Lipo Aftercare: Compression Garments

Lipo Aftercare: Compression Garments

hello YouTube welcome to my channel all of my subscribers welcome back I'm here with a compression garment video as you can tell by the title it was requested so I'm happy to do it I have a lot of videos that talk about compression but I think a video dedicated strictly to compression is actually a really really really good idea because compression after surgery whether it's just like bow or bbl fat transfer is the most important part of your aftercare now when I say compression for those of you who know nothing about surgery after you get surgery you have to wear something form-fitting on your areas of lipo almost 24/7 probably the only time you should take it off is when your baby let's say you got arm lipo you're going to wear some type of a garment that covers your arms if you got body like Bo you're gonna wear a garment that covers your body I'll show you the garment that I got which is really pretty much standard for bbl is old it's raggedy I've worn that hell out of this thing so don't judge it but this is what they'll typically look like you know depending on the type of lipo you got I didn't get anything on my arms just like a full 360 body type lipo so it goes underneath your breast it has the three hook claps claps thingies to make it looser tight it comes all the way down and has the little you know it comes like almost to your knees and then in the back the back looks horrible it's ripped and cut and we'll talk about that later but in the back it has a like a see-through stretchy area for your butt is really good stretch it's really good if you got BPL type of surgery it has a cutout in the middle so that you can use the restroom and yeah this is what it looks like now one good thing to look for in your compression garment is seamless on the inside if you look really closely this is the outside it almost looks inside out because you don't want things you don't want this on your skin you've just had surgery whether lipo bbl you've had your fat remove you've had an instrument inside your skin sucking it out that skin has to heal that skin is going to be swollen that skin has to tighten back up that skin has to form to your body so you don't want any indentions anywhere that you you know that you can help causing your body to become irritated because it does happen look it up look at like like uh aha we call these fathers of the surgery world government but look up like fire burns government burns it's not really a burn and it's just the irritation of the skin so you want your skin to be as smooth as possible underneath the garment so yeah seamless the more seamless the better also your doctor depending on your doctor not every doctor does this believe it or not if you've already had surgery but your doctor is probably going to suggest a light boffo I'll insert a picture cuz I don't have any you and what you do with the light bulb phones is it's best to wear a tank top or a t-shirt okay then you're going to pull the Faja on over the lower half of your body and you're going to insert the phone let's act like this files on me you're going to insert the phone here here in here around the reason why they had t-shirt underneath is best because it's going to limit the creasing and then you're probably going to have to put it on the the first hook oh I said this out three tooks this only has two I have only three uh no words at all right so then you're probably got to put on the first hook and you know tighten it up and you're gonna be just kind of packed in there you're gonna feel probably uncomfortable it's a part of the surgery it's a part of the recovery and they're gonna want you to wear that pretty much all the time it's just an extra padding it's an extra compression to keep everything nice and tight and it's gonna help with the creasing and the folds and things like that so they also have something that's called a back or a sort of a picture of that that you'll put in the back a lot of women when they get their surgery they want to make sure that the top part of their butt you know has that little how does it go you know little indention and the backboard will push your back in and keep that little kite little nice look be nice and perfect for you so not only will you have this you'll have being stuffed inside of this you know what I suggest honestly if you're going to strategically plan surgery plant it in the wintertime it's the best thing mine was well I had to but the BBL was in September in Miami of course that's why I went September is really hot I was miserable out there with the heat not not with it with everything else and when I came back here in in California September starts to cool off a little bit but it was really hot but I was still wearing the compression the lipo foams for months so I I would have waited a little bit longer but it worked out to where like over the holidays December it's cold so I love to be warm I'm a cold person anyway so it didn't bother me that much now with the first surgery I have a different I didn't I didn't go to a cosmic what is it plastic surgeon cosmetic surgeon the one that the board-certified I didn't I went to a like a weight loss place that does liposuction they weren't that informative I said that in one of my videos I'll link a couple of them down below so you can see what I mean they weren't that informative I kinda had to do my own research after so what they told me to do they gave me one of these it didn't have the legs I didn't really need the legs it was like an extra-large and they said where it's like a binder if you've ever seen someone get a tummy tuck a lot of times they'll give them this white velcro thing they'll pull it this way and they'll pull it this way and they'll velcro it and it work my binder actually worked really well so I put that on top and it you know it was just fine now with second surgery the BBL in Miami they suggest buying a big if they gave me this and they suggest buying a stage to Baja which is smaller it's gonna be tighter you're gonna want to keep going down in size to keep that compression to keep your skin and your body all nice and tight it should be slightly uncomfortable police you know no matter what someone says please don't make it to where you can't breathe okay you should be able to breathe I did sometimes get a little bit winded when I was doing too much because you know you are pretty held in there but come on out don't make yourself pass out make sure you're able to breathe I slept in mine so it you know obviously it was comfortable enough another thing that they suggest is going to a seamstress and having it taken in they'll take it and they'll take it in for you look it up it's a big industry out there they'll have it taken in for you as many times as you want and the ones that are really versed in know about surgery they'll measure you you know and take it in for you real quick real cheap and everything else they have a lot of those going on in Miami I couldn't find so many here where I am but I just bought a new one um and then another thing I you know and this is my journey and I you know I say it's a suggestion but some people are against it I would wear a waist trainer once I felt like it was getting a little loose I didn't normally wear my waist Traver over the phones but I have before when I just felt like