Mädchen In Uniform / Девушки в униформе 1958 FULL Movie (Russian dub)

Mädchen In Uniform / Девушки в униформе 1958 FULL Movie (Russian dub)

Prussia Take the flowers over,
but don’t stay too long. Manuela! Manuela! Girls in uniform One, two, one, two,
One, two, one, two, … One, two, one, two.
One, two, one, two, one! One! One, one! And left! One!
One! One! One! One! One, two, one, two.
One, two, one, two, one! One! You’re very welcome.
l’m Ms. von Racket. Sr. Superior is really sorry that
she’s unfortunately indisposed. Sorry to hear it. – She was
so eager to meet Your Grace. She’s terribly sorry.
– Please, don’t mention it. Tell Sr. Superior that l
also deeply regretted it. Manuela, turn around!
Let’s have a look at you! She’s incredibly shy
and over-sensitive. Her upbringing wasn’t that great. My sister-in-law suffered greatly
and was much too indulgent. We’ll be able
to sort her out. Come in! Come, my child. Come here. Margot von Raakow – your foster
mother. She’ll show you around. She expects full obedience.
Say farewell to your aunt. Don’t disgrace your father.
Be obedient and diligent, you don’t want to waste this
wonderful opportunity. Promise?! Yes, Aunty. – Give me a kiss! Follow her to the dressmaker’s,
to sort out the uniform. – OK. Can l have a quick word
with the girl? – But of course. Go on then. Yes, sorry? – So, it’s got
to do with Manuela. First of all, she needs
to be taught some discipline. She needs a firm hand. Those stairs are not for us. Only
for Sr. Superior and guests. See! They’re already singing! – Yeah,
but we’ve no time to waste. The fatherland, the fatherland … You’ll get a bite to eat soon. Everybody sing
as loud as they can, then you’ll
get a bite to eat. 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, 1 3, 14,
1 5, 1 6, 1 7, 1 8. So, that was it! Have the dirty pinafores
been counted? – Here’s the list. Thanks, now down to work. This is the new girl.
Manuela von Meinhardis. Undress! – l’m llse von
Westhagen, and Erika von Kleist and here we have
Alexandra von Treskow. – Hello. Whose dormitory are
you in? – With Ms. von Bernburg. Don’t fall in love with her, or
Alexandra will tear your eyes out. Ms. v. Bernburg is very kind. We all find her delightful.
– Stop this nattering. Go to class. – Come see me later.
Dormitory 4, 3rd floor. What are you waiting for then? Your one has a funny accent? She’s from Paris. German dad,
married a French woman. Of course
the child was alone one day. Give me your gear.
– Can’t l keep it? – lt’s for the closet. Until you get to go
home again. Here you’ll wear that. Pigtails have to be tight.
Or you’ll get a telling-off. The dress is second-hand!
– Did you expect a new one? Where’s your sense of economy?
When one leaves, she hands on her rags to the next, and so on. What does that mean?
A heart and E v B. Elisabeth von Bernburg.
The last one to wear the uniform, was crazy about Ms. v. Bernburg. So you’re Meinhardis.
Let’s have a look at you. Turn around. Your hair isn’t tight enough.
See, that all has to be packed in. l’m your
class teacher. Ms. v. Bernburg. l expect all commandments and
convent rules to be observed. Do you hear me?
– Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. Good.
Go join the others. Got any money?
– A little. – Hhm? – 5 marks 40. Give it here. – Why can’t l
hang on to my few marks? lt’s not allowed.
You’ll get 1 mark for trips. Assuming the rules don’t change. What’s that? – Chocolates.
– Sweet things are confiscated. Let her have the
sweets. – None of you business! l’m the foster mother
and she’s been assigned to me. What’s that? – My diary.
– Books have to be handed in. That’s nobody’s business.
– Let her keep her diary! lt’s the rule. lf you
don’t hand it over, l’ll report it. You’re not getting it. – We’ll see! The rules are the rules. Need a hand?
– l don’t know. l really like you.
