Lipstick Haters Wear Lipstick For A Week

Lipstick Haters Wear Lipstick For A Week

– Typically on my lips I
wear saliva and/or chapstick. (upbeat funky music) – I never wear lipstick, and I'm going to wear lipstick for a week. (dramatic music) – I don't wear lipstick because whenever I do I look
like a serial killing clown. Like I'm going to snatch
your kids off the street. – I feel like when my face is at rest I have a very small mouth. I feel like lipstick
would make it look smaller than it already is. – I don't know. It somehow got into my
brain that if I'm wearing a big, bold lip and trying to make a really strong, serious point maybe people won't take that seriously. Which is bullshit, so maybe I'm totally wrong. – I do wear makeup. I tend to go heavier with the eye makeup because I have monolids. Wearing lipstick in addition to that seems a little much for me. – When I agreed to do
this I sort of imagined I'd be wearing it in my apartment. Now I'm like, "Oh, I have
to wear this outside, "like in public." – What's the point of nude lipstick? – [Woman] That's a great question. – (Laughs) – I look ghostly. – This will probably
highlight my moustache hairs. – I already feel all of the moisture just like being sucked out. – I feel like this
makeup kind of highlights the huge flaw with nudes. One nude color for someone else is the opposite skin tone for someone. – I don't feel cool yet. – This will be great. Great week. – Someone just came up to me and told me that I look "so Kylie", which I can guarantee has never,
ever happened to me before in my entire life. – It doesn't seem like you, but I like it. – [Man] Yeah. – [Woman] Oh no! (laughs) – I felt so self-conscious this entire day and I still feel self-conscious. Do I even have lips? – I just walked into the bathroom and literally scared myself because I forgot I was wearing this. I was like, "Oh!" Nope, just my face. – One of my coworkers told
me that I looked dead today. So that happened. – Well, that wasn't what
I was expecting at all. This is pretty cute. It's weird to even think
of this as lipstick because it's super subtle. – I just think that these lipstick colors weren't designed with
my skin tone in mind. I feel like that's
probably why I don't wear very many lipsticks. – It looks pretty normal. It looks cute. Do you not like it? – I mean it's… Yeah, it looks brown-y. – This is not as bad as yesterday. – Yeah, yesterday was kind of scary. – This is really not that bad. – No one has distracted
themselves, like yesterday, talking to me because I'm wearing it. It still feels subtle and pretty. – I'm really excited
about today's lipstick because it's red. And I'm hoping that,
unlike the other ones, the red won't make my lips look as ashy. – It's not red, it's like
full on orange coral. I feel like I look like a clown. – I think red can be very feminine, but also pretty powerful. I've never worn red lipstick before and thought that I could pull it off. But today is sort of
changing my mind on that. – I'm not going to lie, I think the lipstick may be
growing on me a little bit. I'm feeling myself. – You look so beautiful! – [Woman] No. – You should do that more often! – I just met a cute guy. We just made plans to
hang out on Saturday. Which sounded great
until I left and realized that Saturday is black lipstick day. (suspenseful music) – It's been 20 minutes
since I've put it on. It's definitely getting on my teeth before the end of this hour. – I've kind of been looking
forward to this purple, so here goes! Also, I think I've discovered
(whispers) my lip line. It only took four days. – Oh it definitely is on my teeth. Oops, shit. – Oh, um, you have some on your
chin and like your lower lip and essentially the entire
bottom half of your face. You look great. – I feel like wearing this lipstick makes me a far more exciting
human than I already am. – So today is the day that
I've been dreading the most. It is black lipstick day. – It happened. – It is, by far, my favorite. It's a 10. Looking at myself, I'm like, "Whoa, you look stunning!" – I still don't love it. Also, the lipstick is really
sticky and kind of dry. I will say that my lips
have never looked bigger and my teeth have never looked whiter. – Logan, what happened when
the girls just passed by me on the street? – They were afraid and stayed far away. – I am making the executive decision to not wear it on the
date that I have tonight. I just feel like if I wear
black lipstick on the date I'm going to end up more
distracted by the lipstick than I am going to be able
to focus on the conversation or just having a good time. – I didn't expect to fall in
love with any of the makeup. I expected to just sort of deal with it. Like put the lipstick
on and it'll be okay. But I'm finding that, on the last day, that I actually kind of love it. – I wore lipstick for one week and the results were weirdly eye-opening. – What I think I learned this week is that I think I'm very self-conscious. – I was absolutely shocked
by how good I looked and how much I fell in love with it. – Going out, weekends, fun social life, I definitely am going to be experimenting with more lipstick. But for work, I think if anything, I went more into myself. I do not want to wear lipstick to work and sort of in my professional day to day. – I think the brown,
metallic one was my favorite because it looked pretty natural on me. I think I have a new
appreciation for that range. – I think after this week I
would encourage other women, and honestly encourage myself to experiment more with this stuff. I think, for me, it reminded
me of little parts of myself that I hadn't accessed
in a really long time. – I think this challenge
taught me to revisit any insecurity that I have. Because as I've aged I've been like, "Okay, I love my lips, I love
my ass, whatever whatever." But I still don't wear lipstick. I still don't wear jeans and only wear empire-waisted dresses. So I thought I couldn't wear lipstick. It turns out, not only can I can, but I look damn good! (squeaking)

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  1. I love how all of you are triggered because the black woman’s nude lipstick didn’t suit her. I have no idea how it could have been racist or anything… given that all of them had the exact same shades. Just to keep it constant I guess.

  2. I look like a serial killer clown….. Let's be friends. I feel the same. Probably highlight my mustache hair… I also feel the same.

  3. I'm so afraid to wear lipstick because people always think I'm just a tomboy. I really want to wear lipstick because it looks so pretty, I just dont want anyone to judge.

  4. Why they don't use Fenty make up? Or colors accord yo they skin color? I think that that affect this because some colors don't work (The first Two) for all.

  5. For being such an "inclusive" company that capitalizes on the elements of social justice, Buzzfeed seems to always screw over darker women in their little makeup experiments. Do better.

  6. I don't wear lipstick because : lip shape is weird (smal upper lip and oversized lower lip)
    2.i can stand the feeling, i feel like i need to wipe it of

  7. Should’ve shown the dealing with what most of us lipstick haters hate about lipstick – lipstick everywhere when you eat and its impracticality 😂

  8. Anyone else notice that one girl loved every lipstick besides the witches color and complained about that one a lot??

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