LuLaRoe // Styling Series: Amelia Dress with Paige

LuLaRoe // Styling Series: Amelia Dress with Paige

I am page styling director here at
LuLaRoe and today we are talking about the amazing amelia dress that we all
love so much this dress is honestly so incredible because it can be worn during
the day or for a fancier event a wedding anything really that you need to do you
can wear this dress so I want to talk a little bit more about the dress here is
actually one of our velvet elegant Amelia’s so we are incorporating
different capsules in this some supply as well but let’s just talk about the
dress in itself so I love that this dress has hidden pockets here so it’s
convenient to have your keys if you have little ones to have little snacks you
never know what you can find in these pockets that’s the end of your day but
they’re really great especially if you’re a teacher or just it’s a really
appropriate work attire as well that I love so much I know that I am the
maternity option now in these in these dresses and I’ve been having so much fun
with what I’m wearing and so they’re so comfortable I feel elegant in them I
still feel flattering and I still felt so feminine and fashionable which is
really my goal every single day being the styling director here and just in
life in general and I always want to feel and look my best and in our
clothing I can definitely feel that way while I am expecting so we have the
hidden pockets here on the side we have the pleats in this dress as you can see
it comes in at the waistline which is really flattering
there’s 3/4 linked sleeves we have a high scoop neckline and then there’s
I’ll show you the back there’s an exposed zipper which is really fun to
play with I’ll show you with another style coming up let’s get down to some
amazing ways to style this dress so here we actually have like I said we have
this amazing velvet we have these little metal spots on here the little polka
dots which are so cute subtle but still a statement piece and so we’ve added
some really simple pattern mixing here we’ve put underneath this a supply
long-sleeve men’s button-up shirt which also shows how versatile our supply
items are and you can find those on LuLaRoe supply calm
and they work a lot of the supply pieces worked so amazingly with our main line
and so we’ve been incorporating them a lot as you can see here so we’re adding
some texture underneath it’s also a great option if it’s cooler where you
are you can have some fun tights some amazing supply booties as I’m wearing
today so we’re having this color shown that’s
a really fun option we’ve put a short simple elegant necklace underneath I
love this so much so that is the elegant Amelia with the men’s long-sleeved
button-up supply shirt underneath okay so this look is so much fun
as you can see we have some really fun fall colors here we’re pulled in this
solid Nicole underneath the Amelia so these dresses are really versatile I
mean even our clothing in general is you as you can see we’re using two dresses
in this in this outfit and it looks brilliant so really with pattern mixing
we usually bring in one color that is incorporated in both pieces but here
what we’ve done is we’ve brought in a complete separate pop of color to really
bring that outfit to the next level so we’ve brought this olive green in
underneath even though it’s not in this dress
it’s incorporated in the same color family so if you look at any color wheel
you’ll see all the colors that are in the same color family and how they work
together so this is really great with color blocking and Patrick does is
already in design but I love the Nicole under the Amelia because you’re just
adding those couple inches of pattern underneath and it’s a really great way
to add color or to add some extra pattern if you are pattern mixing as
well so it is so cute so fun I’ll show you behind it really out every links
hits perfectly and you’re just showing that a couple inches underneath so so
cute I love this so much I love the coloring we’ve picked some really bold
necklaces as you can see some black necklaces also not incorporated in this
outfit but it’s really in right now to color-block to mix colors that are in
the same color family to really have fun and be adventurous with your outfits
while making sure they’re still edited and still look great so that is the
Nicole dress underneath the Amelia dress okay so here is some more fun pattern
mixing really bringing in one color so we’re using all different
shades of purple here so we have three different shades and what we’re focusing
on in this outfit is that this we have this amazing fun print here and then we
have this elegant Jill that is this recording this purple color that’s in
there but then bringing in some fun gold as well that metallic and just that pop
of pattern on the bottom so this works with lola’s as well it really works with
any of our skirts that are shorter so the Lola and the Jill are perfect for
this and you just put them underneath right about at your waistline and just
show them a couple inches underneath so I’ll show you ways that you can wear
these skirts on the outside as well but so we’ve incorporated three different
shades of purple here and then we’ve also added this Burgundy joy over so
just to add a little bit if you’d like if you feel more comfortable with the
joy on or if you take this off as well you can see that it really shows more of
that pattern on the bottom but just some options and some ways to show that
monochromatic look of using the same color in different shades so that was
the elegant Jill skirt underneath the Amelia with the joy so here is one of my
favorite prints of all time that I’ve seen in the Amelia’s these really fun
stripe bold colors why I love these Amelia’s so much we have them in a few
different color schemes right now in the warehouse ready to be worn you guys they
are so good but what I like about these it’s really showing how you can
incorporate these kinds of colors together and make it work and it’s
already done for you and so well you can really have fun with this with these
kinds of Amelia’s is with accessories with the way you wear them so let’s talk