– Thanks. l like you too. – Manuela! Come, l’ll show you something. These pictures
are allowed. But watch this! So, what do you think of him? He’s got that certain …
Oh, what’s it called? That certain je ne sais quoi. Exactly. – l find actresses
much more interesting than actors. Because she’s under-developed. She never caught a fellow’s eye,
so she raves about actresses. Under-developed? Keep a look out! C’mon, if you’re not too scared. Who’s under-developed? Who?! Racket’s coming! Good day, children.
– Good day, Ms. v. Racket. Get that hair tighter!
Show me your closet! Good. Keep it tidy.
– Yes, Ms. v. Racket. This book is for reprimands.
More than 1 0 of them in 5 weeks, and no more outings. So watch it! Show your schoolmate
good example and life will be easier. Yes, Ms. v. Racket. l had no idea it’d
be this awful. – You’ll get used to it. My Mom
was never strict with me. My Mom neither. And your Dad?
– l hardly know him. Come on,
nowwe’ll have a lesson. Un, deux, troix. Smile. Get it? A royal curtsey
has to be extremely elegant. Don’t be rigid,
don’t wobble. Avec du charme. All together!
One, two, three. Good. Et toi? So you’re the new one? l’m Manuela von Meinhardis.
– Manuela! Pretty name. Speak French? – Un peu. Alexandra!
Demonstrate! One, two, three! Really beautiful. Thanks. Two, three.
Smile, always smile. Excellent.
Very graceful, my child. Pretty. Now all together.
One, two, three. l’m absolutely starving.
– Rabbit’s leg is my favourite dish. Larded. With cranberries.
– Shush, or l’ll cry my eyes out. Why scrape off the butter? ‘Cos of strict discipline. Good Lord!
1 pound of butter for 88 mouths?! lf they’re too stupid
and scared to say something …? Sr. Superior does without butter.
– ‘Cos the doctor told her so. No need to
take it off the children’s bread. You haven’t a clue
about strict discipline. Our new pupil, Sr. Superior.
Manuela von Meinhardis. Aha. Attention! Devotions! And right! Move!
One, two, one, two, one, two, … Halt! And right! We’ll song the first verse of
”My hands are your instrument”! One, two, three. My hands are your instrument,
showing me the way. To be seated at your right hand,
till the eternal day. l fear to walk alone,
without your care. Wherever you may lead me,
l’ll be joyous there. l’ve got a few remarks to make. lt’s been drawn to
my attention that some of you have been ignoring
various regulations. l hear that letters
have been dispatched without prior vetting. They contained unjustifiable
complaints about the convent. My domestic servants have to
inform me immediately of this. Ms. v. Racket will immediately
impose appropriate punishment. So, you have been warned! Then she died.
Very peacefully. As if she fell asleep. My Mom is still alive. But l can never see her again. Now l have
to be a German girl. l wasn’t even
allowed to keep my own name. l was baptised Yvette.
Yvette is a lovely name. l’ll call you Yvette.
– But it has to be in secret. l’ll never put my daughters
in a convent. – You will. Our mothers were here, and they still sent us. Who knows what
we’ll do when we’re adults? lf our parents were different,
we wouldn’t be here. Why are you
hanging about? Go and wash! What are you up to? Just talking about home.
– No time for that now. You’ll stay back a moment. So you didn’t want
to hand over your diary? Full of secrets?
– That’s nobody’s business. Nobody ever read it at home. We shouldn’t
start off by making exceptions. OK,
you can hang on to your diary. Now go and wash!
– Thanks. Young ladies!
lt has come to my attention that you violated
various regulations. l warn you to raise
your voices and hearts, and to remorsefully
own up to your sins. My teachers and
domestic staff are obliged to report even
the most minimal of offences. Westhagen! You take
the words right out of my mouth. Don’t just splash about!
– Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. That could do with a wash too.
– Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. That too. – Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. Westhagen! – OK, Ms. v. Bernburg.
– Don’t hang about! Have a bath. Mind your belongings.
You’ll have to mop this up! Go on, don’t dawdle!
Last one switches off the light. ln 1 0 minutes l’ll say good
night. – Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. She’s really sweet again today. My dear Racket!
– Feeling better dear Sr. Superior? Yes, somewhat. Somewhat.
Any developments? Her Excellency Baroness
von Ehrenberg regretted … – Yeah! Thanks. You’d never know
she’s noble by looking at her. You’re right. But l fear the
next generation is somewhat difficult. Spoilt
and defiant. Not going well? Her heart isn’t in it.
