hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’ve never been here before welcome my name is Christine so today we
are doing a foundation review and wear test I will be comparing these two
foundations I just have heard so much about the both of these that especially
this one. I thought it’d be kind of fun to compare the both of these together and I
will wear one foundation on one side of my face and the other on the other side
gonna wear it for the rest of the day and comeback update you guys throughout
the day. Anyway if you guys are interested in seeing my foundation
review and wear tests between these two foundations first make sure you hit the
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go ahead and get started but I did just film eight day night get ready with us
with Brandon and he actually agreed to let me do his makeup if we can get that
video to a thousand thumbs up so I’ll link it down below but make sure you
guys check out that video is really fun and we answer a couple questions as well
and he also picks up my outfits um but anyways let’s go ahead and get started
with the video I went ahead and spread through my eyebrows but diode included
it this time just because I kind of get a lot of questions about my eyebrows I
just never really include a routine I feel like I’m not that good at doing my
eyebrow so first off both of these foundations
let me look up how much they go for this l’oreal infallible foundation retails
for $14.99 on Ulta and 1199 on target the Maybelline 24-hour retails for
$11.99 Ulta and $9.99 at Target so they’re both one fluid ounce so they’re
pretty comparable I try to get like a similar of colors as possible and then
fallible I got the shade for 85 and the mainly and 310 Sun beige and I normally
in the Maybelline fit me I wear 310 so I thought this would be a really good
match to the side I’m gonna go ahead and input on the Maybelline foundation and
then on the side I’m gonna put the L’Oreal I want to quickly compare the
two texture of these okay so I definitely thought it was a screw top
but it actually has a pump both of these foundations actually come with a pump as
well so drugstore is really stepping it up so we’re going to do one pump of this
Maybelline foundation it’s actually super thick and then this L’Oreal
foundation and I’m gonna put right here the L’Oreal foundation is a little bit
more runny this one is L’Oreal this is a Maybelline the Maybelline one looks a
little bit more like pinky colors I’m going to start with the mid lean first
so it looks like that color is gonna be a good match okay so on the skin it
looks absolutely gorgeous this really looks like my skin but better color it’s
a little bit dark which is fine I usually like to go in with a little bit
of a darker foundation on camera it almost looks a little bit too like
yellow – but in real life it looks really good in the summer when I get a
little bit tanner this will match me a lot better but just right now I’m just
been so pale okay so that is what that foundation looks like it looks super
super pretty you can tell it covered up a lot of my scars I would say medium to
full coverage but I love like Demi matte finish it’s not super dewy but it’s not
super matte as well it just looks like the natural glisten of my actual skin
none of my pores are emphasized or anything like that I don’t really find
that blurred out my pores but I just it also didn’t emphasize them as well so
I’m not mad at that so next I’m going to go in with my L’Oreal
and then going in with my morphe brush on this guy this fundation smells really
good to smell really like light and fresh it is super pretty I feel like it
has a really similar finish this side we had the L’Oreal and this side we have
the close-up I don’t notice a difference in like my pores both sides have a
really similar finish on the skin they look exactly the same so I think it’ll
be like a wear test situation I’m sure they’re gonna wear definitely throughout
the day but right now initially when you put them on you can’t tell the
difference between either side but I’m gonna put on the rest of my makeup and
I’m just gonna speak to it but I did just film a full contour and highlight
routine so if you guys are interested in seeing like an in-depth tutorial on how
I contour and highlight that I did both cream products and powder products so I
will link that up in the corner if you guys haven’t seen that yet anyways I’m
just gonna go ahead and speed through the rest of the makeup I kind of wanted to play it with this
new eyeshadow palette and I do really like it I am more of a like warm toned
ghoul so putting on that grayish transition color kind of threw me off a
little bit but the colors in here are really pretty I will say some of it was
blending a little bit patchy so like this I the blending is a little bit
patchy so I don’t know if it was the powders or these new brushes that I was
trying out but I will keep trying this and that you guys know on my Instagram
but if you take a look at my skin up close
everything looks super good you really cannot tell the difference between both
sides and I didn’t wear primer just because I don’t usually wear primers in
my day to day life and then I didn’t set it with the same spray as well just
because I want to see the wear test of the actual foundation itself so my skin
looks really nice and it just looks like actual skin so I’m going to go ahead and
