Lookbook Summer 2019 | Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50!

Lookbook Summer 2019 | Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50!

hey everybody its Angie and welcome to hot and flashy in today's video I've got my summer lookbook for you this is my outfit ideas for women over 50 but you don't have to be an over-50 woman to shop it I hear from viewers all the time who are in their 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s and Beyond so you can be any age and wear whatever clothes you want whatever styles you want and I think that whatever just you know sparks joy as they say these days is what you should wear and wear what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable so summer is right around the corner and I just love this season it's my favorite season of the year and I love to lighten up with the clothes I love shorts and skirts and white jeans and flirty dresses so I've got a lot of that to show you today you know I always shop my little heart out for these things this year I shopped at loft because they're having a huge sale last weekend I got a lot of stuff there hopefully they'll be having another big sale coming up soon but the quality there is really good and I feel like they're always having sales so you can usually hit it on a sale I shopped in Nordstrom which is my mothership my favorite store and I also slept a lot at Amazon this year because I was looking for some things that were really inexpensive and I hauled a ton of stuff on Amazon there really are some great things out there I did a video in the spring featuring a lot of bathing suits and summer clothes so I'm not gonna have too many like new bathing suits in this one but I'll put the link to that one right up here in case you want to bounce over and see that that had a lot of Amazon bathing suits a lot of Amazon cover-ups that are really great as always I will put my sizing information in the information box below the video along with links to everything that you see in the video for convenient shopping if you use my links thank you so much for using them you know it helps to support my channel and things like this lookbook all right I'm gonna scooch over here and let's get started looking at the outfits alright first up is this cute shorts and sweater outfit I feel like this is a perfect way to transition from these cooler days of spring into the hotter days of summer especially here in New England we always have to have a sweater or a jacket on hand because it's usually like 50 degrees and raining like it is today so the top of this outfit is this really pretty JAC hard print sweater it's like a lightweight sheer sweater for most of it but then has this opaque patterning in it that is just really pretty and I think this would be so flattering on anyone but it's lightweight enough that you're not going to be hot but if it's a little cool out it's great to pair with a cute pair of shorts so the shorts I have on with this sweater are the standard loft shorts that I buy just about every year the loft shorts are so well made and they are always so flattering they come in all different sizes from petits – tall's – plus and what I love most about them is that they come in different inseam length so the periwinkle pair that I'm showing here today are a 4 inch inseam but I also tried on a pair of six inch in seams here they are I bought them as well these were in my try on haul and Instagram over the weekend when I was in law shopping there Memorial Day Sale which was awesome and hopefully you caught that insta story and were able to get yourself some rough things on sale but if you're not following me on Instagram probably a good idea because I do some of these like Tryon hauls in stores when they're having sales and then you you know kind of get the heads-up of when there's some good bargains going on and also good to download the like to know an app and use that as well the bag and shoes that I have on with that outfit I got this guy on Amazon this is a really great price point and it's a really nicely made straw bag with the round handles is just so cute and I love it for the summer so that's a perfect little summer bag you're gonna see that with a lot of different outfits I think I'll do the information box by outfit and then put all the accessories together so you can find its own group the handbags together ungroup the shoes together and that way it'll be a little easier to find them alright and then the shoes with that are my favorite shoes I bought these last summer and these just last and last and last these are these nice high platform espadrilles they're a taupe colored suede with the ankle strap and I wore these just about every day last spring last summer on vacation over the winter all this spring and I'm going to wear again all this summer there are a bunch of colors of this that are on sale right now so I will link the sale ones as well and this is the original color these are not on sale these also come in like black let me just talk quickly about the jewelry that I have on with everything because I kept it the same for all the outfits I just think that this little charm is so summery it just has these little crystals encapsulated inside this little round pendant and they're kind of free-floating so you know they move around so those are so cute and then this is more like a tough girl dagger kind of thing and then I love this big chunky chain with it and then the bracelet I have with all this I discovered this brand Victoria Emerson at reward style and they make these really awesome bracelets and they're all connected by one big magnet alright next up is another shorts outfit with this one I have on this really pretty top that I got from Amazon and this was so inexpensive I swear everything I got on Amazon was like 25 dollars or less a lot of things were under 20 I can't remember