I wanted more compression but once I stopped wearing the phones and I was just wearing like a type situation I'd wear just a regular waist trainer I don't have one right here but I do have my whole body waste trainer this thing is tough okay this thing gives you that super super duper hourglass look at all the clasps that has on it it's super heavy weight I got this from a place called I fit shapers like iPhone I fit shapers it's here local to me I can link their information down below for you guys if you want if you're in Northern California cuz it's a great store that knows all about surgery they sell the Faja the long the short they sell every size waist trainer they sell it all it's a really really good store just let them know what's going on and they will help you with everything measure you do everything for you um they're really great over there but yeah that's heavy thing and you want to be compressed I mean you can't tell how heavy this is from the video and how thick this is but if you want to be compressed mama this is what you're gonna wear okay so yeah I used to wear any type of compression and when you don't you can feel it you don't even feel right your body doesn't feel right it's gonna tingle is gonna feel weird it's gonna feel like you need that compression until you're fully healed until your skin has bonded back with your body so you need it your body's gonna tell you that you need it it's very important if you want everything to look right and everything to be backwards supposed to be and again some doctors don't even really talk about it that much when I was on real self calm when I got my first was it the first or the second I can't remember which one I was but there was a girl that I follow and we got our surgeries done about the same time and we talked all the time and I talked to you guys about swelling before I know it'll be down in one of the videos down below and she started to complain about swelling and you know normal complaints everybody has them and then she posted a pic sure oh my god I feel so sorry for that baby it was like the Michelin Man you know and everybody in the comments it's like what kind of compression are you wearing and she put something on there I don't know she had all these bulges it wasn't form fitting it wasn't uniform it had seams and her body was literally wavy like this it wasn't tight it was something that it was tighten you know some places so her body was literally healing like this after a while everybody was telling her you know it's the compression it's compression and her replies would be okay I'll talk to my doctor about it so I don't know what her doctor was telling there and after a while she just stopped posting so you know please if you take anything from any of these videos make sure you're wearing some type of seamless tight-fitting compression all the time again I even slept in mine but I'm pretty you know what I mean it when I put my mind to something if I have in my mind you know what this is what its gonna take to get what you want I'm going to do it it doesn't matter what it is I know not everybody is like that is some people are more sensitive I've had women tell me I will never sleep in a waist trainer oh never sleep in compression okay you know that's you do okay I definitely did every single night went to work it means that boys okay toughed it out it wasn't fun sometimes it was I got heartburn a lot because just like when you're pregnant and you know everything's pushed up and it's tight and that's probably like how you start to get the heartburn and it feels like the food is stuck well I had the waist trainers on all the time everything's tight I was popping tubs left and right but honey I was gonna get no results that I wanted which I did so you know it kind of goes hand in hand make sure you're listening to your doctor but if your doctors not giving you this type of advice do research do research I you know a doctor is who I'm going to go to number one but I am a research Queen before I do anything even after I leave a doctor's office for something as simple as maybe an ear infection for one of my children I'm going on the web someone on the internet and I'm gonna start researching different remedies home remedies natural things and that's what I started to do with real self calm Bath surgery Instagram was a lifesaver so again that video will be below too because guys if you don't know about a surgery Instagram you are sleeping on that okay make one right now you're gonna get you're gonna meet so many wonderful people you're gonna get all your questions answered you're gonna get to see results real time deal with real raw feelings raw emotions people just getting off the surgery table going live telling you about it best thing ever so hopefully that answered any questions you have about compression number one question you needed yes wear it wear it all the time I take 23 hours a day wear that compression you should only have your stuff off with your like washing it or you're taking a shower that's my suggestion you do what you want or what you can you know cuz again I understand if you can't do that and make sure it's all seamless make sure it's uniform make sure it's tight but make sure it's not too tight make sure it's comfortable enough for you to breathe I did have a hard time picking up stuff don't let me drop a pin at work or something I literally have just like you know what a I'm sorry do you mind picking that up for me and I know they're looking at me like what I don't feel well I have a headache cuz not everyone knew is it like when you're pregnant I don't know if you've ever been pregnant but imagine me in nine months and dropping something on the ground oh my god so it was kind of like that and I slept on my stomach so it wasn't bad with because it's kind of like oh really if you're sleeping on your stomach it it doesn't feel that bad and so yeah where your compression all the time yes you need it if you start to notice some type of like wavy indention or some type of bulge somewhere fix it get something else put your binder on put away strainer on and get your fire take any and get a new fire make it smaller make it tighter if you suffer from any type of hopper or like rash from it the irritation always wear something underneath a t-shirt like what is that call it a Spanx type of situation we wear something like that underneath and keep your skin very moisturized and hydrated and national help too and again if you have any other questions let me know if you like this kind of talk or just kind of like you know Girl Talk things like that please subscribe to my channel I would really appreciate it and give this video a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in my next video I'm trying I'm gonna try to upload more all right

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  1. I have watched several of your videos. I want to know how long before you felt well enough to go back to work. So if I have this done Friday, can I work Monday? I understand I'll be sore, but I have a desk job and I really dont have to move around a lot.

  2. Thank you for the information I had my procedure yesterday upper lower abs and flanks I'm definitely going to tuff it out I think my paper work said 3 weeks gonna check it out I'm going to wear my spanks top

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