about the way that we’ve styled this today so what we’ve done is we’ve turned
this Amelia around so as you can see in the back this is usually the front but
it has a cute little scoop neck in the back now and you have these pockets
still on the side but what you’re really focusing on is that exposed zipper and
just showing that off you can fold to the top under a little bit to make it
look like that is meant to be like that still looks completely fun
just brings in a little bit of a different be neck and we’ve added some
really bold colors here so we have some blue bringing out that here in the
Amelia dress just a fun scarf something simple to make this elegant we have this
black pearl belt so just adding bold texture we already have a bold print as
it is here these are just really fun to accessorize and so that’s what I
challenge you with if you do have these dresses whether you have them in your
inventory or you have it at home and you’ve already bought it make sure to
have fun with accessories throw on some sparkly tights throw on a fun Jackson or
Harvey these always look amazing for really any occasion and I love them so
much so you could try on your Amelia’s backwards and you’ll see how amazing
they really look so that is the amazing striped Amelia back roots okay so here
is such a fun look we are incorporating our amelia dress and our Jill so as you
can see this monochromatic look is so brilliant because we have two of the
exact same shades of color but we’re really bringing in this print here
instead of just having it the solid Amelia so what we’ve done is we’ve just
put this Jill over this solid Amelia adding some fun print and one of my
favorite things about doing this and you can really do this with the Lola with
the Lucy it really works with a lot of our skirts just making sure that the
Amelia isn’t showing at the bottom but I like that it brings out the texture and
the pleats and the fabric of the Amelia really bring out the skirt a little bit
so it creates a little bit more of it I hipped a feminine effect and I love it
so much so all we’ve done is taken Amelia and we’ve put a Jill over it so
you can try this with like I said our Lola’s our Lucy’s you can have elegant
in here use some of our capsule pieces but very simple we’ve added some black
jewelry to incorporate some of these black spots in the roses you could have
amazing knee-high black boots with this really have fun with it and so that is
the amelia dress with the Jill over okay so one of my favorite looks of the day
as well is this incorporating another elegant Amelia so as you can see this
elegant Amelia is very subtle it just has some gold flakes coming through in
the stitching but it’s the velvet Amelia and what we’ve done is put
a really fun perfect tea over I’m gonna check the sizing on all of these so I
can tell you it’s a small Amelia with an extra large Perfect T so the point of
that is that we’ve done a little bit of an oversized look this does work for
your size perfect team in the same size as the Amelia but to accomplish this
exact look you’ll want to go up three or four sizes if you can with the perfect
tea tote to hit this length but like I said the farther it goes up still looks
amazing as long as you incorporate this belted look so what we’ve done is pick
this fun print so beautiful it’s so fall in winter and then we’ve put this
mustard Sarah over to incorporate this this mustard here gives it that pop of
color so we have a lot of different textures going on as you can see in
these in these stripes here in the Sarah we have this velvet texture here and
then we have fun prints so remember that with pattern mixing it’s not all just
about the patterns and the colors it’s about texture as well and so we’ve
accentuated that waistline and brought that in here and that’s what really
makes this almost peplum look and what creates this amazing look so what we’ve
done is we just have a thin belt and just tucked it under there’s so many
different ways that you can belt to you guys I’ll show you this way so I’m going
underneath and then looping back down we do this a lot with our some of our
larger belts and so it just creates a different like little looped effect but
this is just a really fun feminine way to incorporate elegant and incorporate
mainline pieces and you can do this with any perfect tea any Amelia and any Sarah
so that is the elegant Velvet Amelia with an oversized Perfect T and a
Sarah belted okay so here we have this amazing color-blocked Amelia as you can
see there’s already such fun colors and I’ve been talking about olive green a
lot and these royal blues I’ve been seeing so much too and you’ll see in
Pantone coloring of 2018 that these are colors that are really incorporated as
well the colors of fashion for the year but
they really go so well together and so what we’ve done is we’ve added this
Dolman supply top underneath and it’s actually what I’m wearing right now so
what I’ve done with mine I’ll show you is unbuttoned two buttons and just tied
one knot first and then just tied one more so there’s so many different ways
that you can create the look the whole point is that if you are wearing a top
over you’re gonna want to accentuate that waistline unless it’s a really
oversized perfect tee so you’re gonna either want to do the knot at your
waistline and it’s perfect because the Amelia gives you the seam line to work
with so you’re either gonna want to belt there so you won’t belt at any other
levels you’re gonna want to tie a knot here so if you had a Classic T over you
tie it there which I’ll show you soon so here we just put this Dolman top
underneath so it’s exactly what I’m wearing just underneath the dress to
bring out this fun color effect again it’s so much fun and you can either have
the sleeves out or in depending on what size it is so if I was wearing it the
other way I could hide these underneath my Amelia dress the 3/4 sleeves so just
a really fun way to add some more pattern to a color-block or a solid
Amelia and it looks cute we’ve created a edgy or camo effect so I love this so
much so that is the Dolman supply button up underneath the amelia dress okay so
an amazing outfit here using such fun colors as you can see we have this
