39 Replies to “Love Island USA: The Girls Dress Up And Dance For The Boys”

  1. Coming from the uk and being addicted to love island seeing this makes me cringe ngl like where is Ian sterling’s narrating 😭😭

  2. Caro seems like a nice person with good intentions, but I feel like she's the type to try hard to make you like her? You know what I mean?

  3. This is so cringe wtf why is the narrator begging to sound british? Love island UK is so much better and you can’t deny it lol

  4. I swear if Americans take credit for love Island I'll be so mad cause England have had it for YEARRRSSSS

  5. I feel like cashel is just playing the game and cheating all the girls. In the beginning it seemed like he was genuinely into caro but then he quickly changed his feelings so fast for kyra so I don’t even know if he actually has genuine feelings for anyone anymore

  6. Zac and Elizabeth and Dylan and alexandra are my faves and I like caro but desperate I don't think she should be here bc this is love island not I like you it dissent work out next island but I like her

  7. I dont get how girls can do this and be smooth. Like I’d have to have a pre-choreographed routine that I’d been practicing for six weeks

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