Low Budget Halloween Costume Ideas

Low Budget Halloween Costume Ideas

[Music] hey you guys there who us know the people behind you oh my god of course you Jesus i sweaty are you guys stuck with what you wear for Halloween also you can’t afford much well don’t you worry because I have the solution for you try some of these handy Halloween costume hacks on a budget but still want to be scary cut two holes in a white sheet and you’ll be the scariest person at the party who want to impress your friends with your mad robot skills yeah bro I put some foil and a couple of tongs will do the trick looking whit as far you want to be a zombie but can do special effects for shit well no worries just bash your head against the wall a few times and you’ll be the life of the party oh oh everyone loves a good vampire but not everyone can afford to wait around to be bitten grab a bit of paper and make some fangs and then use your friends blood to make it look authentic hey now here’s a classic one the good old mummy all you need to do is wrap yourself in some phone vibrates bad bitch got yourself a legit mommy for all those ladies out there he wanted Obama’s fork here’s how to turn those playing costumes into sexy costumes meme for the sexy ghost just cut two extra holes in some promiscuous areas mmm for a sexy robot Oh yourself up and look sexy folding robot boys for a sexy zombie you cannot end up in all something’s anything for a sexy vampire you don’t have to do anything some people actually find that shit attractive like there’s actually people out there who get turned on by vampires so you’re sweet you’re fine don’t worry for a sexy mummy all you got to do is put on the sexiest rolls of toilet paper you can find now you’re ready for the party and looking good someone’s getting laid tonight me

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  1. Low budget haloween costume cosplay?
    Take your sweater, jeans, red boots, broken sunglasses and a black blouse,
    ta – daa, you're the spider troll, Vriska


  2. Nearly 200.000 subs, congratulations guys! You're growing so quickly, I still remember when you were such a small channel, damn. Dobra robota kurwa!

  3. Just discovered your channel guys, and I've been binge watching your videos all weekend. Keep up the good work, the chemistry between you guys is amazing, haha.

  4. Dafuq? You are prawdziwe miszcze. I never saw something that beautiful. #Vote for Trump i pozwólcie aby makapaka nadal mył kamienie. #Ponglish 4eva #kill me please #hasztag twoja stara

  5. Oni to chyba wciągali proszek do prania przed nagrywaniem tego 😂👌🏻😂 skorzystam w 100% z waszych pomysłów 😂😂❤️❤️❤️ Boże kocham was za to 😆😂👌🏻💪🏻👏🏻

  6. If you are wondering what all those shit said but your ass is too lazy to pause the vid like 20 times to read them,don't worry,mama's got you covered.
    "Vote Trump"
    "Hillary did 9/11"
    "Craze was born with a tail" super saiyan confirmed *cOUGH*
    "They don't want us to do anal"
    "Halloween is for devil workshipers" as a devil workshiper i can confirm this assumption satan is my sugar daddy
    "Frosty used to be a woman" i knew it

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