Life as a Living Doll | Dress the Part| Racked

Life as a Living Doll | Dress the Part| Racked

It’s not a cry for help or a cry for attention. It’s an appreciation for something beyond ourselves. It’s like we want to be the fairy princess that we’ve always read about and we can be, so why not? I describe my personal style as “Living Doll.” Dolls are really appealing to me because they’re a blank canvas, and that’s kind of how I see myself. You take a doll and you can make up any type of story. You can dress them any way you want. You can paint them. You can smash them. You can treat them very, very delicately. I go by Toshi all the time whether I’m, like, in normal mode or Toshi mode. The character Toshi is just happy and bubbly, all over the place, rolling on the floor, climbing stuff, giggling… I started when I was, like, nine or ten. We started drawing and painting and then that evolved into makeup, and so that kind of let me become the characters that I would play with as imaginary friends. You know, I could finally, like, join them. When I first started dressing up, I think my parents weren’t really quite sure. I’m sure they just thought it was, like, a goth phase. I got in a lot of trouble because I wore blue lipstick to school, which is now one of my signature colors — it’s still the same color blue. I even started a petition to be able to wear cat ears in the classroom, but I got denied because they were distracting, and then it just kind of snowballed out of control. Now I’m where I am today making a career out of it. When I was younger, I think I definitely started dressing up, one, because I was exploring myself, but at a point, it definitely got twisted and it became an identity. The character was who I wanted to be, and not my real self. After moving to New York and meeting so many other performers, I’m realizing it’s so chill to just be, like, a regular human, and then you can be the sparkly, fairy doll creature, whatever, whenever you want to be. It’s my right to choose what I want to look like that day instead of, like, a forced compulsion to be a freak, instead of just feeling beautiful in anything that I’m in. A lot of my influence is from Japanese subcultures — the Decora subculture and the Lolita subculture, specifically — and fashion styles found in the Harajuku and Shibuya areas. I pretty much hang out with people who accept me as I am or encourage my style. A huge part of this subculture, any subculture, is really all about the community. I go to a lot of anime conventions, one in particular called RuffleCon. It’s a Lolita and alternative fashion-specific convention. There’s a tea party, there’s a fashion show, there are panels to learn how to style wigs and how to do makeup, so many wonderful people who all share this passion for what they do. If you don’t go out and meet them, you’re never going to find them. I’ve met so many of my best friends through fashion events, through dressing up, through developing our characters together. There’s a lot of young kids, especially, who don’t feel like they fit in. Maybe finding a subculture that is so oddly specific will be something absolutely life-changing, because I know it was for me. I think I will definitely dress like this for the rest of my life. I think it’s just going to keep evolving and evolving. Something resonates within your heart and that theme will continue to run, no matter what the course is like. I’ll be a doll in the coffin with, like, pink blush!

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  1. Her dressups look cool, but it's her association with her childhood head buddies, social exclusion and an alternate persona that rings alarm bells.

  2. I really appreciate her conscience on what she does. Society it's very repulsive and aggressive to this people only for being different. I think that's how society works: what doesn't keep in the margins of normality is punished until it fits or until it finally gets eradicated.

  3. This is what happens when you tell a girl she can't wear blue lipstick to school.. She makes a living out of it. 😊😊😊


  5. Amazing amazing amazing I had to say it three times because even her drawings where amazing she is super cool very artsy she's her own self and she's not afraid I love it love it love it love it good job keep it up!!!!!!

  6. this video was such a huge inspiration for me starting out in lolita and harajuku decora, and I still love it 💞

  7. she's super talented. i'd be happy to see someone like her in public space. it would brighten my heart. people are way to grey and boring and need to be more playful.

  8. You know, compared to how she was in love, lust or run, you can see she grown into her self. She still dresses the same, but it dosent feel like a way to hide anymore.

  9. there's nothing wrong with her…. self expression isn't. crime and if people have a problem with that they're a personal problem.

  10. Hun all I have to say is – I love!, l love it!, I love it!!!
    I myself dress like a Cowboy, with Stetson hat, Stylish Poncho and all, I would really love to just meet you some day in person and experience being in your presence. Alot of people look at me and aren't sure what to make of me. I for one feel somewhat comfortable with who I am. It's a struggle sometimes because of the looks I get but I'm getting used to it

  11. wait does she mean lolita fashion? beacause clustering living doll with the lolita fashion are two different things.lolita fashion incorporates frilly or ruffly dress usually knee length.lolita fashion has many, many subgenres ranging from classical lolita,sweet lolita,gothic lolita, hime lolita.

  12. Encore une horreur!! bonne pour aller goudronner les routes, par chaleur extrême.
    J'arrive et me présente "coiffeur" je prends un pot de goudron et lui verse sur son abominable cervelle. Coiffeur esthéticienne de génie, je fais le maquillage très tendance, et la coiffure d'un seul geste.

  13. OOOHHHH !!!! je viens de voir un adorable animal de compagnie: UN RAT qui effrayé par mon look arcaique, (Longue robe corset, cage, longs cheveux blonds chignon), va vite se cacher sous l'étal du commerçant….
    C'est chouette!

  14. So, funny story. I used to have a DS, and on it I had this Littlest Pet Shop game. And I couldn't help but notice at the beginning of the story, that. . . the music was the same as the one on the DS game.

  15. I would have a problem with her if she was tacky, but she’s really not. She perfectly represents the lolita and doll style in a really cute and unique way. Just bc she’s different, doesn’t mean she’s ugly or dressing ugly

  16. Can we just hold up for a second and appreciate the creativity. Her drawings! My gosh! Beautiful! And the makeup is amazing! Like the confidence and the creativity is beautiful.

  17. All the same again . No one is unique by being painted or transformed to enimy or any thing . The only diffrent that after being like that covering and changing your self you will not be able to deal with your true self . All that make up and eye contacts will sooner or later damage you that is not ok . Please stop hating your aelf . Love what ever you have before it is too late . You are killing your self sloely .

  18. Whatever floats your boat, but I'm glad I live in a small, conservative town where you don't have this type of mess. It's just weird, freaky & ugly imo. I don't get it & I'd really just rather not have to see it. I totally understand everyone has the right to dress however they want & not feel bad for it but I shouldn't have to feel bad about my feelings on the subject. Anyway, you do you Boo Boo & I'll stay away…lol

  19. I wear gothic makeup all the time. It doesn’t define who I am. I believe that our bodies are a canvas and we can decorate them the way we want

  20. She's beautiful and creative. Unlike many, she's not insecure in who she is. She just does what she loves as her career.

  21. She's so angelic. Not many people look that beautiful without eyebrows lol. She's definitely beautiful either way, as long as it makes her happy. ✨

  22. My daughter is allowed to wear any animal ears of her choosing to school and in class. You have paved the way. Stay true to yourself. Luv

  23. At 1:37, she kinda reminds like Crona from Soul Eater by the dress and hair, I hope anyone noticed this

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