London Travel Video | What to Do, Eat & Wear | Part 1

London Travel Video | What to Do, Eat & Wear | Part 1

Well hello there! Welcome to London. Thank you for choosing Julie Tours. My name is Julie and I’ll be your guide for
today. So I’ll be taking you to the eastside of the city … but before we go have some breakfast first. So I went for the charcoal chia pudding and I felt like mr. Bean. Unfortunately there weren’t any flowers on my table and a woman sitting next to me didn’t bring her handbag, So I couldn’t hide it in there like he did. I ate it all … and now I feel like I had enough chia seeds for the rest of my life. Okay anyway now that we had a breakfast. Some had a better one than
others. Now it’s time to go. So we are going to our first stop and
that is the Millennium Bridge. So, it’s a pedestrian bridge across the River Thames and you can see the shard, the tower bridge, the Tate Modern and you can see
St Paul’s Catherdral. Now before we move on it’s time to take a little break to talk about the outfit details. Okay moving on with the tour and it’s
time for some history. So now we’re going to see the St Paul’s catedral. This is actually the modern rebuild version of the ‘Old St Paul’s Cathedral’ that like many other buildings got destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666. Now speaking of that fire, this is the monument to the Great Fire of London Little fact it’s 61 meters high and it’s a distance from the place where the fire originally started. Now time for food! So welcome to the biggest and oldest food market of London, Borough Market. They mainly sell specialty foods. Everything smells amazing! Well except for the cheese. That might not be your favorite smell. Luckily there is something for everyone
here. So also for those who have food allergies or are vegan, like the ‘Free From Bakehouse’. Okay so I hope you enjoyed your appetizer. Now it’s time for the main course at Bill’s restaurant right around the corner. So they have plant based and gluten-free options. And then we are having some broccoli, sweet potato fries and some bread with hummus on the side. Alright, and now ‘le moment suprème’, drumroll please! The St Dunstan in the East church. This is
by far my favorite place in London. So I’ll be quiet for a while so you can
enjoy and explore this beautiful place. So this church has originally been built
around 1100 but got damaged by the great fire in 1666. So they decided to rebuild
the church but then unfortunately in 1941, the church got damaged again by World War II and then only the tower and these walls remained. In 1967 they decided not to rebuild this place and turn it into a public garden. which opened in 1971. Okay that’s enough history for one day.
It’s shopping time! So I’ll be going to my two favorite shops in London, which are Urban Outfitters because that’s the place where I always find the best gifts. And I’ll be going to the Foyles bookstore which is probably the biggest bookstore I’ve ever been. Yeah shopping makes me hungry. So we’re having dinner at the wild food cafe in Neal’s Yard. So it’s a plant-based, gluten-free, raw restaurant that doesn’t use refined sugars. So it’s healthy for everyone. So the restaurant is right here, on the
first floor. So … I hope you like olives because that’s what we’re starting with. Then we’re having some wild mushrooms on squash. It’s delicious. It’s my favorite
restaurant. And what would life be without dessert? Okay so this is the most delicious salted caramel and chocolate slice along with this sour power spritz
mocktail. So now for those who want to soak up some Christmas spirit, definitely checkout the Seven Dials, Carnaby Street and the beautiful angels at Oxford Street. Okay so that’s enough steps for today. It’s
time for some rest because tomorrow we have another busy day. Okay guys, I hope
you enjoyed this video. I’ll be uploading the second part next week. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. Give it a thumbs up if you like Julie tours. And I’ll see you again next time. Bye guys.

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  1. What an amazing video! London looks incredible! 😍 Can’t wait to go with Julietours next time 😂😂😃👍

  2. Hey this is amazing! Love the amazing shots you captured and the editing. I hope you can check out my recent video and maybe give me some feedback on what you think. Anyways good luck on your future projects

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  5. I am always in awe of how beautiful your videos are!
    I love that you went to places I've never been before, (I've been to London a lot) I actually learnt a lot from this video, thank you 💖

  6. You visited London AWESOME! I’m from London🇬🇧. Your even more gorgeous than London itself Julie sweetie😊❤️🌟✨ awesome vlog💐😘xo xxx!

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