exactly how much this was but I love the color scheme on this top I love this bright orange with this bright blue flower pattern you know the florals are really big this year and I like the fabric on this one I like the cut and I love it that it has this little tie down here and so these denim shorts are also from loft these do come in more of a dark wash and also a lighter wash and what I like about these is that you can just roll these down if you want them to be a little bit longer so these are adjustable length shorts so you can roll them down once to make the leg a little bit longer or you can roll them down all the way and then of course the bottom is unfinished so as you wash the EC's will start to fray a little bit more so those were just really great shorts and I thought it was great that they were so versatile and then the bag that I have with this outfit is also from Amazon these little straw round like basket bags have been you know in for a couple of years now and they haven't gone out so they're still here the sandals I have on with this one are these guys from soft oh my gosh these are the most comfortable sandals can I just tell you I mean they're practically like you know bedroom slippers except so much better because they actually have arch support and I also like it that they do a little bit of lift here at the heel I can't wear anything that's totally flat these come in a few different colors this is the gold-tone that they come in they also come in just a brown and a black I think but this leather is so soft it's already broken in for you and just a quick variation on that look which is to wear the same shorts put it on with a wedge espadrille and switch up the top to a kimono so the kimonos are really in this year I've got two in this lookbook because they're just so cute I love them on everywhere in kimonos everywhere but this is a shorter kimono that I think goes great with the shorts the little tank underneath you can get just about anywhere they have them at loft I buy mine at Nordstrom they're like $12 the shoe that I had that on with is my other espadrille sandal but this one is a little bit lower price point than the other one and these have more of a heel and these come in lots of great colors I bought this grayish green color two seasons ago then this year I went back and I bought them in the tan colors how much I love these shoes and then the handbag I have with that outfit is this guy also from Amazon this is so cute it's like a two-piece bag so it's got this outer kind of carrying part and then it's got this little pouch inside so you can use this just as a straight tote as a clear tote if you want you know sometimes when you go to those stadium things you have to carry a clear handbag so that's a really good item to have for that but then it's got this little inner bag that you could put all your stuff in so it comes with a few different colors there was one with white handles and white insert I finally found the perfect skirt to wear over the summer I've been looking for the perfect skirt that's just the right length not too long not too short not too fancy not too casual so I got this yellow one I am so happy with it it's the perfect shape it's the perfect cut it is the perfect length and this is just a really cute t-shirt I loved how it had like these little patches of embroidered flowers and there were some like little ones that have like little holes in everything in that I'm wearing those greenish gray colored wedge espadrilles with that and also carrying this bright peacock blue tote bag they come in great colors of some that are iridescent there's some that are white this was so X and I love how it goes with this yellow skirt and the white top it just makes the outfit pop another casual look that I love for summer is just a t-shirt dress they are so easy to wear you just throw it on in the morning with your favorite pair of slide on sandals and you're good to go for the day maybe throw on a denim jacket or belt it but you can wear it so many different ways so I found this one on Amazon this is their daily ritual brand daily ritual is really a lot of basics and so they'll have you know this color blue which i think is really pretty they have black they have grey so the drape on this is beautiful I love the length on it it's not too short it's just you know right to the knees it's the perfect length with just some slides and a cute bag and you are good to go and all the slides I have on with that are these Sam Edelman slides in the silver I love these I show these in my previous lookbook there's still my faves they have this studying along the bottom of the footbed and I just think that they're fantastic right in this next outfit it has the sweater top that I'm wearing here this is the cutest little sweater tab I actually want to it came in yellow as well and it also comes in black and white stripes but I love the black I just love the fit on this I it's so hard to find a flattering not too snug but fitted top it's like a little bit of a sweater II material so it's really pretty and it just has really basic straps that's got to be in the front and it's got to be in the back and I have that on with this beautiful kimono this came in about 20 different prints and things but the fabric is so nice this is the prettiest pattern it's got this really beautiful pink and white pattern and I love the geometric of the black and white at the edges I'm wearing that with a pair of jeans and I got it locked because I did already buy a pair of white jeans this season and I absolutely love them but they're sold out now so wanted to have a different pair of jeans to show you in case you don't have a pair of white jeans this season but the thing that I like about these is they have this double frayed hem and I just think that's so cute so fabric isn't too heavy for summer but they are a full