just so you can see my skin and apparently my messy hair I also just got on the shower not that
long ago so I’m actually gonna go do my hair as well but it is currently 309 I’m
gonna go ahead and check in with you guys throughout the day I wish I came
with you guys later okay I wanted to check in with you guys this is outside
in natural lighting this is what the skin looks like who really cannot tell a
difference between the two sides up close it looks the same I haven’t had to
blot my face or anything and everything just looks really flawless and matte and
it’s only been a couple hours I checked my hand like I got a watch but it’s oh
we’ve been like two and a half hours but so far everything looks just as good as
when I put it on so anyways I’m gonna check back in with you guys later
tonight hi everyone so I am back and it is currently 10:30 it’s like 10:30 8 so
I stayed up as late as I possibly could but I feel like the last few days I just
haven’t been getting good sleep so it’s just I need in this video put on the
foundation around like one ish so it’s been about nine ish hours of where zoom
he goes in so you can see the makeup but both sides of my face look really good
it looks like this side has more on my like bronzer contour and blush still on
my face whereas the side a lot of it has faded haven’t blotted at all today I
didn’t use the city spray I haven’t even touched my face or anything and the way
that my skin looks now is pretty incredible considering how oily my skin
is usually like if I was using my fit me foundation I would have already needed
to blot my face like two or three times really impressed with how the two of
these wore throughout the day it just looks like my skin is a little bit dirty
like it doesn’t look like I have a ton of oils coming through so I’m really
really impressed with that around my nose area it is kind of breaking up a
little bit but almost every single friend mission that I’ve tried has
broken up around my nose area like I’m just so only that that’s just like a
given so I totally expect that on the side put the Maybelline 24-hour
foundation and it almost looks like more of my powder makeup and everything else
that I put on top is more intact but I don’t know if that was because I was
like touching my face or when I read both sides my pores are pretty
noticeable or especially in this area just because I’ve worn
for so long but a lot of my oils are coming through up here and but as far as
everything else goes I’m really impressed by this foundation because
normally by the end of the day I wouldn’t even have my blush on anymore
everything that I applied on is still my faceook it looks like I was just wearing
any ordinary like normal or dewy foundation for a couple hours it doesn’t
look like I’ve been wearing this foundation for the entire day so I’m
gonna go ahead and blot it and see how it looks this is my little blotting
sheets from moody so I’m just gonna take a sheet and touch up the side so I would
say after touching up and blotting the side looks more flawless you can’t even
see my pores it just looks like I had freshly applied my makeup on the side
and then on the side you can kind of see it is taking a little bit around my leg
pores and nose area like it just didn’t really touch up that nicely when I
bought it but as far as everything else goes like it’s not breaking up anywhere
else you can’t see that it’s worn off on my face at all like I just overall I’m
really really impressed with this foundation I would say if you have oily
skin like me and you want something that wears a really long time and touches up
really nicely I almost like the Maybelline 24-hour foundation more we’re
just surprising to me because I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the both of
these foundations but I feel like them L’Oreal and Falvo is so raved about I
thought for sure us and like that foundation a lot more will do this color
so beautiful you can’t even tell like on my face what side is white because the
shades are so similar to each other it just looks like I freshly applied it so
I really really like the Maybelline foundation I like it more than the
L’Oreal one I hope you guys don’t mind that I ended this for you early I’m
about to post an IG TV tomorrow on my Instagram obviously on my IG TV but it
is going to be about a lot of questions that you have something ask me how I
started getting pRSM Michael envelopes or how I grew my channels how do i
balance my social media with my full-time job all these questions that
were commonly asked I just covered it all in this edgy TV so if you’re seeing
this video the IG TV will already be else I’ll link it down below but make
sure you add me on Instagram if you haven’t already and check that out just
because it is so highly spout and it’s only about ten minutes
long so just throw it on while you’re having breakfast or doing your makeup or
something like that but anyways this brings us to the end of this week’s
video I hope you guys enjoyed this wear test and if you did give this video a
thumbs up let me know down in the comments what you like to see next and I
do have an office looking book video coming next week so make sure you have a
little notification belt on for that so you don’t miss it and anyways that is
the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys next
time bye guys you


