Life As A Turban-Wearing American Trucker | AJ+

Life As A Turban-Wearing American Trucker | AJ+

43 Replies to “Life As A Turban-Wearing American Trucker | AJ+”

  1. Hey everyone, thanks for taking this trucking journey with me! Have you ever worked in transport, or considered trucking? What's your family's immigration story? And what type of work did they pursue when they arrived?

  2. what pisses me off is when he said they think were taking their jobs but yet they are not born and raised in america so technically they are… if i pack up and moved to durk durk land am i not taking your job? sorry but i miss the old trucking days when it was a blue collar american job a simple time

  3. My respects to this Indian people I like the unity they have among themselves. I Can Only Imagine how these lunatic creeps of trump supporters react when they see these truck drivers I Can Only Imagine man

  4. Ignorance is bliss. I’ve never met someone from Indian that wasn’t kind and had a smile to give. I’m just your regular white boy trucker from the south. I’ll park next an Indian before some of the trash that’s out here.

  5. Common mistake. Americans don't know the difference between Arabs and Indians. Take the movie Aladdin for example, the theme song is Arabian night, with the pyramids of egypt in the background, Aladdins dressed like a morroccon, after an Indian princess who owns a tiger found in Asia and Jaffar probably Saudi with a south American bird. Like WTF! For real. Disney and all it's wealth and power cannot find animaters with a little sense of geography and anthropology? Must they follow the common misconception and stereotypical narrative of ignorant westerners?

  6. As a rookie driver trying to park at a truck stop, rather than laugh at me, one of these guys got out and helped me. Respect

  7. Im a malayali from kerala but foreigners should b aware and should know the diffrence btwn a muslim and sikh people…

  8. @4:31 that a lie Indian government is not doing anytime they just use this card to get PR both in Canada and US

  9. Every Indian respect Sikhs. Please don't spread bad messages about unity of our country . Sikhs are sword of India. We Indians are proud of our Sikh community. What happened in 1984 that was a political differences. Common people wether hindu or Sikh all were effected badly that time. Hindus and Sikhs are living together since centuries . India is incomplete without Sikhs. Jai hind.

  10. The only thing i know similar is spices and chillies between mexico and punjab😂😂 well am also sikh.

  11. sikhs people r humble, calm, helpful,hard workers . sikkhism teaches serve the wold equally .they dont discriminate like most of the people do.racism is dangerous for them now in western countries nowdays .they move out to get a good life and wat they get there along with good life "racism" & "hate".this is not good at all .☮️

  12. First of all he would be an owner operator if he's making that kind of money it's completely different than just being a driver your average run-of-the-mill driver working for JB Hunt or Swift is making $50,000 a year at its Max if you do what I'm doing hauling trash I make $80,000 a year of home every single night and on the weekend

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