Macys Dress Haul And Try On | Easter Dresses – the Life kawaii

Macys Dress Haul And Try On | Easter Dresses – the Life kawaii

Hello again and thanks for watching the
Life kawaii. Today I am featuring an Easter special. So for my Easter holiday,
the original plan was to go downtown to the lower west side because my boyfriend
and I have friends who live down there, and they were gonna host a large
Lebanese Easter meal that we went to last year that was fabulous.
However she actually just had a baby two weeks ago. Yeah congratulations!
But yeah so obviously we’re not doing that now. She couldn’t possibly cook
a meal and then also be nursing etc etc. So randomly yesterday my boyfriend asked
me, if I would be interested in possibly going to Sleepy Hollow on Sunday to go
to a very nice Catholic Church that they have there that he wants to see. For the
record I am not Catholic, but I love beautiful churches and I’m always open
to listening about other people’s religion and and what’s important to
them. So I thought it would be fun too. What I didn’t have, was an Easter Sunday
dress that was appropriate for church. I have boring work clothes but I didn’t
have anything that was fun, or pastel, or Easter inspired. So randomly on my
lunch break today at work, I ran over to Macy’s, which is just three avenues over
and a few blocks down. And I just went through and I grabbed five things really
quickly that I liked. Because it takes me 20 minutes to get over there, and then I
have about thirty minutes to shop, and 20 minutes to get back before my lunch is
over. So I have here my big Macy’s bag. And I tried to grab the size that I
thought I was, but I’m going to try these on. and basically let you see what they
look like on me and hopefully they’ll all be nice. And if they’re not nice then
at least hopefully some of them will be funny.
So grabbed these really quickly. I’ll show you what everything looks like. Here I am complaining about pastels, and
I actually didn’t do a very good job grabbing pastels. Maybe it’s not in me to
be a pastel girl. So here is, I guess I’m starting with my favorite one. So I did
get this, which is a a nice pastel color. And it’s a Calvin Klein size 2 – I think
I did grab one or two Calvin Klein’s if you guys haven’t worn Calvin Klein
dresses before I really love their brand because I’m always a size 2. No
matter what style dress Calvin Klein puts out, if I buy a size two, it will fit
me and that to me is just amazing. So really like this one. Hopefully that will
look nice. And then let’s see, see if I can find one of the random. Oh yeah
this one was really random. This, so this is a funny thing to note about me.
Because I live in New York but I am from Kentucky in the south, I have a
juxtaposition of fashion. So this is the New York side of me that wants this
fitted a line sleek dress and then the southern girl in me wants something like
this. So I always have a very bizarre conglomerate grouping of clothing
whenever I go shopping sporadically. If I had more time to plan out, my choices
would make more sense, but when I’m sporadically grabbing things you get
this smorgasbord effect. So oh I just got all of my steps in. Thanks Fitbit. I am
not sure if this is off the shoulder, on the shoulder. I’m hoping
I will figure it out whenever I get it on. This is a Max Studio London. I don’t
think I’ve had a Max Studio dress in years. Oh I think this is my other Calvin Klein.
Nope, not Calvin Klein. Lauren, Ralph Lauren. Okay.
So this is a Ralph Lauren gray polka dot stretchy dress. Kind of reminded me of
Pretty Woman when she goes to the horse track. Oh and it has a belt that I just
dropped. There you go. Here we go a red, I guess I was into red today, there we go. Has a higher neck on it and
some very pretty beading and I feel like this is made out of either cotton or
linen so it feels very light and breathable. Which is nice since it’s
actually starting to get warm here in New York, it was hot today. This is a Guess Los Angeles extra small. And the last thing, oh yeah this, this was the most
random grab of everything. I don’t even recognize the brand. CeCe, or if you were
Italian, CeCe. So white with black bows and it’s kind of, it’s a box fit. So it
should fit in the shoulders but then it should just be straight and hang down.
I liked the bows at the side, and that is a size 2, although it looks a little
large for a size 2. Okay so let me try these on and I will
let you see what everything looks like. And hopefully together we can decide
what my Easter dress will be. Okay I’m done trying everything on. This
was great, and also immensely frustrating. Both for the same reason. The problem is
I actually like everything that I tried on, except for this one. The Max Studio,
and I should say, it’s not that I don’t like it. I do like it, but once I had it
on, it’s not something that I would want for Easter. It’s something that I would
just want to wear in the summer in New York with actually, probably flat little
Ked sneakers or something. So the Max Studio dress is great ,but not what I’m
looking for, for Easter. Now how in the world am I supposed to pick one of these.
If you guys like one, please let me know. Preferably before Sunday so that I can
have some help picking. I definitely think, gosh it’s just really hard. I don’t
know. I don’t know I liked all of them. They were all cute in their own way. I
think I felt the most myself, in the gray polka dot one. Just because it was sort of
New York meets southern, meets kawaii polka-dots.
I feel like that one just really fit me. Price-wise for all of these the, oh and
the price I give you might be slightly different if you look online, because I
use my Macy’s card. And if you have a Macy;s card you get awesome discounts.
Usually on top of discounts. So the Guess one, which by the way, the fabric was
immensely breathable. I think even though this is a high neck, I could, I might just keep
this and wear it in the summer because it was even cuter than I thought it was
going to be. Yeah this one was only $64 – that’s not bad at all, and the beading on
the front was very nice. Liked that a lot. Max Studio, that’s this one, is $115. I am,
I’m a fan, but not for Easter. So that is not going to be the Easter dress.
Although it was very kawaii. And the, I’m just gonna say that this is pronounced CeCe, this one. This one is $61.92 and the Lauren,
Ralph Lauren dress. Right here the gray one that I like a lot,
$111, not exactly cheap. And the yellow one, which was also very impressive, the
Calvin Klein was $120. So that’s the most expensive one ,but I just want my dress
to be nice. And the good thing about all of these is that I also picked things
that I could still use for work afterwards. So it’s going to be my Easter
dress, but it will become utilitarian in that I will use it frequently
afterwards. So if you liked any of these, please let me know which one you think
that I should keep. Thanks for watching, and if you enjoyed this video, please
subscribe and watch all the rest of my kawaii finds. My anime reviews, I know
random, and then also of course my shopping hauls. Bye!

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  1. Everything looked very nice on you.  I loved the polka dot dress.  You mentioned you were a size 2 in Calvin Klein, what size did you purchase in the Ralph Lauren polka dot dress? how tall are you? I am going to an out door wedding in two weeks and I need a dress. I checked the Macys website and the polka dot dress is available in some of the smaller sizes.  I am 5'3, 115 lbs. thank you.

  2. the red one looks best on you!. The long purply color dress is the worst for me, Please don't kill me, im just telling the truth. Wear the red one please or the yellow as the second choice, never wear the purple and the white with bow on the sides.

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