  1. Oh my word, the both look so nice after wearing for that long! Going to pick myself up some of that Maybelline 💃🏻

  2. I have the super stay in sun beige, been wanting to try the infallible. I did the same thing with the superstay, tried twisting the top off lol. In the past I had a hard time finding yellow undertones in drugstore foundations. I feel like drugstore is stepping it up with the color choices! I just wish the undertones were more balanced.

  3. Love this video! Have you tried the NARS longwear radiant foundation? If so, what’s your shade? I feel like we have similar skin tone, so I wanna compared since drug store products don’t have testers😅

  4. Ahh please do a hair routine/show how you do your hair! Always have major hair envy when I watch your videos 🤩

  5. They are both beautiful foundations BUT they are catering to different needs. You cant compare them together.

  6. Ooo! I love that these claim to be long lasting but still look so fresh and dewy on the skin!!! I def want to try the maybelline one!

  7. I tried the superstay, and even though it was higher coverage, it felt pretty heavy on my skin. The L’Oréal needs to be built up more, but I can barely feel it on my skin, and it controls my oils more. Hope that’s helpful if you’re trying to decide between the two!

  8. New subbie! Could you zoom us in when you’re doing the demos and makeup looks? Also, when you apply your makeup could you use a makeup mirror? Because when you were holding up the palette mirror I couldn’t see what you were doing. Thanks! 😊

  9. 2 of my favorite drugstore foundations! Along with the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop & Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless.

  10. Thank you! I tried the Loreal and wasn’t wowed, it seems drier skinned people like it more than us with oilier skin.

  11. I was JUST thinking about comparing the two of these! Great idea!!… Btw what did you use for your eyebrows?

  12. Im using L'Oreal's True Match and I can say that it is superb! You cant barely feel that youre wearing a foundation. It makes you stay fresh all day long. You should consider it too. ❤️ Oh, please do sub to my channel also. 😊

  13. Just subscribed and started binge watching your videos!
    I think it’s time for a spring outfits video 😊

  14. Was just recommended this video and it was good, but really I couldn't help but notice how freakin gorgeous u are!

  15. You're so pretty and I love your reviews! New subscriber 🙋🏻

    Any small youtubers wants to help each others channel grows? Sub me and I'll sub you all back

    Have a nice day xx

  16. The maybelline superstay way better than the loreal one for me, it make my skin look so flawless and cover my dark circle without using any concealer😄😄

  17. I agree- I prefer the Superstay. For some reason, the L’Oréal emphasizes my pores, even with different primers. My face is flawless with the superstar.

  18. Tbh I don't understand.. I own both foundations, I have oily skin and the Maybelline one on me is very dry and matte while L'oreal is more luminous and hydrating. This is weird lol

  19. I lLOVE both of them lol if it's a really hot sunny day I wear loreal if it's slightly hot not like spring or winter or fall II wear the maybelline superstay lol.

  20. I like Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour, but it does make my skin look a little darker than my actual skin tone, like ompa loompa kind of skin. But I love the Loreal Infalliable Pro Matte Foundation in the shade Natural Buff which is my actual skin match. Its the Buff Beige of the Superstay was darker. I'm also currently using Milani Conceal & Perfect in shade Light Beige, and love it. so the Pro Fresh Wear will be next on my bucket list due to my combination skin. I can be oily on the center of forehead, nose, and chin, and cheeks too in the summer.

  21. I use maybeline superstay 24 hr foundation and it is quite drying on my combination skin but i use a facial mist befire and after makeup so it wont look much matt on my skin. But i have alot of acne pores marks so it covers them very well.

  22. I love the Maybelline. It's not transfer proof for me, I'm combo oily, or mattyfying but it holds up well and makes me look like I'm facetuned. I haven't tried the L'Oréal. I might give it a try.

  23. I can see u guys always so easy to put on so much of foundation but and so nice me put 1 layer also will start to look cakey and sticky whyyyy😥

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