Loreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation & Full Wear Concealer Review | Ashley Bond Beauty

Loreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation & Full Wear Concealer Review | Ashley Bond Beauty

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, I am going to be doing a foundation
review. Now, this foundation review is long overdue
and it has now become one of my all time favorite foundations. It is the L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Fresh
Wear Foundation. I have been testing out this foundation for
a very long time now. Like, for at least a few months. I know for a fact this foundation works well
with my skin. It doesn’t break me out, doesn’t clog my pores,
I don’t notice any irritation, and it lasts all day. Now, I did wear this foundation during the
colder months and I haven’t really tested it out too much in the summertime. It’s about 80 degrees this week, so I am going
to be showing you guys how this wears from morning to night. I do have a tan. I was in Florida, so 510 is going to work
really well. I have two of the L’Oreal concealers to try
out for you guys as well. Now, I have never found a drugstore concealer
that I have been ride or die for. Drugstore concealers are just more light coverage
and they just … I don’t know. I need a lot of coverage under my eyes, as
you guys may know. I talk about it all the time, my soup bowls. I like a full coverage concealer that’s not
going to crease underneath my eyes and that’s not going to make my under eyes super, super
dry. I am going to test this concealer out for
you guys and show you guys how I apply the foundation and we’re going to test out the
concealer. The concealer doesn’t have any hour claims
on it, but the L’Oreal Infallible has a 24 hour wear on it. I am not going to wear this foundation for
24 hours, but I can tell you that I have worn this foundation through an eight hour workday,
I have worn this from like, 6:00 in the morning until 10:00, 11:00 at night, and it looks
beautiful on my skin all day long. I honestly think it looks better as you wear
it throughout the day. I will be at the grocery store, going through
the grocery store line, and people will be like, “Wow, what’s on your skin? Are you even wearing any foundation?” I’m like, “I’ve had this on all day.” This foundation is just beautiful. It’s been my go-to. It does have sunscreen in it, it has broad
spectrum SPF 25 in it. You get one fluid ounce, and it has a pump
top. I love a foundation with a pump top. All right, so I’m going to start off by moisturizing
my face using my normal moisturizer. If this foundation does not work with this
moisturizer, it’s not going to work for me. Now my face is moisturized, I am going to
go in with one pump and I’m just going to apply that to my cheek. Okay, so here is one pump on half of my face. As you can see, it has decent coverage. I would say that this is light to medium coverage
just off the bat. I am applying it with a damp beauty blender,
and then we’re going to go ahead and do the other side. Okay, now this is my face with two pumps of
foundation on. As you can see, it gives decent coverage,
but what I like to do, since I am more of a full coverage gal, is I like to take a third
pump and I like to go over the areas that I need just a little more coverage, which
is usually my cheek area. But as you can see, it is very build-able. You just add more coverage in the areas that
you need it. All is good in the hood. The one thing that I can say about this foundation
is it does oxidize just the slightest bit I have noticed, because a lot of the times
when I put it directly on my face, the color isn’t what it is after like, an hour of wear. Which, isn’t that big of a deal, that usually
happens to me. But, that is just something to keep in mind
if you are looking to find your correct shade. Now we’re going to move on to concealers,
and as you can see, I clearly bought these when I was my winter shade, but we’re going
to work with it. I believe RD02 is going to be darker, which
is what we want. This is a very thick applicator. Yeah, this is very, very bright. But, whatever. We don’t mind a highlighted under eye. This has a very … This smells like paint. This smells like straight up paint or nail
polish remover, one of the two. It doesn’t have the most appealing smell. But, the doe foot applicator is nice because
it’s thick. All right, so now I am just going to do what
I normally do, and I’m going to blend it out with my beauty blender again underneath the
eyes. Now, I am looking for full coverage. This is very thick, so you might want to work
one eye at a time. But honestly, the coverage isn’t half bad. I’m not going to judge it until I set my face,