But it’s got to! Keep a tighter
rein on her. Exactly. l think it’s bad
to have her in Ms. v. Bernburg’s class. Why?
– Just a feeling. One shouldn’t allow
feelings to dictate one’s actions. Anything else?
– Yes, the bills. The household gobbles up the
budget. – Sure, Sr. Superior. Where else can we economise?
The girls complain of hunger. Hunger.
What do they know of hunger? We Germans are
accustomed to hunger! These girls will one day
be the mothers of soldiers. What we need,
my dear Racket, is discipline, order and hardening. Not a life of luxury
and sentimentality. Poverty is no disgrace.
Poverty is an honour. Let the others live the high life.
They’ll learn to regret it. Finished?
– Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. Good night, Raakow.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Nighty night Paapke.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Good night, Dippek.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. You’re already drowsy.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Good night, Wolzogen.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. That happens every night.
You’ve got to get up. Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Fietje!
– Now it’s my turn. Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Westhagen.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Well, Meinhardis. Takes getting used to.
Simply decide to enjoy it here. Each night before
falling asleep, say to yourself: l’m going to be
really happy here. That will help. Promise me that? Yes. Kleist, l really enjoy you.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Kerpenbach.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Night, Eggenhardt.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Von Merklen.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. Night, Preeskow.
– Good night Ms. v. Bernburg. l’m writing you a letter
– Give it to me. Dearest darling Via. Let me join you
and ist next to you in the refectory. Your tender loving Josi.
– What have you got? Hand it over! How much longer
do l have to wait?! Burn it. l want to have nothing to
do with foolishness. – Thanks. Children, everything OK?
– Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. That was decent of her.
– l want to be like her one day. That pretty?
– No, but such a sweet teacher. Teacher? l’ll marry. That’s clear. You only become
a teacher if you don’t get a husband. Why do you think
Ms. V. Bernburg never married? Who knows …?
– Look, knowwhat that is? A pavilion.
– You don’t have a clue. The door’s always closed.
Absolutely no admittance. Why? – A secret.
But l read it in the city guidebook. lt was the love-nest
of an unhappily married prince. Here he used to meet his lover.
– We have that in Paris too. Not like this. Get a load of that. What kind of picture is that?
– Read what it says underneath. The Birth of Venus. l don’t like it. – Why not? Because she’s so naked.
– But she has to be. She was just born. Venus, the goddess of love. That doesn’t interest me.
– But one needs to know it! lt’s history. Become a Superior,
please, get a different bell. This one hurts my English ears.
– lt’s the least of my worries. Be seated. l’ll give you the opportunity
to improve your marks. Looks bad for some of you.
Let’s continue with a summing up. Treskow!.
When was Schiller born? On November 1 0th, 1 759. Meinhardis.
When did he die? Raakow?. Which literary period
did the young Schiller belong to? To the Storm and Stress Period. Kleist! How does Attinghausen’s
monologue in ”Tell” begin? ”To the fatherland,
the precious, affiliate.” ”Let there be
no doubt in all your heart.” Good. Which German poet
was closest to Schiller? Meinhardis. One more question, before
l’m compelled to give a bad mark. Name one of
Schiller’s female figures. Wolzogen! Mary Stuart, the Maid of Orleans, Lady Milford and
Luise from ”lntrigue and Love”. Girls are put on earth to become
women who make men happy. Discipline is key. Obedient women – good wives. We in England are raised to be fair and comradely. All children. Both girls and boys.
– But this is Germany. Ms. v. Bernburg, you dispense
surprisingly few reprimands. The children obey and learn well. Even Meinhardis? No, but that will change. She’s very new and is
still suffering from her Mom’s death. lt’ll take an effort.
l still can’t show any results. We don’t want any exceptions! l’m not thinking of exceptions. Just like any child her age,
Meinhardis is looking for some kind of support,
a good word, a hand … What kind of hand? Any hand. Future mothers of soldiers
have to endure tragic blows. Each to her own fate.
There’s no need for such a fuss. Then we’d have anarchy.
