LONG HAUL FLIGHT: Carry On Essentials & What To Wear On a Long Flight

LONG HAUL FLIGHT: Carry On Essentials & What To Wear On a Long Flight

Salut YouTube for those of you who don’t
know me my name is Rosie I’m a New Zealander currently based in France and I
have a youtube channel around travel New Zealand culture French culture and
everything else in between. Today’s video is about what to pack in your carry-on
luggage for long-haul flights. As I’m sure you can
imagine being a New Zealander based in France I’ve undertaken quite a few
long-haul flights in my life I’ve flown door to door so
journeys that lasts at least 26 hours nine times now so I’m getting quite used
to flights that last a really long time so I just want to go through today what
I pack into my carry-on luggage to make sure that these long flights are as
pleasant of an experience as they can be and also what I wear on the plane. Alright so let’s get started with the toiletries as you guys know it depends
on the airline but in general you can’t take many liquids with you and your
carry-on they have to be 100mls or less the bottles themselves and then
they all have to fit into that small plastic bag you can find on your airline
company’s website the exact dimensions so I prioritize taking things that
hydrate you when you’re in a long-haul flight. One of the main things you notice
is the air conditioning not only does it keep you quite cold but it dries your
skin and it dries your eyes so with this being said I take eye drops, lip balm,
face cream and hand cream or oils if that’s what you prefer I personally take
this hand cream with me okay actually apply it every two hours on my hands and
my forearms just like that to keep feeling a little bit more human, a little
bit more hydrated. What I recommend is not to go for a hand cream or face cream
that has a really strong scent though because you’ll get really sick of the
smell after spending that long in the air but I also like to pack as deodorant
of course and baby wipes they just help me keep fresh oh and before I forget
hand sanitizer as well you know you’re touching the screen to select your
movies and a lot of fingers have touch screens so hand sanitizer for sure then
I always take a hairbrush and a toothbrush. Now, most airline
companies when you’re doing these really long-haul voyages they are actually
gonna give you a blanket and maybe some socks an eye mask, a little toothbrush
with a little toothpaste but I’m just so risk-averse I’m just sort of like well
what if they don’t? You can get in touch with them to see exactly what they
provide if you don’t want to over pack. The idea of not brushing my teeth for 30
hours just freaks me out. Then when it comes to your dinner or comfort of
course you want to pack a travel pillow. You get provided with these thin little
rectangles when you hop onto a long-haul flight and they’re never really sufficient to
have a decent sleep. I personally have a very chunky travel pillow I think you
know those cheapies that you can get for like ten dollars at the airport
honestly I’ve done flights that have lasted for 18 hours so from Dubai to
Auckland and honestly after a while it gets to a point where you’re like your
head is basically touching your shoulder. I was actually given this as a
present see why I don’t want to admit that I bought it myself it’s the French
flag kind of ridiculous but it’s memory foam so it’s really nice and sturdy you
can put that on and you can sleep in so many ways. Another thing to pack if you’re that way
inclined are sleeping pills now I don’t personally take them however I think if
you go and see a doctor you can get their advice on you know would it make
sense for you to have a sleeping pill and if so at what point in your journey. Next you’ll want to think about packing a little eye mask. I don’t know why every
flight ever does this sometimes they leave the cabin lights on or sometimes
they they light up the entire cabin really early in the morning because of
the time at that they’re landing so if you want to keep sleeping during these
moments this is ideal and if you’re not too fashion conscious you can actually
use it as a headband to keep the hair out of your face as well.
If you’re sensitive to noise you could also think about packing earplugs or
investing and some noise cancelling headphones. I’d also recommend taking a
few snacks on board with you I would pick up you know a huge bottle of water
because you get so dehydrated on these flights you’ve got to drink so so much I
would probably recommend drinking about two liters of water per long-haul flight
and then I just get a few snacks you know not too salty not too sweet you
because you never know if you’re gonna enjoy the meals and even though you
can ask for snacks on board it’s usually just two-minute noodles so it’s
always nice to have something that you actually enjoy with you as well. Definitely also pick up some chewing gum it just helps to keep you fresh I feel
and you can also pick up a few kind of easy reading magazines which brings me
on to my next point which is around the entertainment. So when it comes to
in-flight entertainment most people just think about the movies that you’ll be
able to watch but honestly believe me 24 hours in the air and you get to a point
where you cannot watch any more movies. It’s pretty easy with Netflix you can
actually download episodes on your phone or your iPad if you have one through
this series that you’re just into binging at the moment I’m a huge fan of
podcasts, I download hours worth of podcast material of course your e-reader
if you have one Kindle, Kobo you know the drill and I would also recommend
checking your air companies website to see which movies will be playing exactly. Firstly you can pick up a kind of like movie strategy
what movies that you’d like to prioritize and it means that you can
kind of avoid them as well and the few months leading up to your flight. Now I
know that we’re living in a digital age but something I would recommend is
taking a real magazine or a book or a puzzle book you know Sudoku anything
like that because what I find is that my eyes get so sick of looking at screens
nice just to kind of give them a little bit of a break and help them to recover
a little bit before going in for your like 15th movie. When it comes to your
chargers most airplanes will provide a USB socket but if you have a long
stopover it could be useful also to bring a portable charger just in case
all of the charging sockets are kind of taken up in the airport for whatever
reason now when it comes to what to wear I mean firstly of course take a spare
change of underwear so singlets or you know underwear because even if you don’t
have a shower in the airport where you stopover the least that you can do to
make yourself feel a little bit more human again is change your clothes and
that just makes the world of difference next I kind of always been the most
comfortable that I’ve ever been on flights when I’m wearing layers maybe
like leggings a singlet a t-shirt then an oversized light cardigan and then a
light scarf you know kind of like a summer light scarf because I find the
flight can get very very cold I would also recommend just wearing really comfy
shoes like like trainers and have some nice comfy socks as well because your feet swell especially when you’re traveling for 20
plus hours it’s just nice to be able to take off your shoes once you’re inside
the plane and just relax a bit so make sure you have nice socks and like
relatively thick as well because as I said it does get cold. Now this is not
sexy at all but I would recommend it to everyone to get compression stockings or
socks because it’s really really important that we look after our veins
and our legs and then before I get on the flight as well I just like to make
sure that I’m freshly showered that my nails are trimmed and that I’ve
moisturized as well again just to make sure that
I was hydrated as possible and then when it comes to my face, makeup free it’s the
only way fresh moisturized honestly I think it’s
really gross for your skin especially if you have to go thirty hours without a
shower to have these products on your skin and that’s irritating to your eyes
as well if your eyeballs are getting dry in the airplane and you’ve got mascara and whatnot this is not a fashion runway you’re trying to get from point A to
point B so honestly fresh face. Cools so those are my angels for my carry-on bag
and what I wear when I’m flying I’d love to hear from you guys if there’s
anything that’s on your list that wasn’t on my list let me know down below. What are your essentials of flying especially long haul? What saves you? What makes it all so much more bearable? Otherwise please don’t forget to give this video a
thumbs up and I’ll see you guys in the next one! A bientôt !