but this is very thick, and the longer I let it sit, the harder it is to blend. This consistency and applicator is very similar
to Tarte’s Shape Tape for me. I used to love Shape Tape and I still do love
Shape Tape, but it just is thicker and less hydrating than the Two Faced Born This Way. Yeah, this is kind of hard to blend, so definitely
work one eye at a time. I am going to go back in with a little more
concealer. I love how I just said if you’re going to
be using this to work one eye at a time and I still put it on both eyes. I am going to set this with my normal setting
powder, which is the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, because this powder never
does me wrong. All right, so the concealer has really impressed
me. I’m actually really shocked. I was not expecting anything out of this concealer,
I’m not even going to lie to you, but this is the most full coverage under eye concealer
that I’ve ever found from the drugstore. This is really, really nice. The only thing that I can say is that my under
eyes feel a little dry, but as I go on throughout the day, it might soften up a little bit. But, I am going to be showing you guys how
this wears throughout the day. I am filming this at night, just my first
impressions, but I will be wearing this tomorrow and updating you throughout the day, so you
guys can see how the foundation and concealer wears and see why I love the foundation so
much. I am going to test out the concealer for you
guys. All right, so I’m going to go ahead and do
the rest of my face makeup, and I will come back with the final look. All right guys, so here is the finished look
with a full face of makeup on. I did film this tutorial and it’s going to
go up on my IG, so definitely follow me on Instagram if you want to see this makeup look. It’s Ashley Bomb Beauty, head on over. The concealer held up through all of the other
produce applications. It still looks beautiful. I am very impressed with the coverage for
underneath my eyes. It hasn’t really emphasized any of my fine
lines underneath my eyes. The dryness went away once I set it with the
Morphe Setting Spray. It still is dryer than like, my Two Faced
Born This Way Concealer, but it’s not overly drying where it’s going to bother me. It just is really matte, so that’s something
to keep in mind. If you have super dry skin, you might not
like this concealer. Really like it. My first impressions are I am really impressed. Like I said, it’s really hard for me to find
drugstore concealers and this one really hit it out of the park for me, just right off
the back. I am not surprised by that because of how
much I liked the L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear. This foundation is probably my top three favorite
foundations that I’ve ever used. Tomorrow, I am going to be taking you through
my day and showing you how this wears through a normal work day for me. I am going to let you know my final thoughts
tomorrow night, but I am super impressed with this concealer. I mean, this is a concealer that if I didn’t
know any better and you changed the labels, I would think was a high end concealer. It just looks great. It’s everything that I want in a concealer. It hides my under eyes, it doesn’t make them
too dry, it’s just great. I’m really excited to try this out and see
how it wears throughout the day. Just keep on watching, and I will take you
right along with me. Today has been the craziest day, so I have
barely even looked in the mirror to see what I look like, so we are seeing the final results
together here. All right, so this is my face after 10 hours
of wear. I applied this foundation around 8:00 this
morning and it is now 6:00 PM. Actually, 6:30 PM because I’ve had some technical
difficulties. I have not touched my face, powdered my face,
blotted my face at all since 8:00 this morning. I have been running around like a mad person
today, so I have barely even looked in the mirror. Now, I am oily in my T zone. This is not an overwhelmingly oily face to
me, this is just normal oil after 10 hours of wear. Actually, let me just use a beauty blender
because this is the beauty blender that I used this morning, in case you guys are wondering
why it’s so dirty. We’re just going to … As you can see, the
foundation is still intact after I blot my face. This is usually what happens. Now, I don’t know if you can see, but I usually
get a lot of pooling in my nose area, especially since I’m so oily there. I do have some buildup there. This nose is fine, so I’m thinking that I
just didn’t set my nose very well right there, which happens. I tend to do that a lot. This side of my nose doesn’t really have any
buildup or cakiness. This nostril is a little cakey, but not as
bad as I’ve seen. I didn’t really notice that until I blotted