A bit more authoritative, ladies, and less of the sensitive friend! l think it’s possible to be both:
authoritative and friendly. l’m not a believer in a child’s
right to be an individual. These newfangled theories
have no place in this institution. Not as long as l’m around. lt’s no coincidence that the door
of this convent is covered in iron. This is a citadel. Thank you ladies. That’ll be all. Shame about Ms. v. Bernburg. l fear our paths
will part one of these fine days. Pity. A real pity. Meinhardis? What do you want then? Well? What’s on your mind? Schiller died on May 1 9th, 1 805. ”The Robbers” was his major
work. Goethe was closest to him. Mary Stuart and the
Maid of Orleans were his big heroines. l learnt everything. But in class, when you
give me those cold looks, l forget. Come! Come here to me! Sit down! You’re a peculiar child. Why are you crying? l don’t know. Or can’t you tell me? l want you
to know everything. Here’s my diary. l’ll give it to you.
l don’t mind you knowing. Mutual trust is a fine thing. Here, wipe your tears. There we go,
now tell me what’s wrong with you. ln the dormitory,
when you say ”Good night” and then disappear,
l always stare after you. l want to come to you. But l know that’s not allowed. You’re always so … You’re always so unreachable. You know that l can’t make
any exceptions whatsoever. You’re all my children. l don’t
belong to you, but to everybody. What would the others think? You understand,
don’t you? l like you all! Think of that,
the next time you can’t answer. But that
will never happen again. About time too. There, look. Meinhardis: minus,
minus, minus, minus, minus … Things will change. lf you have better marks,
you can join the theatre group. Honest? – Yes. Yes? Excuse me, Ms. v. Bernburg. Got a second to discuss
Sr. Superior’s birthday party? Take a seat!
Well, Meinhardis! You’ve got
two weeks to improve. Yes, Ms. v. Bernburg. A strange girl. Like everybody really.
What about the birthday party? Oh yeah, the birthday plans. Maybe the girls
could play something classical. How about ”Romeo and Juliet”? O then, dear saint,
let lips do what hands do. Non, non, ma petite!
You have to declaim. Pay attention:
O then, dear saint, let lips
do what hands do. So? O then, dear saint, let lips …
– No, no, no. Not good! Kleist? Please! Then move not, while
my prayer’s effect l take Thus from my lips, by yours,
my sin is purged. No, no, no! Blow a kiss in the air! l can’t kiss in the air.
– Do as l want! l can’t.
– You’re so untalented! lf you can’t submit yourself … Next rehearsal on Monday.
Learn the script off by heart! What did she say?
– Someone else gets the role. Someone else?
– ‘Cos she hates your acting. She won’t give me a chance
to do it properly. l’m well aware of that. Not quite, Meinhardis. Come! Manuela has to be all alone
with Ms. v. Bernburg in the room. She gave a cheeky response
to Mademoiselle Aubert. – Really? Don’t forget,
Romeo is a nobleman. So, l’ll pretend
to be Juliet. Try again. Then move not,
while my prayer’s effect l take Thus from my lips, by yours,
my sin is purged. l don’t believe a word
you’re saying. That’s not Romeo. Romeo is a young man, in love! C’mon, try again. Then move not,
while my prayer’s effect l take thus from my lips, by yours,
my sin is… ls that how Romeo should be? Well, Meinhardis: … he implores! The text is a bit wobbly
with you. We need every word. So, take your position please. Sit! What happened? Nothing.
– Nowwhere were we? With the romantic poets. Romantic poets produced
the greatest lyrics of them all. l’m thinking mainly of Heine,
Eichendorff, Lenau, Möricke … What’s in a name? A rose,
by another name, still smell sweet. So Romeo would,
were he not Romeo call’d. Call me but love, and l’ll be new
baptised, and ne’er more Romeo. What man art thou,
that does bescreen’d in night, So stumblest on my counsel? What does that actually mean? No idea,
but it sounds good, like music. Treskow, tell the others that
Ms. v. Racket is standing in for me. Yes!
– l don’t want any complaints. Yvette, there she is! Working? Good! Keep quiet,
or the fish will swim away. She’s so familiar? – Like who? Like my Mom. Oh, sorry! Where were we? Call me but love, and l’ll be new
baptised, and ne’er more Romeo. Children, there’s nothing
better than a cosy Sunday. l shouldn’t lose heart, writes mother. The fatherland
needs people of iron. l don’t want to be of iron. Keep it as a souvenir. Brilliant! Lying in bed all day is forbidden. You knowwhat you can do. Leave me alone! – Give here! Hurry up,
you must help! – Hold her tight! Hurry up! Run, quick. Will you
ever jump! – Yeah! Do it! Well then, eat it! That’s high!