length so they're not like a crop or anything they fit really great they have a lot of stretch and a lot of gift to them and the sandals I have on here these little guys from Bionic this is my favorite foot saving brand because they have such amazing art support so if you have problems with your arches or you have high arches get yourself some bionics well if they had this little patent leather here and they have this little bow these came in a few different colors of course this kimono would also make a great beach cover-up so I'm going to show it to you with my favorite bathing suit that I keep showing you you're in and you're out but it doesn't get sold out or discontinued and I keep wearing it and it's my favorite so you know how dedicated I am to my sunscreen and I try a lot of different sunscreens and one of the sunscreens that I tried it left marks all over my bathing suit and they won't come out so sadly I need to get a new one of these but you know I gotta say I really don't need one except the white marks because this just doesn't wear out it's so flattering and it's got this great little lacy detail and then it just has these really cute bottoms with the lacing detail in there and the bottoms are all lace and they're a really nice cut they kind of you know actually cover up your butt and then the Hat that I have on with that outfit is this little guy this is a soul Society hat I love the fringy edge on this one this one has the little drawstring inside so if you have a smaller head you can make it a little bit smaller alright this next outfit is a great one for when it's a little bit cooler maybe rainy or maybe you just don't want to wear shorts I do have on my denim jacket to top off this outfit this is like a classic that I think everyone should have in their wardrobe especially like a shrunken shape denim jacket this one is really great because it has a little bit of stretch to it it's not like distressed it's a nice dark wash so you can dress it up or dress it down I love it with these little joggers and then underneath the denim jacket I have this really beautiful t-shirt it's got this knit yoke up here and the little knitting on the sleeves and then the rest of it is just a nice quality t-shirt I just love the texture at the top of this top and it just goes so great with these linen joggers is they're so lightweight they're so awesome they come in regulars and petite I actually bought petites in them because I wanted them to be a cropped jogger and they have really great slash pockets here and patch pockets in the back nice drawstring and the fabric is so nice and so lightweight alright next up is a look that I'm not a hundred percent sold on but I gotta say when these pants came in they're from Amazon and I tried them on I was like I don't know both my daughters were home and they were both like no mom those pants are awesome that's like really okay so I kept them in the lookbook so anyway here they are they are these paper bag trouser pants they have a really thick elastic waist so they just pull on but they do have a nice big tie belt over that they have pockets I gotta say they're really well made and then they have just a tapered leg so I got them in this khaki color but they came in all different colors though I have it on with this top again just a plain black top so it just is very kind of slim fit through the ribcage but the pants come up high enough that it's really gonna hide any like muffin top or tummy issues and then the shoes for this outfit I already had these shoes and when the pants came in the whole thing came together I was like oh ok girls now I'm sold I love this together I just fell hard for these little kind of Safari looking ones they're almost like a little tribal basket weave they come in just a plain tan they also come in black then they have the nice cork insole and I love these like chunky white parts on it very comfortable for walking in the only thing that I would say about sizing is this ankle strap is stretchy and so they made it a little bit oversized so I would definitely size down a half a size if you can to get the ankle strap to be smaller or if you have a larger ankle then go ahead and go true to size I'm carrying my Rebecca Minkoff small glove crossbody bag with that and this is just a classic bag that's always available I think I hope I will try to link that if I can below I've had this for a number of years it's just your basic black crossbody perfect size alright this next outfit is a classic summertime look white crisp trousers with a beautiful royal blue top this top is just so breezy and so nice to wear I got this I think it's it was on sale at Nordstrom so if it was it's still in the half-yearly sale this came in a ton of really great colors it's got the crossover in the front but it is sown there so it's not going to blow open and then it crosses over and then it's got the little turned under hem here so that you don't have to worry about where they tuck in or have tuck in or leave it on tuck it just hangs there looking nice the back is not super long and it just as a squared off drink back with a little bit of a cap sleeve and I love it these really crisp white pants these pants are a perfect summer staple they fit so well and they're just so like clean looking they're lightweight they really fit well and they're not too tight and they're not gonna show everything and they're not gonna be bunched up so for those of you that don't like that whole you know super relaxed denim look than these are gonna be for you just want to show them with a different top so this is just a little camisole that I picked up on Amazon and it just is so sunshiny and bright and I love the pattern on this one rather than being just a plain boxy tank it almost has a little bit of a flare at the bottom and so it can be really flattering on people who have a little more hip