mustard striped GG here and I’ll show you I’ll take this off really quickly
and then put it back on but like I was talking about before you want to do it
right at that seam line to accentuate that waistline so what we’ve done is
just tied it on the side so I’ll just show you really quickly so you’re
definitely gonna want to always wait with the GG or a classic tee you’re not
gonna want it let it hang over your Amelia you’re gonna want to tie it or do
it the belting of some kind so here we’ll just pull it on the side do a
quick knot and then what we did here is put this
really cute starred Harvey over this light pink so incorporating two
different shades of pink incorporating the blue and the mustard that you
already have in the Amelia so really quick tip of pattern mixing is using
incorporating the same colors so that is like pattern mixing 101 in a really easy
way to start a really feminine fun outfit this reminds me of spring super
happy you’ll feel so great in this so that is the Gigi tied over the Amelia with
the Harvey jacket so here we have another one of those striped Amelia’s
and I really wanted to make sure to show you them and the different colors that
we have so you see how we’re incorporating such
fun deeper colors in this one so the other one is a little bit more bright
and actually incorporated black as well some here we have a Jackson jacket we
have a Shirley underneath and what we’ve done is picked similar colors of green
since we are incorporating teal we have a deeper color there of green so just
bringing in that same color and this is actually elegant Shirley here so really
this line this elegant line is mixed in with our clothing all of the time in
with our outfits because it really just brings that extra that you need to your
outfit so that you want so we have that sparkly Shirley here just has that
silver coming through a little bit so just adds a little bit and then we’ve
put the Jackson over so this surely is really cute to layer underneath some of
our Jackson’s or our Sarah’s so the Jackson and Harvey obviously go great
with everything but we’ve put more simple layering pieces with this as this
print is so bold underneath so that is the striped Amelia dress with the
Shirley and the Jackson okay so this is such a fun classic look we have this
really amazing floral bright Amelia dress and this is really funny because
to me if you if some of us were to look at this that you would think maybe these
are summer colors or this is very spring but in my opinion the way that we have
made this outfit look it’s seasonal or you could wear this all year
around so because we’re incorporating this Lynnae here what we’ve done is just
put the Lynnae over it striped black-and-white which is a neutral you
guys black and white goes great with every single print so if you have any
solids you can replace those with stripes polka dots with animal print
just to really take that outfit to the next level so we’ve brought in this
waistline bringing in the orange that we have here it’d be amazing with some of
our LuLaRoe supply velvet sock booties so maybe some orange or royal blue even
to really color-block and be bold with that outfit in bu so that is just two
pieces but it really just is incredible and really easy to the eye and beautiful
so that’s just the Lynnae belted over the amelia dress so here is a really fun
girly outfit I just think this is so cute for like date night or Valentine’s
Day so we brought in this elegant joy that has this metallic fun silver heart
on it this print and we have this color another color blocked Amelia so black on
top pink on bottom so what I’ll show you what we did with this I’ll show you the
end product it’s tied in the back it’s so cute we have these different shades
of the monochromatic pink we put on a fun cute little choker so I’ll show you
how we did this with the joy but this is just a different way still brings it in
at that waistline like I was talking about so what you’re gonna do is as you
can see that’s that color-blocked Amelia but this is just adding a little bit
extra so you’re gonna grab both ends put one over the other
pull it tight around the waist I’ll turn this around for you and then you’re just making it not here
in the back to create that bow effect you go ahead and mess with this we’re
however you would like there’s a bunch of different ways that you can swoop it
at certain links do it on either side but just a fun way to add a different
piece and create a complete different looks so that is the elegant joy over
our color-blocked Amelia dress okay last but not least we have saved a happy
really fun girly outfit for you today bringing in some more amazing floral
with a black background that can be really used
oh you’re around as well as you can see we brought in this darker Navy polka dot
classic tea so what we’ve done is incorporated similar colors I’m just
really bringing in a really busy print on the bottom and a larger scale more
simple print on the top and for a pattern mixing that’s great to do using
prints of different scales and then really having one print be the dominant
print so what we’ve done is we have the classic tee down like this we’ve grabbed
it at that waistline and it can really be bulky you could fold it under and
I’ll show you we just tie that in the back just making a knot and you’re gonna
want to make sure that that tail is not sticking out like that so that it
doesn’t actually look like we have a tail but love this looks so much I love
that it’s so right and so happy like I said so I hope this was helpful for you
guys and that is all the amazing ways that I have styled the Amelia dress
today and I can’t wait to see what you guys can do have an amazing week thank

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  1. Wow…amazing this just popped up as the next video, & I had just gotten the Amelia you are wearing, except mine is in the pink background, with the green dots. & I was just thinking I was going to maybe wear it tomorrow, & what was I going to wear with it!? After seeing you with what looks like an Amy(?), I might wear mine with my Amy, which is the coral one with the butterflies! Thanks! ; )

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