– l’m going all dizzy! How high do you think it is?
– Should be able to calculate. Count the seconds
it takes a body, times velocity 9.81 . Let’s see.
Ladies: a toy torpedo! Un, deux … and … trois. What are you doing?
This place is off limits. Stay quiet, you swot! Precious parents!
What a horrible Sunday. Good old Ms. Racket
has us darning socks. Why hunger more
on Sundays than any other day? Send a food hamper.
Your tender affectionate llse. lf Sr. Superior gets her hands
on that. – l’ll smuggle it out. Careful! Well, children. What a
lovely Sunday! – Yes, delightful. Always fresh and lively.
No shame in work, it ennobles. Sit down!
Are you doing a good job? Give me a look. Yes, lovely. l should hope so. Diligence! ”Mr. adjutant,
where’s your right hand?” ”You need both
of them for the fatherland.” ”Mr. adjutant,
then help yourself to the left hand.” ”For the fatherland. Hurrah!” This obscene song
earns you a reprimand! Where did you learn it? From my father,
the general lieutenant. What’s that supposed
to be? A blouse, perhaps? What’s that? A fly net! ls that how you walk around?
– l only have two blouses. lt’s really old.
– Come tomorrow morning, Meinhardis, l expect it to be
mended for the closet check. But … – No backchat! Whoever helps you,
gets house-arrest. Goodbye! Goodbye, Ms. Racket. That witch,
someone should kill her. Need a hand? l’ll manage alone. A thousand times the worse,
to want thy light … Love goes towards love, as … Love goes towards love, as … As what? Love goes towards love,
as schoolboys from their books. A thousand times the worse,
to want thy light … Love goes towards love,
as schoolboys from their books. Meinhardis, still awake? What are you doing there? My blouse. – That’s no blouse. lt’s a sieve. Why mend it? l only have two blouses.
Ms. v. Racket will check. Write to your aunt and
ask her to send a different one. My aunt?
My aunt is like the moon: Always cold and pale.
And, God be praised, far away. Come with me. Johanna, come over here!
– Why aren’t you sleeping? Smuggle the letter out! They’ll kick me out!
One last time. Go to sleep! Thanks, Johanna. That should fit. Shouldn’t it? l can keep it? – Yes. And may l wear it? Yes, what else? You’re … You’re so … You’re like … like … Thanks! Go to bed now. Good night! Good night! When l see you
leave on Sundays, in your pretty dress, l’m always scared
that you’ll never come back. Why shouldn’t l come back? l don’t know.
As promised, every night l say: l’m happy here. l don’t get the impression
that you say it too. But l do!
But l don’t say it at bedtime. l say it each morning at 8, when l enter the classroom and you all look up at me. That’s when l say it. Good night, Manuela. – Night. Stop that! Ready finally? – Yes, good night! We’re not put on this earth to be happy,
but to do our duty. Ms. v. Racket, l assumed
all matters concerning this house were safe in your hands.
But that is not the case! This letter was sent back
due to an incomplete address. Sent by: llse v. Westhagen. Seems that a letter
was smuggled out of the house. Here, read for yourself! Precious parents,
what a horrible Sunday. Good old Ms. Racket,
that plucked chicken, has us darning socks. And why hunger more
on Sunday than any other day? Send a food hamper. Your tender affectionate
daughter. That’s outrageous. l’m speechless.
