34 Replies to “Little Person Bride Wants a Stylish & Sexy Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire”

  1. I really feel the first one who did her better looked beautiful on her body, she has a really nice back, her aunt was wrong, and they drove her out of address, that really was the best dress for her so sad.

  2. Shes such a gorgous bride. I love the dress she chose. Her Mother is amazing, at the very end ensuring her Father was with her gave her a special gift.

  3. only a few minutes into video.. and am again shocked.. why do they always put brides in a dress so far above what had been stated as a TOP budget?? good grief…it's gorgeous on her, but shite on the part of the consultant to do that with so much confidence.. why bother asking a person about a budget when there is obviously no consideration for it?

  4. This makes me so sad! Love how they honored her father. Love how the mother completely supported her daughter's choice, and the daughter went with her choice!

  5. I really really dislike them going over the budget. Especially in this case when the dress is going to need a lot of alterations and the total price will be even more. I count this a bad customer service :/

  6. The dress & bride are beautiful. I distinctly heard top of budget was 2000, so why make it more difficult for the bride, I don’t get it. Made me cry when the mom gave the ring, plus that color of it could be her “something blue”, perfect. Thx&see ya😃

  7. Love the first dress on her. The second dress I don't like on her. It wasn't a good fit on her. Wish she picked the first one. It looked so much better on her and the dress was much nicer in my opinion.

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