Look Rich Without Robbing A Bank | Dress Like A Millionaire On A Budget | Money Saving Hacks | RMRS

Look Rich Without Robbing A Bank | Dress Like A Millionaire On A Budget | Money Saving Hacks | RMRS

How To Look Like A Million Bucks Without Spending
A Fortune [0:00:00]
So, you’ve got an interview with a top law firm in your city or maybe you’ve got a
business idea, you’re walking to the bank asking for the biggest loan of your life. Maybe you’re a consultant and you’re pitching
that client a twelve-month multimillion dollar deal. Here’s the reality, guys, is people in their
minds have an idea of what success looks like and if you don’t meet that expectation,
if you don’t look the part, you are starting off on the wrong foot. In today’s video, I’m talking about looking
like a million bucks without spending a fortune. [Music]
Tip number one. Level up your style. I’m not talking about wearing a suit to
every event. What I’m talking about here is looking at
what other people in this industry, other people around you are wearing and take it
up a single notch. So, most people are wearing hoodies, well,
how about wear a sweater that actually looks good and actually compliments your built. Okay. Most people are wearing t-shirts, how about
level it up by wearing a collared shirt. Most people are wearing collared shirts, maybe
throw on a sports jacket. Most people are wearing sports jacket or occasionally
they do, you could level it up by wearing a suit. And, again, this can be applied to casual
clothing. Everyone is wearing denim, but they’re wearing
distressed denim, denim with holes in it, well, then, go with a dark-colored denim. Now, let’s talk about leveling up your footwear. And for a lot of you guys this can be a huge
upgrade a huge win because you may be saying, “Antonio, I’ve got leather shoes. Am I not covered?” These are very casual, you would not wear
them with a suit because overall the silhouette, the build, the leather type just the particular
style, this is not going to work with anything, but pretty much jeans. Let me compare this with a pair of dress – much
dressier pair of Chelsea boots. Do you notice the toe right here? All of a sudden, much smaller very sleek. Now, also take note of the leather on these
boots right here. Notice it can take a shine. This right here, again, going to be dressy. I can wear this with a casual suit. Maybe not you know a full business suit because
not the particular style, but you could pull it off. Now, let’s talk about casual boots. These boots are going to be a bit dressier
than the first pair I showed you and overall it’s because the build quality. These, right here, these are going to be Goodyear
welted. They still have a rubber sole, but they use
a Goodyear welt design. But, overall this is going to be a rugged
boot. It’s made from a higher quality leather,
it can take a shine. Look to find something that fits your particular
style something that fits your need and the rest of your clothing. Spend good money once cry once, but wear something
that’s going to make you feel great and make you look like a million bucks. Next up, let’s talk about accessories. We’re talking about jewelry, we’re talking
about watches, we’re talking about sunglasses, anything that you wear to accessorize and
classics are where you start. Aviators, a great pair of classic sunglasses. You want to go with Wayfarers style or you
can go with Clubmaster style, a wide range of different types of sunglasses, guys. Start with the classics. Next up, let’s talk about items being clean. So, you want to make sure they’re polished,
there aren’t scratches on it. If it has leather pieces like a leather band
on a watch, you want to make sure it’s not scratched up, replace it if necessary. When it comes to your jewelry, take it in
to get clean especially if you have anything with stones. When it comes down to it, guys, you don’t
want anything that looks overly worn or it’s about to break. Now, I mentioned watches and you may be wondering,
“Antonio, where can I get a great watch at a fair price?” Guys, I want you to go check out Vincero. I’m linking to them down in the description
with the best discount code you’re going to find out there, guys. For over two years, I’ve been talking about
this company. I wear their watches and these are watches
when you wear them you’re going to get compliments. People are going to notice. And, guys, I’ve bought some expensive watches
and I have to say I still wear my Vinceros because I like them, I love them. They fit actually my needs whenever I’m
traveling. They’ve got a whole lot of new designs. They’ve got this one right here with a metal
mesh strap over on the Kairos Series. This one right here with the red racing threading
in there. At least, that’s what I think of whenever
I look at this watch. Then, we’ve got this all metal watch, guys. They’ve got you covered with all different
styles. And if you haven’t been over there, go check
them out. Again, free shipping, a 30-day return policy,
a 24-month warranty. And, guys, they’ve got almost eleven thousand
reviews. The vast majority, five stars. Go check them out. I’m linking to Vincero down in the description. Again, with the best discount code you’re
going to find out there on the web. Next up, avoid the huge oversized logo. Unless you’re getting paid by the brand,
guys, you don’t want to wear that huge logo that can be seen from five miles out. It’s best to avoid them because they just
look tacky. Now, a small logo, yes, that’s perfectly
fine, but once you start seeing those repeating logos on the trousers or on the shirts, I
like to avoid that. It just doesn’t look, it just doesn’t
look good. You want to avoid novelties as well. So, novelty neckties, novelty pocket squares. You want to be very careful with novelty items. They really can tear apart an outfit. Oftentimes, simply going with solid colors,
