Live Rescue: Always Wear Your Seatbelt (Season 1) | A&E

Live Rescue: Always Wear Your Seatbelt (Season 1) | A&E

[sirens blaring] – We are responding. Got a call for MBA
on the highway. Didn’t get a lot of information
about how many vehicles or how many patients. So we want to go
assess the scene and find out what we have. [radio beeping] Medic 2. – Medic 2. [radio beeping] – On scene. – Medic 2 on scene. – How many people total? – How many total? – Are you all OK? – I was like, I just have a
slight little mark on my face. – Do you want to go to the
hospital and get checked out? – I’m going with them. – So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
people in one car? – Yeah. – OK, why don’t you
guys come on this way, and we’ll get you
off the highway. Let’s all come inside
the medic unit. I’m going to have you
to come on this side. Nobody’s going anywhere yet. Where were you sitting, sir? – Behind the driver. – Behind the driver, back seat? Did you have your seat belt on?
– No. – No. And what did you
hit your mouth on? – I’m assuming the seat– the
head rest on the driver’s seat. – Hands up, who
had a seat belt on? – I did. – OK. Back seat, no. Front seat, yes, and she did. OK. Go ahead and get checked
out while we’re going. – All right.
– OK? – OK. – All right. Chris. – Yes. – Anything else bothering you? – No, just– mainly
it’s just my jaw now. My mouth and left side
of my face, I should say. – OK. And you’re neck– no back
pain, mid, lower back pain. – No. – But you say you did
not break any teeth? I – Don’t think so. – Because it looked like
you tooth or something went through the lip. – That wouldn’t surprise me. – I was like, when I looked,
they didn’t look different. – They didn’t? [interposing voices] – OK. [chuckling] – This too shall pass. It’s just a moment. – What’s that? – At least Jaylynn did. You had more sense than
everybody, didn’t you? We are here.

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  1. I had organs severed internally due to a malfunction of my seatbelt.

    When the ratcheting system doesn't catch, you fly forward until you run out of seatbelt then it digs into you and rips you apart. Always wear your seatbelt and make sure it works.

  2. I love seeing videos where people actually actively try to get out of the way of an Ambulance. I drive in Charlotte, NC and most people become deaf and blind as soon as the lights come on.

  3. My car don't move without ev1 in a seatbelt all ages front seat and back every time !!

    My mother and I I had a fight saying no one in the back seat needed 1 . I told her she was welcome to walk or she could put her seatbelt on

  4. Hey guys. I have only one question for American people, I just want to know why the American African have a different accent. I respect all the people, black, white and brown. just I am curious to know why.

  5. I don’t wear my seat belt in the back. Here in Connecticut it’s not a law. But my mom tells me I should cuz car accidents can happen at any time. But I tell her we’re never gon get in one that Imma always be that lucky one

  6. I guess the parent should be watching Dora the explorer so they can learn about seatbelts 😳. Believe it or not it keeps you safe😏

  7. Seat belt laws are totally unconstitutional.. they are nothing but an extortion method. It does nothing but save insurance companies money and it means you still have to pay taxes to the government.. they really do not care if you live or die only if they have your money

  8. Surprised they allowed the other 4 pax to ride in the back. Usually causes for unnecessary commotion and stress on provider and pt. I work in NYS and allow 1 family member to ride in the front with my driver (children are a different story)

  9. I never understood why people don't wear their seat belt? gettingout of the car is literally 0.001 seconds slower if you have your seat belt on… Its literally just an unconscious decision that I don't even think about when I get in cars

  10. Do people just not know what they wearing these days? Like who actively thinks I'm gonna put this on and wear it public today.

  11. Seat belts were invented for Pilots, but they're full harness type, some dude at Volvo came up with the three-point design for cars in the late 50's, things were messy before it..

  12. Ems in our city never allow no more than one person to go with a person in the ambulance, so i thank them for allowing the entire family on.

  13. I really don't get people who won't wear a seatbelt, everytime I get in a car I don't even think about it I just do it automatically..

  14. Sorry, I am a paramedic here in Germany and for us it is obligatory, buckling up the client on the bench! No straps= no ride… Are there no safety concerns in the US with that?

  15. 32 but looks 42, living at home, punisher shirt to feel like a tough guy… I would be really surprised if he wasn't one of the racist alt right winger YouTube comment keyboard trolls!

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