Love Nikki Dress UP Queen: Chapter Eight Plot Recap

Love Nikki Dress UP Queen: Chapter Eight Plot Recap

Hey, Love Nikki fans! This time, on chapter 8: Nikki, Bobo, and Momo arrive in Moonlit City after a long walk. Momo, halfway delirious, asks if he really is seeing grilled fish hanging from the tower. A strange woman shows up and calls him a silly cat for thinking the lanterns are grilled fish. She points them in the direction of the Silk Shop after Nikki defeats her in battle. When they arrive, the Silk Shop is in disarray and abandoned. Nikki asks someone nearby what happened and they inform her that the mayor of Moonlit City sent guards to kidnap Lunar and to steal all of the supplies in the Silk Shop. Nikki and Bobo start plotting ways to save Lunar when Mela shows up. Mela tells her lackeys to leave, and then challenges Nikki to another styling battle. Nikki wins the battle, but Mela escapes before they can stop her. Today is the day of running into past villains, because next, Nikki finds Lisa again. She reveals to Nikki that she was never actually a thief and was, in fact, a spy for the Lilith government Her original aim was to investigate the Phantom Thief but her mission ended after Lilith’s Prime Minister Nidhogg and the Phantom Thief reached an agreement. Lisa refuses to reveal anything else to Nikki and takes her leave. Nikki, Bobo, and Momo resume their search for Lunar. They find out that the mayor used to be loved by the citizens of Moonlit City and that she used to give clothing materials and other supplies away to them. Everything changed when the Iron Rose Stylist Legion came, and suddenly the mayor was attacking the people of Moonlit City and stealing their designs. Nikki changes into Cloud clothing and she, Bobo, and Momo go to sneak into the mayor’s mansion to save Lunar. Unfortunately, in their haste, they run straight into a man who introduces himself as Orlando. [whispering] Psst, that’s the guy Nidhogg was talking about in the last chapter. [normal voice] Orlando gives Nikki a huge backstory explanation that kind of goes like this: A couple months ago, Queen Elle of Pigeon sent someone from the Iron Rose to Moonlit City, and Queen Nanari and the president of the Apple Federation were both like, “Hmm, that seems suspicious.” and they were right, because the mayor started stealing from people right after that. Nanari was like, “Nidhogg, you deal with this.” And Nidhogg was like, “Okay!” And then he turned to Orlando and went, “Orlando, you deal with this.” And Orlando was like, “Okay.” And that’s where we are now! Nikki’s like, “mmm, okay, you continue on in your investigation, and me, Bobo, and Momo will keep looking for Lunar.” Orlando leads them to the mayor’s mansion, and he has a diplomatic token from the Apple Federation, so they can just waltz right in. PLOT TWIST, the girl from the beginning of the chapter is actually the mayor. She’s like, “Your cat is stupid, and Orlando’s glasses look ugly.” And then she tries to battle Nikki, but Nikki wins. Lunar comes rushing around the corner and explains that the mayor is on their side. Turns out, the mayor agreed to the Iron Rose’s request for aid, but it was all for show. In truth, she was actually helping the people of Moonlit City. Nikki asks what that means and if they’re going to have to fight Queen Elle, and the mayor tells her that the true enemy is unknown, and if Nikki can’t fulfill the prophecy she will never be able to return home. Then she says it was all a joke, but Nikki doesn’t take it as one. The mayor points them in the direction of the Star Seer, but Orlando suggests they find the Fantasy Styling Contest in Lilith. He explains that they will find both Nidhogg and Royce there, and he is worried Queen Elle might make a move against them there. Nikki, Bobo, and Momo decide to head there. So, to recap chapter 8: We meet Orlando, an envoy from the Apple Federation; there’s an exposition dump about the politics in Miraland; no one really knows what’s going on anymore; and the prophecy Nikki is a part of is hinted at again.

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  1. The president of the apple federation is so posh looking. lol Thanks for this video, it was both fun and informative.

  2. These are great, I've been too lazy to read the story myself even tho it looks pretty interesting based on these vids so I hope you'll do more of these soon, thanks ❤️

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