‘Life’s First Evers with Jeannie,’ Ep 3: Wedding Dress Surprise for Military Bride-to-Be

‘Life’s First Evers with Jeannie,’ Ep 3: Wedding Dress Surprise for Military Bride-to-Be

I just got married
two years ago. Can we put a picture of my
cute husband right here? See? Look how cute he is. So I know firsthand
how special it is to go wedding dress
shopping with the people that you love the most. So when I got a letter from a
bride-to-be named Sarah asking me to go wedding dress
shopping with her, I knew we had to make this
a first ever she would never forget. Here we go. 11 years ago, Ellen
made my dreams come true by giving me my
first ever job right here on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. We want to offer you a job here. Oh my god! And now I’m paying it forward by
helping some very special Ellen fans do incredible things
for the first time ever. This is Life’s First Evers,
presented by Dove Ice Cream. My name’s Sarah and I live
in Camarillo, California, and I’m a teacher. I’m originally from
Nova Scotia, Canada. My fiance’s name is Will and
we have a 15-month-old daughter named Ellie. Will is a Navy pilot
and he’s stationed here at Point Mugu in Ventura County. My daughter Ellie has
all kinds of personality. Just to watch her experience
new things every day is just amazing. She’s kind of the heart
of our little family. I love living in
California so much, it feels like such
a blessing to be able to live in this
part of the world. But it is tough being
away from Nova Scotia, I really miss my family. What’s prevented us
from getting together is mostly time and money. Finding the time to be
able to travel so far away and the expense of traveling
has really been a factor. Being away from
the people you love is the most difficult
part about deployment. It’s the most heartbreaking,
it’s one that wears on you the hardest. At the same time, Sarah’s
been absolutely amazing. You would never notice
how hard it is for her. I can’t wait to marry
Sarah and spend the rest my life with her. My wedding is in two months and
I don’t have a wedding dress. My dream scenario of
wedding dress shopping would be having my
mom and my sister and my closest friends with me. But if that can’t happen, I
would love to go with Jeannie. She is always giving
back and she seems so fun and has so much
energy, and I think we would have a great time. She has no idea what
is about to happen. Here we go. Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re here! It’s so good to meet you. It’s so good to see you. Come on in. All right, here we go. This is so beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much for coming. OK, I have to see your ring. Let me see it. Oh my gosh. What has the process
been like for you? It’s definitely been
challenging with having to plan so many
times zones away, not having family or
friends here to help me. You have no one to help or
no one to do anything with? No. I mean, I throw a lot on Will. Right, OK. And how does Will do? He does OK. He doesn’t pay attent–
he tries, yeah. If you were at home,
who would be helping you through the wedding
planning process? Oh, definitely my mom and my
sister would be my to go-to’s. And they are trying their best
to help me out from far away. Do you have like an idea
of a dream wedding dress? I’ve done some
searching online of what I think would be a
nice wedding dress, but I think it’s
one of those things that you really don’t
know until you try it on. I just know it’s going to white. Yep. OK, well there you go. You know something already. Yes. Well, here’s the thing. Tomorrow you and I are going
wedding dress shopping. Are we really? Yes we are! [CHEERING] I can’t believe this. I am so excited to go
wedding dress shopping. And I know that I’m
not your loved ones, but I adore you and
love you already. I am so looking forward to it. –with you. My gosh. We’re going to find
you something good and you’re going to look
beautiful on your big day. This is going to be awesome. All right. I’m so excited. I’ll see you tomorrow. OK, get some sleep tonight. You gotta get your beauty sleep. Yes. See you tomorrow, girl. I am so excited, it’s
wedding dress shopping day. So Sarah is on her way here. What she doesn’t
know is that I’m not the only one that’s
shopping with her because we brought in two very special
people to surprise her today. Let’s go find a dress! Oh my gosh. Isn’t this amazing? This is. Welcome, welcome to
Claire Pettibone. One of the premier wedding
dress makers in Los Angeles, and she is going to be
making your wedding dress. We make all the
dresses to order. So you’ll be trying
on dresses today, but then we’ll make your
actual dress for you. OK. That’s wonderful Sarah, are you ready– I am ready. –to get started? Let’s do it. You know, I just– I feel like something
though is missing, right? Hey ladies, come on out. Look who’s here! Surprise! I was so surprised when
my mom and my sister came around the corner. I was floored. I was already so excited
to be here and to do this. And then when they popped
out around the corner, it just felt like it was
going to be the perfect day. Let’s get started. Let’s try on the
the first dress. Let’s try on the first dress! All right. [MUSIC PLAYING] Are we ready for the first one? We’re ready. Oh my god! –beautiful! That one, that’s nice. Oh my gosh, it doesn’t
look like Sarah. I mean that’s already a
hit for just the first one. This is just number one. I can’t even believe it. Oh, wow. Beautiful! I love that. You look beautiful. That was made for you. You said you want
to be able to dance. Do you think you
can dance in this? Yeah? Yeah. Yeah? She’s like, can I squat? Yes I can. I can dance. When I was trying
on the dresses, it was an amazing experience. I didn’t think I would
have this much fun trying on wedding dresses. You gotta give your booty
like a little shake. Like a– [BEATBOXING] [LAUGHTER] Oh my god. Ooh! OK, girl. I see you. Yeah. This is beautiful on you. That is so pretty,
are you kidding me? I really like that. The veil really dressed it up. I felt like I looked like a
bride, which I never saw myself as before. Let’s role play. You’re going to be Sarah,
I’m going to be Will, and we’re getting married. Turn towards me. Oh, I love the veil. [LAUGHTER] I do. [LAUGHTER] [GASPS] Oh, I like that one. Wow. This one took my breath away. I like the front. So unique. Different from anything
else that you have tried on. Anything else. How do you feel in this one? I think that this
one is more like me. I think this one is more
like my personality. Yes! This is unbelievable. How does it feel to see
your little girl right now, thinking about Will
standing next to her. How do you feel? I can see your father
walking you down the aisle you’re both going
to be beautiful. This is the dress? This is the dress. It’s the one, yay! [CLAPPING] We found it! When I tried on that dress
I felt so comfortable in it. I felt like it showed
my personality, and I felt so excited
for Will to see me in it. I just knew it was the one. This is beautiful,
this is the one, and I’m just so
glad that we could bring your mom and
your sister out here. I have one more
surprise for you. This dress is on us. Really? Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. You look so beautiful. I am forever grateful
for this experience. To have an amazing
wedding dress, to have the memory of being
here in this beautiful place with Claire and my mom
and my sister and Jeannie, it’s amazing. I am so grateful
to everybody here. I am just so, so,
so glad that we were able to make
today happen, that you found the dress, that your
family is all together. But I feel like the whole
family isn’t here, right? I mean, it’s not the whole fa– oh! Hi guys! Hello Will. Hi Ellie. [CHEERING] Come on, sit down. Get comfy. Will, I am telling you, you are
going to be a very happy groom. She looks– I’m already gonna be
a very happy groom. I know you are but, I’m telling
you, she looks incredible. Good. She looks absolutely incredible
and it was a fun day. It was fun. I got to go to a
pretty amazing place. Yeah. To all of you being together as
a family, to finding the dress, and to a wonderful wedding. [CHEERING] Cheers, Ellie! Yay, Ellie! Yay Ellie! [MUSIC PLAYING] Ellie! [LAUGHTER]

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