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  1. Salut friends! Did I miss any essentials off my list? Let me know down below and I'll pass your suggestions to my friend who is travelling long haul for the very first time this week! Bisous

  2. What is a singlet? I googled and it looks like an overall, which is probably hard to get out of to use the bathroom

  3. I’m looking for anything to help with my conversational french to listen the whole way. I’m actually quite nervous about speaking french to real french people!! LOL.
    As for travel essentials, I have a small ziploc of “face wipes” to freshen up with. I also have a small ziploc of Clorox germ wipes to wipe everything down with. I also have a travel blanket (& pillow) Spot on in all the other essentials. Also have those cheap slippers that look like socks that I can walk around in on the plane.

  4. Super vidéo j'ai jamais pris l'avion mais c'est intéressant les choses a emmener j'espère que j'y y penserai si un jour je faut un long voyage.

  5. I know most of your gear is for ladies. For me: a loose fitting pair of jeans, a collared t-shirt, an acrylic based jumper with a front zip. Nikes and pressure socks overlaid with an old pair of "socks". I pack spare underpants. I drink water available from the staff on the plane. Every time any steward/stewardess goes by with water, juice etc I ask for a cup. Noise cancelling headphones is an item I will purchase before my next trip. I always have a book, Tablet, and sleeping pills (yet to take one on a plane.) I usually do not sleep for the whole trip, I find the the engine noise of some aircraft just go through my head earplugs or no earplugs.

  6. Nose spray and lip balm. When I flew from NZ to London I found my lips and nose got painfully dry. A thin pair of slippers so you don't have to put your shoes back on to walk around. Leggings and PJ pants. I made the mistake of changing into skinny jeans during my stopover in Dubai and by the time I got to London I had the worst chafing ever! Noise cancelling headphones are a life saver. I managed to buy some Panasonic noise cancelling ear buds and I wouldn't travel without them. Also put glad wrap over the opening of any liquids you're taking. Twice I've had mini shampoo explode in my carry on due to the pressure change.

