Luna Kindred Theresa NEW VOICELINES 2.7!

Luna Kindred Theresa NEW VOICELINES 2.7!

pat my head human you should get offline and rest so hot, quick, prepare me some refreshing blood the outside world is so interesting can you help me plan a vacation the newest HOMU manga, don’t forget to buy it for me human don’t slack off during work let’s make a deal I’ll help you finish this job you need to take me outside to play vampire Theresa, has caught you! sister, it’s like being bitten by a bug Teri teri, I am the vampire cat, Theresa, Nya Although it is winter, I can’t feel the cold Nya Do you think in this world there are animals like vampire cats?

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  1. Thanks to u/bottom-percent for translation corrections: one of the translations should be: "I'm hungry, prepare some warm blood for me" instead of "I'm warm, prepare some refreshing blood for me"

    The other translation should be "sister, this is like being a caged bird"

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