– l didn’t ask you! Punish llse v. Westhagen
so that she really hurts. Yes! – And no further commotion
or l won’t live to see my birthday. So smile the heavens
upon this holy act, that after hours
with sorrow chide us not. Amen, amen!
but come what sorrow can, lt cannot counterveil
the joy in her sight. Do thou but close
our hands with holy words. Then love-devouring death
do what he dare. No, no and no again! You must declaim! So smile the heavens
upon this holy act, that after hours
with sorrow chide us not. Sorrow!. Amen, amen!
but come what sorrow can, lt cannot counterveil
the joy in her sight. Do thou but close
our hands with holy words. Then love-devouring death… Excuse me, Sr. Superior
sent me! llse v. Westhagen is to be
punished so that she really hurts. She wrote a letter full of lies and is to be excluded from theatre. Get out of that costume
and leave the stage. Do anything you want with me,
give me house-arrest, but let me act. – No! You’re not acting! For she’s a jolly good fellow,
hip hip, hurray! For she’s a jolly good fellow,
hip hip, hurray! For she’s a jolly good fellow,
hip hip, hurray! l treat my daughter
like my mother treated me. First the convent, then
marriage, nothing in between. Just like our principles:
children, church, kitchen! Excuse me?
– Children, church, kitchen! Romeo and Juliet on the stage! On the stage, now!. Quick, do the stomach! l can’t, l’m scared stiff. Let’s do it again:
The morn’ doth smile yonder … … in east with tinge of light
doth scatter clouds … l never knew
it would be so difficult. – Come! No, please, please! – Come! O then, dear saint,
let lips do what hands do. They pray, grant thou
lest faith turn to despair. My prayer’s effect l take. Thus from my lips, sin is purged My blessing thou art by yours…
– my sin is purged. my mouth
thou doth take what want. Then have my lips,
the sin that they have took. Sin from thy lips,
for thou art sake my heart. What price O sin.
O trespass sweetly urged! l’m sure Manuela will work
in the theatre. She’s so gifted. The old lady doesn’t deserve it
that they make such an effort. After all, she sanctioned
flour for ten cakes. Even if she
did forget the raisins. But l didn’t. They’re in there! Girl, you impress me.
At least you have guts. Smile the heavens on holy act, that after hours
with sorrow chide us not. Amen, amen!
but come what sorrow can, lt cannot counterveil
the joy in her sight. Do thou but close
our hands with holy words. Then love-devouring death … … Love-devouring … Then love-devouring death
do what he dare. Love is doth enough! The performance is nearly over.
We have to hurry up. What are you after concocting
there? Doesn’t smell like punch. lt’s for the children.
The recipe comes from above. And that’s how it tastes too. Attention! Now, everybody to the refectory! l’m so happy! Lorenzo, Lorenzo! Congratulations!
– Did Ms. v. Bernburg enjoy it? You should have
seen her. C’mon, tuck in! Ladies: Romeo, the first!
First man here. Ladies’ choice! Careful! Children, l don’t want to intrude. l want to convey
Sr. Superior’s gratitude. She really
enjoyed it. The guests too, and indeed myself.
– What did you like most? The best of all was
llse v. Westhagen. Your performance was sublime. l enjoyed you all. Yes, and bravo to our Romeo. l must return
to the guests. Music, please! Keep dancing! What’s wrong, Treskow?.
Didn’t you enjoy it? Don’t be a spoilsport, Alexandra! … from the guards’ corps,
my favourite from the guards’, from the first regiment. Johanna, have you
lost your mind? What do you mean?
– Because of all that rum in the punch. lt has to be like that.
– lf Sr. Superior finds out … Couldn’t care less.
The girls have to live too. l’m so relieved that
you managed to win the applause
of our esteemed Sr. Superior and her illustrious guests. But next time even smoother! l just want to
pay tribute to you. Above all
to our actors: Romeo! Juliet! And, last but not least,
to our unparalleled Lorenzo! The punch! The punch. Come quickly. But don’t barge,
there’s enough to go around. The actors first,
then the others. l concocted a
special punch for the occasion. Cheers! – Calm down a little. But children, children! Cheers, Alexandra! What’s up? What’s that
look on your face? – You’re happy! Very happy! Want a taste? Great, it tastes fantastic. l saw you. Who? What did you see? You and Ms. v. Bernburg. When she took you to her room. Sorry about that.
lt was my secret. No worries, l won’t snitch on you. Worries? What about? lf Racket only knew.