  7. A thick scarf to wrap around myself when I’m sleeping. A small hand towel, flip flops and soap as often airports have showers and it helps with the next long flight. And I take melatonin (think it’s serotonin in English) to help sleep and with jet lag. And I always sleep to the times of my destination not my original time to help with the jet lag too.

  8. Vous ne faites qu'un changement à Dubaï pour rentrer en Nouvelle-Zélande 😮 je n'ai qu'un mot à dire : respect. J'imagine que vous avez pris Emirates.

  9. L' aventure m' a menée,
    A un Francfort – Addis Abeba,
    Je venais d' être gentiment transformé en pizza «bolognaise» par un échange de «vélomoteurs» sur le chemin de la baignade …

    Il m' a donc fallut admettre la propriété d' absorption de certains matériaux en couches successives …

    N' oubliez pas la prévention,
    Et les vaccins a jour !

    Je proposerai timidement, infusion ou suspension colloïde de verveine-citronnelle apaisante et aux propriétés dites «répulsives» des moustiques …

    Les vaccins, le sanitaire a jour,
    C'est très important !

    J'aime les mots-mêlés, mots croisés dans ces vols ou le temps est un peu «chahuté» …

  10. Does the memory foam pillow retain body heat? 🤔 Flying essential: a small bag of hard candy (not gum) for a little treat about once an hour because Lord knows I cannot fall asleep on an airplane for whatever reason, so snacks are essential. Great video, Ms Rosie ❣️

  11. Rosie, for your earplugs, you might enjoy custom-mold ones. They are quite inexpensive and, because they are molded to your specific ears, quite effective. This is the brand that I use: https://www.amazon.com/Radians-CEP001-Custom-Molded-Earplugs/dp/B003A28P4I

  12. Saline nasal spray! Keeps your nostrils hydrated which makes it a wee bit harder for plane colds to make their way into your system! 😊

  13. I find it important to get up and stretch and walk occasionally, especially on a long haul flight. Just don’t be one of those annoying people who grab and tug on every seat as they go by.

  14. A big pair of socks kinda sleep-shoes because the floor of the airplane is very dirty and you can walk with them very comfy during the flight without feeling weird things on your regular socks and a bralette

  15. When I'm travelling (by train or plane) I'm always bringing a portable video game console. So lately I'm bringing my nintendo switch and a power bank.

  16. I don't take sleeping pills but, I do bring meletonin, especially for the jet lag when I arrive. Very helpful 🙂

  17. Yep, spot on ! I was also carrying all that between Sydney and Paris (+ a pair of light sleepers and a full change of clothes because my suitcase always tend to arrive after me !) But that was until I had a baby ! Now both bags are full of his stuff, and I allow myself one pouch with bare essentials lol

  18. Dry shampoo. Spray it on right before you go to sleep and it really helps cut down on greasy hair. It's not as good as a shower, but it's better than nothing, especially if you have fine or oily hair. Love all the great tips in this video!

  19. I bring some cottons and a little bottle of lotion micellaire to clean my face and neck and a apply a moisturizing mask. I love Darphin's hydrating kiwi mask as well as their youthful radiance camelia mask. I apply it in layers, as much as my skin will absorb. They become transparent so you wont look kooky. Neither of them break me out but I would test them first. It prevents your skin to get parched from the bad recycled airplane air. If you are on a really long flight, you may want to clean your skin again at some point and reapply the mask or put a sunscreen on if you are landing during day time. I do this even on a short 5 hours flight. 🙂

  20. Having the opposite situation you have (French living in Auckland) I also had to go through the Paris-Auckland trip quite a bit (7 times), including the infamous 16/18h flight between Auckland and Doha/Dubai. My list is very similar to yours except for the moisturising products, and one tiny item you didn't talk about is the headphone adapter you need to buy in order to plug your headphones on the plane. It is only a couple of bucks in the shops in the airport and without it you can only have the sound in one ear.

    Also my trick to fight the jetlag is to sleep as much as you can, even by small chunks of 1h. As soon as you feel sleepy, press pause on your movie, put on your eye mask and ear plugs and go for it. The goal is that when you are at your destination, you have to stay awake as late as possible before you go to sleep. Pro tip, if you use noise cancelling headphones instead of ear plugs, make sure you unplug them before you sleep. It is not fun to be woken up by some announcement by the captain or cabin crew right in your ears!