my face, so keep that in mind. Like I said before, I have worn this foundation
day in and day out for at least three months, so I have been testing this for a long time. It does not break me out. It works really well with my skin, and it
stays in place all day. Now, for the concealer, I hope you guys can
see underneath my eyes here. I do notice that I do have a little bit of
creasing, but that is just strictly because my under eyes are very dry. Like, my eyes are very dry. I have been lacking sleep. I have been dehydrated this week. This week has just been madness. This held up underneath my eyes pretty well. I do notice it settling into my creases, but
I really just think that that’s because it’s dry. Usually when foundation settles into my fine
lines, it’s almost like it doesn’t really get set with the powder that I use underneath
my eyes. I always use the Laura Mercier Translucence
Setting Powder, and sometimes even with my favorite concealer, my Two Faced Born This
Way, if I don’t set my under eyes properly or I’m just rushing through setting my eyes,
it can crease. But, that’s on me. That’s a personal problem. This isn’t out of the ordinary. I feel like this amount of creasing underneath
my eyes is pretty good. I looked in the rear view mirror when I was
driving home and I thought my under eyes looked great. As you can see around my mouth, which is my
number one gripe with foundations is whether or not it creases around my mouth, and this
has not creased, regardless of how dehydrated and how much talking I’ve been doing today. Now, this looks like this around my mouth
because I do lean on my hands throughout the day. It’s just something that I do, so as you can
see, it’s worn away a little bit around here. You can see some of my dark spots peeking
through, but it doesn’t look noticeable. It’s not super crazy, which is fine for me
because that’s me touching my face. If I wasn’t touching my face, it would not
move around my mouth. The concealer, I am really, really impressed
with. Obviously, like, this is my number one foundation
at the moment, but this concealer really shocked me, because if you guys have been following
me for a long time, you know that drugstore concealers, I just have trust issues when
it comes to drugstore concealers. This is the first drugstore concealer that
I can say actually looks good underneath my eyes and I don’t need to reapply like three,
four times to get the amount of coverage that I need. The one thing that I can say with this concealer
is that it’s thick. She thick. She thick, thick. You have a thick doe foot applicator, you
have a thick consistency. This is thick. My recommendation would be to work in section. A little goes a long way, and it looks beautiful. I would also recommend using a damp beauty
blender. This is so dirty. That would really help, or maybe misting it
with some Fix Plus to help blend out. I would say to compare this to a high end
concealer, it is very similar to Tarte Shape Tape except Tarte Shape Tape isn’t quite as
thick. Honestly, this concealer, if you are looking
for a drugstore, more affordable option in concealers, this would be a great option for
you, especially if you’re somebody who really needs coverage underneath their eyes. Don’t mess around with all those other concealers. This one is really, really good. This is the most impressed I have been with
an under eye concealer from the drugstore in a long time. If you’re looking for a good foundation and
concealer that’s going to last on your skin all day, it’s going to look natural, you’re
not going to have to worry about creasing or just it slipping around all day, definitely
check out the L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear, and this is the Full Wear Concealer. This combo is fire, hot fire. I’m really, really impressed with this. I’m like, so impressed with this concealer,
especially. All right guys, so that is my full detailed
foundation and concealer review. If you guys want more concealer and foundation
reviews, please let me know which ones you want me to review down in the comment section,
and I’d be happy to do more videos for you guys. If you guys are new here, don’t forget to
hit that subscribe button and the bell button so you never miss a new video. I will see you guys in my next video. Bye guys.

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  1. I tried this foundation and I wasn’t really a fan. Maybe because I had the wrong shade 😂 it was also a little tacky so I had to set it which I normally don’t do. Judging by how amazing this looks on you I need to find my correct shade and try again!

  2. I absolutely love the foundation! I even added some to my freelance kit. The concealer unfortunately creases like crazy on me 😩

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