down depending
on what the machine is sensing. The Normal cycle usually starts at 59 minutes but
quickly jumps down to 39 minutes after sensing a medium-sized load. I’ve
occasionally noticed the last 1 minute of a cycle can take anywhere from
a minute and a half to a lot more depending on the situation, which is why
I really appreciate receiving a notification from the app, for example,
when the load is finished or unbalanced in which case the machine may run
consecutive rinse and spin cycles, and waste a lot of energy and water, trying
to rebalance the load… and then it gives up. At least the app lets me know that it
is unbalanced. Phew! Are you thoroughly confused yet? If so don’t feel bad. I was
too… even after reading the manuals a few times. Yes, I said manuals plural. I’ve
got a scold LG here because not only is most of this stuff not intuitive, but the
washer arrives with a somewhat generic manual that only covers installation and
the basics. To learn about the control panel, cycle modifier buttons, and
options buttons, you have to scan a QR code here in the manual to download a 65
page PDF, of which only 16 pages applies to this specific model. Hey LG! how about
putting this information in one manual or better yet in the app? Since my
other half doesn’t read manuals, I created this cheat sheet for
her and attached it to the washer. She looked at it, rolled her pretty green
eyes and said, “Seriously! Come on!” So needless to say I’m the only one
who’s read all the documentation and is using my cheat sheet. I have no idea
what she does when she’s on laundry duty. Now I’ll talk about the smart think app,
which is helpful and informative. Just note the washer works with a 2.4
gigahertz router frequency only. So I downloaded the app. Created an LG account,
although there are a number of ways to login. Added the washer by hitting the
plus sign. Followed the prompts to connect, and voila. Machine registered. Things I
find helpful in the app are the ability to remote start the machine assuming
it’s powered on, Select or download cycles, check cycle progress, and my
favorite receiving notifications when the wash is done or the load is
imbalanced. Notifications are a total time saver. The app also tells me when to
run a Tub Clean cycle although I wish it would send me a monthly notification.
It allows for energy monitoring, which is interesting but not necessarily helpful.
It provides Smart Diagnosis should I have an issue, and allows for
Auto-Replenishment if I want laundry products delivered by Amazon. Strangely
the app also provides current weather conditions, which I guess could be
helpful if I had a clothesline in the backyard… but I already have an app for that.
A few more things I’d like to share… In my opinion this panel is poorly
organized. Temperature, spin, level and soil level aside, the rest of the panel
is a random buffet of additional options, what I would consider additional cycles, and
special functions. It’s kind of all over the place. The control panel’s layout is
not particularly intuitive in my opinion. Also I find the soft touch buttons need
to be pressed slowly and gently or else they’re non-responsive. It doesn’t happen
all the time. Just sometimes and it’s frustrating. With regard to
efficiencies I have to question the amount of energy and even water savings
that I recognize given I use cycles we didn’t previously have on our old machine
like Deep Wash, Bedding, and Tub Clean and options like Water Plus and Cold Wash. I
can say however that drying time has been reduced slightly given the high and
extra high spin cycles do a great job extracting water from the load. The
clothes come out mildly damp. Just briefly… Installation was easy enough and
I did it myself. Most importantly: Properly level the machine side to side,
front to back using a level and the adjustable feet. This thing can spin at
high speed so balance is critical. This machine has a roughly 5 foot cord with a
three prong plug. It requires 120 volts AC and you shouldn’t use extension cords.
The water intakes are in the middle of the machine in the back just below the
control panel and the drain hose is roughly five feet long. Regarding the
warranty the direct drive motor has a ten year warranty and the stainless
steel tub has a three year warranty. Just keep in mind the warranty only covers
parts. Not labor! Any internal functional parts, for example, the circuit board or
control panel come with a one-year warranty, but that covers parts and labor.
Finally! Let’s load the washer. I’ll show you the washer in action on a Normal
cycle using the default settings which includes turbo wash. In the interest of
time I’m going to show you the beginning of the cycle in real time and then speed
it up. If you want to see the other cycles I’ll try to provide links to them
in the information section below. Here at the beginning of the cycle when it feels
like the machine is goofing off the machine is using load sensing technology
to determine run time and how much water to use. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy
the show. To wrap up – This machine has all the
features our family needs. The learning curve was steep, but we’re ultimately
happy with the features and performance. You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons
for yourself and decided if this machine can handle the
never-ending supply of dirty clothes generated by you and your loved ones. If
this video has been helpful please do me a favor and like it and most importantly
please subscribe. That always helps me out. Thanks so much for watching!

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    Sorry LG, pay more attention on front loads bigger and bigger sizes with more energy and water efficient.

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  4. You did an excellent review of this washer kept it interesting, entertaining and thorough. My sister has an LG so I am familiar with it. I personally have a Speed Queen, even though it’s a 2019 model they perform totally different from the LG. Again great job with the review. 👍🏻

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