  21. Love the video! My long haul essentials include yours plus: dry oatmeal packet, cup of soup packet, protein bars with nuts, my favorite tea bags, 6' extra long USB charging cord, gray fleece poncho (doubles as extra blanket or pillow), bright post it notes ( when I leave on my seat, helpful to put it on the overhead bin so I can find my row in the dark) and individual packets of Tylenol and Sinus pills.

  22. Hello Mss French, I am going to be moving to Zurich, Switzerland, sometime in November, 2018 and to get married to my Swiss sweetheart, and i have 3 piece luggage and one is carry on and have to ship my furniture to take a month or so get there, and you sound a very experienced traveler and love to have all the advice you can give me, and i'm all eyes & ears to you thank you Jerome from Florida

  23. Salut! I just found your channel and I'm really enjoying it! I am a little confused on the visa issue, and since I'm american I know it might be different anyway (the US makes everything complicated) but in one of your videos you said that one of your reasons for wanting citizenship is being able to leave the country. Does that mean that you do not currently have a visa that allows you to return? Do most visas not allow you to leave? Haha if I move to France do I need to be prepared to not see my family for 5 years if I want to become a citizen? Thanks so much for your videos!

  24. Totally agree with all of these!! Identical to my carry on haha The offline downloads on netflix and stuff is so good, especially when you're in an airport that is not so generous with internet or it's just not connecting and you have a lot of time to kill! And paying for spotify is a life saver too. A few days before I go, I go through and see what I think I might like to listen to and download a heap of stuff so I always have a mean as soundtrack.
    I just bought a new travel pillow since my old one was like having a thin noisy scarf, and it's awesome. It has three pockets you can move the beans to that make it a log shape, horse shoe shape or a square.
    I always carry a pen so when you have to do customs forms or something you don't have to wait for the one pen on a chain that everyone's waiting to use.
    I take a saline nasal spray too and a beeswax lip balm because my nose gets super dry. (It's not classy but I usually put some of the lip balm on my finger and rub that into the bit just inside my nose to keep it moisturised and stop it from cracking. I get it bad and get small nose bleeds every time before I did this. Not classy but works for me haha)

  25. This is essentially my list as well! I also try to bring eye drops and often a bandana (can serve as a cloth, a hairband, an eye mask — multi-use!). If international, I bring my international plug converter as well in case I need to charge anything and the sockets are different. Also a USB charging cord for the plane because often the long-hauls have those outlets at each seat. I always bring a refillable water bottle. I also always bring ginger candies or motion sickness meds because I get queasy sometimes.

    One other thing I bring is a small, foldable tote bag. I never know when I'm just going to want a couple of items separate from the rest (usually my passport, headphones, snack, eye mask, and book) that I can pull out all together easily without having to sift through my whole backpack.

  26. I recommend bringing an outfit to change into in case your checked luggage gets lost (use a spare packing cube to compress your clothes in order to save space). You should also take an empty reusable water bottle and fill it up after you've cleared security, and you can always ask the flight attendants to refill it while on the plane. Here are some other things I'll be packing in my carry on in addition to the ones on your list when I fly from California to Paris next month: dry shampoo (my hair gets greasy at the roots when I don't wash it), mouthwash (so I can freshen my breath), dental floss (I don't want guck between my teeth), small deodorant (no one wants stinky pits) face wipes (for cleansing, toning and makeup removal), face moisturizer (I have dry skin so this is a must for me) and eye cream (I have dark circles under my eyes).

  27. I always take essential oils in a roller applicator to help me relax, like lavender, as well as to counter offensive odors from other passengers (!) such as peppermint oil. I also take a foot swing since I'm petite and my feet don't rest flat on the ground. Another good item to have is a travel scarf with a hidden pocket where I can stash lotion, chapstick, earplugs so I don't have to root around in my bag on the floor. Instead of a travel pillow I like the turtle because it is more structured and supportive.

  28. A tip if you wear contacts: make sure to bring your glasses, a contact lens case, and a small bottle of solution so you can take them out to sleep and (maybe) put them back in before you land. Thanks for these tips; I'll be traveling overseas soon and there is some great advice in here!

  29. I usually bring ginger capsules by a company — great one — called Nature's Way. It's great for calming the stomach.

  30. My carry on luggage. Hand sanitizer gel, socks, cheap hotel slippers, small tooth paste and brush, Facial mist, small toner /miscellar gel, handcream, all in one lipstick /blush, mascara, bb cream, sunglasses, travel pillow, headband, computer safe glasses, book, noise canceling headphones, scarf, back up charge, nuts, protein bars, water

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