Los diferentes tipos de vinilo textil de corte

Los diferentes tipos de vinilo textil de corte

Hi, I’m Jose Miguel in this video I will try to solve all your questions about the different types of textile vinyl we offer at Brildor I’ll classify them depending on the base where they’ll be applied the first one is Premium Poli-tape It’s our best seller ideal for cotton , although it is suitable for polyester with cotton or acrylic it’s affordable and has a wide range of colors, it has a very high durability to washing If you want a glossy finish you can use shiny vinyl or convert it with the Poli-finish laminate we also have neon and metallic vinyls in the Premium Nylon flex Politape It is a very suitable for vinyl stretch fabrics such as lycra, due to its elasticity as well as its low application temperature, it’s ideal for sports clothing such as this one or swimsuits we offer 16 colors and also a metallic effect finish speaking of application of vinyl on polyester fabrics we have blockout or anti-sublimation vinyl it is opaque, which prevents the background color of the garmet appearing and degrading the vinyl’s color A clear example is what can happen when applying a plain white on a polyester shirt that has a deep red or navy blue for example vinyl velvety feel and Tubitherm if you want a soft touch the velvety touch of this vinyl is your best option I recommend it for sweat shirts or winter clothes but it looks just as cool on your favorite t-shirts special vinyls with textures and holographics sand, pearls, sequins, snake, leopard or zebra skin effects are a few examples of different texture imitations you can obtain with these range of special vinyls It gives a fashionable touch to your garments vinyl for labor garments there’s also vinyl with reflective and luminiscent effect they are used on work garmets because they require specific certification that’s all if you want more information you can check our blog visit the section “vinilo textil” on the menu “vinilos” of our online store if you find this video interesting, give us a “like” and suscribe to our channel.

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  1. ¿Tienes dudas sobre qué #vinilotextil es más útil para #personalizar tus prendas? Te explicamos brevemente todos los tipos de vinilos que ofrecemos en @Brildor. Recuerda que puedes comprarlo tanto en rollo como en metros sueltos.

  2. amigo en donde puedo adquirir este producto??? asi como una plancha para playera y gorra?? gracias de antemano

  3. Que impresora me recomiendas para material de algodón para imprimir el logo de adidas gracias por su atención.

  4. Una consulta estos vinilos se pueden usar para hacer carteras ,es decir ahí aplican una termotransferencia para usar el vinilo,pero yo quisiera saber si puedo usar el vinilo así como una tela y hacer mis moldes, porque cuando compro una cartera ,dice material vinilo. Pueden sacarme las dudas

  5. Tengo un pregunta quisiera una recomendación quiero hacer unas playeras para negocio y no se que tipo de vinyl usar y que temperatura tengo que usar en la plancha vivo en usa si me pudieran ayudar con mi pregunta les agradecería un bastante

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