Live PD: Shoe Pocket (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Shoe Pocket (Season 3) | A&E

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  1. The one thing I don’t understand is that there are never episodes of them just pulling regular people over, giving them a ticket and leave, it’s always something to do with drugs alchohol fake ids it seems fishy because they always somehow no how to record and the criminals never question the cameras

  2. They pulled this guy over well before dusk and based on the cops watch at the end its 9:03pm and they aren't finished yet? 4+ Hours and a half dozen cops over a dusting of meth

  3. Why do they keep calling the filthy pig ‘sir’ ?? Just shoot him in the face when he approaches the car! 🐷 🔫

  4. Lol way to bring unwanted attention to yourself with loud annoying exhaust. Glad he got caught. Felons running around with meth and guns need to be dealt with.

  5. Your DL is like American Express. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!!!…..why does OHP not carry those finger print scanners??

  6. Once again the comments are as disturbing as the video. The cop obviously used a minor vehicle infraction as a legal way to stop someone and it turned out to be a meth head. So… how is that not a good thing?

  7. Oh my! Dirty thoughts just come to mind looking at Trooper Bunch!! Especially come up the sidewalk to my front door serving me official documents!!

  8. I'm not saying that's not meth, because obviously he was hiding it in a small container for a reason, but a lot of those field tests are botched

  9. Instead of investing money on an unnecessary loud exhaust. Put that money on a semester of community college. Does wonders.

  10. Went on a fishing expedition Won first place. Granted he had drugs in a gun on him but let’s face it the officer was pretending to be a police officer while at the same time in actuality he was a revenue officer going for the money for the county and stumbled upon this

  11. Yeah he could really tell his windshield was defective/cracked from that far away. 🤦‍♂️ Why can’t they be honest and just say look sir I am professionally trained to spot out and find drugs and or other illegal items and I suspect you are in possession of such. Lol

  12. Gotta love cops fishing. The neck tattoo gave it away that he is a criminal. I have most of my body tattooed . But cant tell with when I'm wearing shorts and long sleeves. Criminals love to be noticed. Might as well tattoo arrest me on forehead.

  13. Put him in jail, I'm sure he'll learn his lesson and come out a changed better person. Idiots. Jail and prisons are a self feeding system. Sick world.

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