– What are you on about? Nothing. l envy you, that’s all. But Racket …
– Racket, old Racket! She’s not a patch on
Ms. v. Bernburg. Cheers! What, why are you bothering me? Manuela v. Meinhardis is drunk. Drunk? But that’s impossible. Are you sure? – l never lie. Don’t drink so much. – l like it! This is the
greatest day of my life. And now l’ll show you
how to really act Romeo. Manuela, the monologue again! How silver-sweet sound
lovers’ tongues by night. Like softest music to ears! What shines yonder thru’ glass? lt’s morn’, and the sun Juliet. O moon how envy
and pale doth it fret. Moment but wait:
a response l will proffer. She be it:
My goddess! My love! Ms. v. Bernburg … Why are you looking at me? She knows well.
And she loves me, as l love her! Be quiet, Manuela.
– She gave me a gift of a dress. A silk dress! No, not a dress. A blouse! One of her blouses.
l should wear it and think of her. No, that’s not what she said. She doesn’t have to. And l also know,
that she loves me. Who gave you a gift of a blouse? Ms. v. Bernburg. – Careful! l’m not scared. Of anybody! Of absolutely anybody! Cheers! Cheers, Ms. v. Bernburg! l love her. l love her! That’s scandalous! Manuela! Manuela! What are you doing here?
– How’s Manuela doing? Don’t be nosy. Nobody’s to visit
her, except Johanna with food. Now march to your classrooms! Ms. v. Racket! – Yes? How’s she really doing?
– She got what she deserves! Don’t misunderstand me,
Ms. v. Bernburg. l must warn you. You’re the victim of intrigue. Maybe worse. – Don’t worry! Yes, of course, but don’t
underestimate Ms. v. Racket. She has sniffed an opportunity.
– l have a clear conscience. But that doesn’t always suffice. Miss Evans! You don’t honestly believe …
– Sorry, someone at the door. l’m well disposed towards you
and won’t throw stones. Alexandra is jealous. And Racket hates Bernburg. l’m scared! l said too much! l must go to her immediately. To explain everything! Whatever will she think … Leave us alone! Since this house was established
there was never such a scandal! You’re the most depraved girl
ever to have visited this school. l’d give you a fine beating,
if you weren’t too big for it. Look at me. Look at me! What have l done then? You behaved dreadfully
on my birthday. You’ll get your punishment. OK? Excuse me, Her Royal Highness
is coming this afternoon. Today of all days! We can’t
disappoint Her Royal Highness. Stay composed and everybody’s
to appear. Even Meinhardis. But none of the girls
is to speak to her! – Yes. Get a move on. Her Royal
Highness is always punctual. OK! Stand to attention! Line up! Line up! Both come forward! When the Princess passes by,
we’ll do a low curtsey. Understand? Last rehearsal! Her Royal Highness,
the Princess, is about to drive up. Everybody present? – Yes! Except Meinhardis. – Go get her. The wee thing is sick.
– lt’s an order from Sr. Superior! And, not a word to Meinhardis. l’ll talk to her. – Me too. lt’s forbidden. – Someone
should complain to the Princess. Whatever she says, goes. l’ll complain!
– Then you’re out on your ear. l couldn’t care less. Posture, young ladies! Good day, how are you? Welcome, Your Royal Highness. Ms. v. Racket, how are you?
– Very well, Your Highness. May l introduce you to
our new English teacher? Ms. Emily Evans. – How are you? Very well, Royal Highness.
– Madame Aubert, how is it going? Très bien, Your Highness. Ms. v. Bernburg, how are you?
– Excellent, Your Highness. Arrived punctually, very good. Punctuality is a virtue. l came here today to
congratulate dear Sr. Superior. What an honour. – So sorry to
have missed the theatre show. l’m sure it was a wonderful
experience for the children. – Yes. How delightful. Remember:
you wanted to complain. l will too. – How sweet. Wee Gerstenberg! How are you? Fine thank you, Your Highness. Happy children
are a pleasure to behold. Young Wolzogen, isn’t it? Happy here? But of course. Father’s a distinguished officer. Yes, my child?
You wish to say something? l had a wonderful time
with you, dear children! Adieu. Oh, Meinhardis! Where is she? Meinhardis? Meinhardis! Meinhardis! So you’re Meinhardis?
l knew your Mom really well. She was a fine lady.
l hope you take after her. You look rather pale! ls she sick? – No, not at all. She’ll be a credit to the convent. Take particularly
good care of her. There’s something
l’d like to discuss with you. lt concerns … You didn’t utter a word!