very classic. You notice the outfit I have here. The dark-colored suit, the white shirt. When you’re lost here, think about simplicity
rules. Next up, gentlemen, immaculate personal grooming
and let’s start with your hands. Are your nails clean? Are they cut well? Are you biting your nails? If you’ve got that issue, guys, then I’ve
got a whole another video that I can recommend. And your hands, are they washed? Are they clean? Guys, these things are important especially
when you’re putting your hands out there for a handshake with that person that’s
potentially going to give you a job or loan you money. [0:05:14]
Next up, let’s look at your teeth. Look at yourself in the mirror, do you have
yellow teeth? Do you have stained teeth? Do you have teeth which are just really gnarly? If that’s the case, perhaps you need to
get them whiten, perhaps you need to get them straightened. Next up, let’s look at your shave. So, if you’re going to go with a scruffy
look, if you’re going to go with a stubble look, this works great whenever you’re going
on a date with a woman because women have been shown to be attracted to this. But, when it comes to projecting power to
a business-type of environment, you need to make a decision, you need to either go with
a beard and make sure it’s immaculately groomed or go with a clean completely shaven
look. Next up, let’s talk about classic hairstyles. A lot of options out there, three of them
that I highly recommend are going to be the classic crew cut, maybe check out a classic
side part, and the classic quaff. Now, when it comes to products, you’re going
to see there’s oftentimes a product where they shine like pomades or you’re going
to have products like a clay that aren’t going to really have any type of shine. I think the shine is going to be a bit dressier
especially if you’re going for maybe more a sleek back type of hairstyle. Next up, let’s talk about immaculate clothing. So, your shoes, you want to make sure they’re
shined. You don’t want to have scuffs. You don’t want it to look like you have
never shined your shoes. When it comes to your clothing, you want to
make sure it’s clean, that there are no stains, there are no holes. Now, gentlemen, all of you need to know what
this is and know how to use it. This is an iron. You can use an iron directly on cotton or
linen. So, if you got a pair of cotton khakis or
you got a linen shirt, you can use this to get rid of the wrinkles. Now, really quick I want to talk about color
and unfortunately, a lot of the new clothing that you purchase after a few washes, what
do you notice? All of a sudden it loses its vibrancy. The key here is to use detergents which are
not going to damage. You want to wash clothing only when it’s
dirty. So many people they wear may be a pair of
jeans for a couple of hours, they’re not even dirty and they throw them in the laundry. Guys, when it comes to shirts, when it comes
to your jackets, when it comes to your jeans, when it comes to anything that you wear, only
wash it when it’s dirty and if possible, get away with spot cleaning. Now, gents, no RMRS video would be complete
without me talking about the style pyramid. We’re talking about fit, function, and fabric. And that’s the next thing you need to pay
attention to if you want to make sure to dress like a million bucks on less. Nail the fit. It doesn’t matter if you spend $2,000 on
a suit or $200, you’ve got to nail the fit. The right function. So, if – don’t wear a suit if it’s not
required if everyone is dressing casually in that work environment you’re looking
for a startup in San Francisco, then, okay, I want to dress one level up. Then, we talk about the fabric. Buy the best you can afford. In today’s video, I’m talking a lot about
saving money, but you can still save money when you look for deals. You go to a box store and you say, okay, I’m
going to wait for this particular outfit to go on sale. I’m going to actually identify the shirt. I already know exactly what I want and I’ll
be finding out, you know, watching for sales, I’ll get on that company’s email list. I’m going to get that shirt or I’m going
to find some of the equivalent for a great deal. Now, gents, this next point on how to look
like a million bucks without spending a fortune is key, you’ve got to be confident. You’ve got to know what you stand for. You’ve got to have the courage to be the
best-dressed man in the room. And I’m not talking about always wearing
a suit, I’m talking about wearing clothing which sends the message you want to send. So, you’ve got to know what you stand for,
you’ve got to know who and what you’re about. Start off with small things. One thing I have just been in love with for
the last year is actually finding signature fragrances, fragrances that I absolutely love. It makes me feel better when I wear this particular
fragrance. This other one right here on a hot day like
today, I want to wear a fragrance like this. I want you to go check out this video where
I go into more detail with a guest and we talked about how to find your signature scent
because at the end of the day, gents, I want you to become the man you know yourself to
be. So, if you got any questions, I love to hear
from you guys down in the comments. And, go check out Vincero, an amazing company
I’m linking to down in the description with the best discount code you’re going to find
out there. I just love the look, very different from
a lot of different watches out there. So, if you haven’t been over the website,
guys, I’m linking to them again down in the description. Go check them out. [Bleep Sound]
Whoa! It is incredibly hot in here. Sunday, I will get air-conditioning in my
office. [Music]
[0:09:37] End of Audio

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