I just think it's just a beautiful shape a beautiful length I think it just lays so nicely I have a hat on because of course in the summertime you need a hat to protect your face from the Sun I got this hat on Amazon and it's made out of 90% paper so I thought it was really cool next up is this easy breezy beautiful dress it is so pretty I had no idea if this was going to be good or not but guess what it actually is it is strapless so you would have to wear a strapless bra with it and I will link my strapless bra below because it is the best one I can just see myself walking on a beach in Mexico Hart Aruba or someplace like that in this dress hanging out by the pool with a cocktail I mean it was just such the perfect thing sticking with the blue and white theme another little Amazon find was this little play suit or romper I don't even know where I'm going in this but I just want to be in it so badly it is so stinking cute I can't take it and it's also pretty well made it has a full zip up the back which I was shocked to see and it's got a little drawstring elastic waist but this Rick is just so beautiful and so lightweight and so flowy I just I don't know I couldn't help myself even if I just prance around my own pool with a glass of wine I loved it had had it so there I am in it moving on to a bathing suit with a cover-up I picked up this cover-up from Amazon a beautiful lightweight cover-up I actually had bought some other cover-ups that I had shown in that previous video that I mentioned before that I liked a lot better than this one but this one is much more cottony so if you're more a natural fiber kind of person then this one is going to be better the other ones were crepe material and they have like the little pom-poms or little tassels on the edge and those are so much fun and they came in so many different colors then the bathing suit that I have under there is this guy that I picked up earlier in March to go to Florida and this is so beautiful the fabric on this bathing suit is the softest bathing suit fabric you have ever felt but what I love about this one is this tie around the waist and you can create a little bit more of a waist shape with that so it's a very flattering suit all right coming down to the end two more dresses and then we're done this is one of those classic dresses that could be a wardrobe staple that everyone should have be great for work it'd be great for weekend events for family events if you're going to brunch it's not ever going to go out of style it's so comfortable it's so beautifully made that's the softest fabric but it's got buttons down the front a little tie belt and it has pockets you know how I love anything with pockets and it's just a really pretty fit and flare silhouette that is really flattering on all different body types the bag I'm carrying with that outfit is this little guy also from Amazon this is definitely a look-alike for a Chloe bag it's got the bracelet handle and then it also has the crossbody strap and this comes in so many colors this is like the soft gray color and goes perfectly with this outfit and you know I always like to leave you with that killer dress for that special occasion and have I got the dress for you I wore this to my daughter's college graduation and it was perfection because it was in Miami and you know it was already a really hot in Miami so it's a wrap dress and again it's a fit-and-flare so it's very flattering it's midi-length and what I love most about this dress is that they didn't do a spaghetti strapp finally a dress that I can wear a regular bra with because not everybody wants to wear a strapless bra or can go braless it's a really pretty dress cuz it's got a V in the back and it's got a really pretty plunging V in the front I felt like with the way that it you know kind of ties around and wrap so it was pretty secure especially the skirt the skirt wraps around two full times and so if there's a breeze and one flap flaps open you are completely covered so it's a very secure dress but the fabric is just so beautiful it's fully lined so it's got some heft to it it's so flirty and flattering I just felt like a million bucks in this dress and I love it that it is a little black and white polka dot pattern oh that is so cool and the shoe that I have on with the flirty dress are some pretty basic black strappy suede heels so if you're going to like a shower or something and you want to be dressed and looking current you would get either a flowered dress or a kind of flirty dress and then top it with a denim jacket you have to put your arms through the sleeves you can just drape it over your shoulders but it should be kind of a shrunken fit and this is a really great one I think I talked about it before with one of the other outfits alright so those are all the clothes that I wanted to show you today I hope you found some outfit ideas in there the last thing I wanted to say was that I always get a lot of comments when I put up my spring and summer lookbook especially you know showing the bathing suits and the shorts and what not about my diet and exercise routine and I never have room to put the link to my video on that in the information box below the video so I'm going to go ahead and put a link right up here for those of you who are interested in it and I'll also put it at the end screen on the video so that you can just click over to that one and it will open up in a separate screen so don't worry you won't lose this video if you wanted to do some shopping so I hope you found the video helpful and informative if you did go ahead and hit the thumbs up like button down there also subscribe to my channel hit the notification bell thank you so much for watching I really appreciate your time so have a great day and I will see you in the next video take care everybody bye-bye

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