LOLITA VS DIRNDL ☆ German Traditional Dress meets Japanese Fashion

LOLITA VS DIRNDL ☆ German Traditional Dress meets Japanese Fashion

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  1. I can't be the only one, hwo is annoyed, that Germans(Hamburger or Nordrein-Westfallener) wear Dirndls or Lederhosn without even having a dialect. Just saying…people from Bayern can wear this. Thats fine, they have a dialect, but others…. I'm not trying to be rude, but it just annoys me.
    Finally I could say this😌

  2. You look so lovely in your traditional German dress!!! You really are a beautiful woman. As for the first part I noticed… the most I’ll say is, you’re very pretty and I’m a guy. 😉

  3. I live near Düsseldorf and outside of Oktoberfest season or Fasching you will most likely not see anyone in a Dirndl or Lederhosen xD

  4. Thank you for reading! Best regards from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México! Any plans on visiting México sometime?
    (Please tell me if you have an e-mail address or PO BOX for fan mail ( Fan letters!), where I could contact you). Or maybe I will send you a pm here on "Youtube", hope you don't mind, I don't know when, maybe another day.

  5. It's nice that you are learning about Germany. Your dress was cute but the traditional dirndl does not show any cleavage. Also, tradition has not moved to only the south. Each region has their own traditional dress. The dress you are referring to is the dress of the Bavarian region, as well as Austria.

  6. So if I get one of those Drindl dress where I'm gonna put bow at, because I am a single virgin? (nothing special though)

  7. When I visited Germany and Austria in 17 I fell in love with dirndl! And it reminded me of Lolita so this was one of the first videos I saw about it. 🙂

  8. Ich habe einen grün-pink Dirndl der ganz lolita aussieht 🙂 ich mag Trachten eigentlich nicht aber mein lolita ähnliches Dirndl ist geil.

  9. Halli hallo, tut mir leid wenn ich direkt auf deutsch kommentiere ^^"
    Mein englisch ist noch nicht so ausgereift, sodass ich alles so in Worte fassen kann wie ich es gerne hätte xD
    Ich finde du bist eine super sympathische Person und wirklich niedlich vom verhalten^^
    Ich mag mir deine Videos anschauen ( waren bis jetzt leider noch nicht so viele da ich deinen Channel erst seid kurzem kenne ) und finde es wirklich toll wie weit du bis jetzt in deinem Leben gekommen bist ^^
    Ich hoffe du machst weiter so!
    Wünsche dir noch viel Erfolg und vor allem Spaß :3

    LG Nincat

  10. 変態日本人としては、貴女にコルセットと前掛けだけの裸エプロンにして、眺めてみたいなぁ!?!

  11. Omg you look so beautiful ~
    It's also the traditional Austrian clothing ~ I prefer wearing 'lederhosen' hahaha but you look beautiful ♡

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