Long Haired Dog Grooming Tools : Coat Stripper Dog Grooming Tool

Long Haired Dog Grooming Tools : Coat Stripper Dog Grooming Tool

I’m going to talk to you a little bit about
a coat stripper. If you have a coated breed with a lot of undercoat and you want to get
some of that undercoat out to make it more manageable or if you’re showing a coated breed
with a lot of undercoat and you want to take hair out of specific areas to extenuate that
body part, a great tool to use is a coat stripper. Lots of different types of coat strippers.
A lot of companies make them. This particular one is a German made piece of equipment. It’s
very comfortable, nice wooden handle. It’s got metal and 10 tines. Depending on the coat
type of your breed, you would get different numbers of tines. The tines here are these
blades I guess I should call them. I have a little hook. You can see the hook here.
The blade’s on the inside and they have different distances. So this is 10 and it’s spaced in
a medium sort of way. Obviously, if you had one with 15 or 20, they would be closer together,
and if you had one with 5 or 6 they’d be further apart. So it really depends on the type of
coat that your long coated dog has. I got the 10 here. What we would do is say I wanted
to take some undercoat out of this. I would start at the top. Again, I just want to take
undercoat out. I’m just going to brush through a spot. I’m going to use the coat stripper.
You want to make sure that the area is brushed through because you don’t want to come up
against knots. I’m starting here at his part. I just want to take out undercoat. I don’t
want to take this overcoat out, so I’m going to take the stripper and I’m gently going
to pull it through the coat, the area that I want to strip. You can see that some of the undercoat is
collecting to the point where I pulled it. Then I would take my pin brush and I would
finish brushing that stripped undercoat out of the dog. You can see here what I’ve taken
out is undercoat. I have not taken out the top coat, which I want to keep. Another way
to use this if you want to extenuate some part of the dog. If I pick up this sleeping
dog’s head and I could use the coat stripper right along this area here to take some of
this undercoat out of this dog. So great tool. You want to use it very carefully. If you
just rip this through any old part, you’re going to be cutting just like you matte breaker
you’re going to be cutting the outer coat. You’re going to be losing length. You want
to use this when your dog is fully brushed out. You’ve got your mattes out and then you’re
gradually going to work section to section to take the undercoat out.

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  1. So this may sound stupid, but do you face it curved side down like a take toward the dog, or curved side up toward you. I ask because things I read said to face the blades away from the dog and in the video it's not clear which way you're holding the stripper tool.

    Also, it would have been more helpful to have a lighter parti colored dog, or much better spot lighting on "Mr. Blackie" there because it was hard to see what wad happening with the undercoat as you brushed. It was just too dark, I might as well have just been reading another article rather than watching a video at that point.

    Thanks for trying by posting this but as for helping me figure out what I needed to know (sizing for coat types, proper way to hold tool, proper wary to use tool and a couple other minor things) this was a pretty big swing and a miss! ⚾

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