– l was scared all of a sudden. Chicken! – You were one too! Meinhardis, off to the infirmary! And nobody speaks to her! Manuela! Manuela! Don’t lose heart!
You’ll soon be back with us. What’s up with Ms. v. Bernburg? And what about her? Go to your room, Meinhardis! Disobedient, Kleist!
l didn’t expect that from you. l don’t know.
l was so scared for Manuela. She’s so strange and silent.
– Doesn’t deserve your friendship. This company is bad for you. Manuela isn’t bad.
– No, but … l can’t explain. You’ll thank me
later. Go now!. Children,
say whatever you want, but having a Princess is great. l’d have preferred a Prince. No living man will
ever be tolerated in this house. Only men
made of brass, you can polish them. Like old Fritz in the hall.
– l like polishing him. He’s sweet. Ms. v. Bernburg is in a bad way. How do you know that?
– She was ordered to the office. Be careful
that you’re not next in line. Me? – You’re too nice to the kids. You grossly violated
my request to be more distant. l am distant, when necessary. And what about Meinhardis? Compassion for her is too much. Absolutely inadmissible!
– That’s not for you to judge. You only issue commands,
while l try to educate the girls. Which leads to behaviour
such as Meinhardis’s? Overstepping your authority. One thing’s for certain,
Manuela von Meinhardis has developed an unhealthy
fascination with you. l’d send her away, but that’s
not on because of the Princess. Whatever! She’s to remain in
the isolation room for now. And l don’t
want you to speak to her. Sr. Superior …! – End of story! l sincerely regret it.
– Fine, but l don’t believe you. You? What are you doing here? Haven’t you said enough? That l … Now be reasonable, OK? You knowwell what you did. l just tried
to show you and all the others some true friendship. But you lot can’t accept that. Now you’re going to be punished! You’re to stay in isolation! l assume you knowwhy? Don’t complain, because
we could have had you expelled. Sr. Superior
weighed up all the options. May l still visit you? l won’t be here any longer. You’re leaving? lt’s better that way.
– So l’ll never see you again? Then life isn’t worth living. What kind of talk is that? One shouldn’t even think that. You’ve got
your whole life ahead of you. Come to your senses! Sr. Superior was right.
Only strictness can cure you. Cure me? What of? Your love for me is wrong. l’m just a teacher, nothing else. l’m not your
friend or mother. That’s the truth. Do you get what l’m saying? Go now!. l’m on my way. Farewell, dear Ms. v. Bernburg. You spoke to Meinhardis! Yes! – Despite my ban! My conscience is clear. l expect you in my room. Manuela! Manuela,
l really didn’t want that to happen. l’ll take note of your decision. lt saves me from having
to issue an awkward dismissal. But l’ll take it further: l blame myself for
having hired you in the first place. That was only because
Her Highness recommended you. You never fitted in here. For the first and last time,
we’re of the same opinion. So why did you stay then? Back then, on the way to her
room, l met some of the girls hanging out in the stairway
and scared out of their wits. Then l said to myself:
like it or not, l must stay! l’ve lost the battle. l had been hoping
to persuade you. Persuade me?
Who do you think you are? What hardened you? What you refer to as hard,
is actually discipline and order. The children shouldn’t
have to pay for what happened to us. You authority is based on fear,
and the children hate you. But they obey me! l pity you, Sr. Superior. What a sad individual! Not another word! Not another word! Our Father, who art … Don’t harm her! Forgive! Forgive! Forgive us our sins. Meinhardis? Meinhardis! Where is she? – l’ve no idea. You don’t know?.
– l was just in the kitchen. What’s up now?. – Meinhardis! Are you hiding Meinhardis? – No. Where could she be?
– We have to find her! Manuela! – Manuela! Manuela! – Manuela! Manuela! – Manuela! Manuela! – Manuela! There! There! Meinhardis! Children, be quiet! Back, back! Back! Manuela! Stay quiet! Manuela! – Let me go! Let go! Let go! Let me go! Let go! Let go! Let me go! Let me go! Let go! Manuela! To the infirmary, right now!. l never
asked anybody for a favour. Please … … Stay with us. Manuela will
find her own way in life. l have to get out of here.
l’d only get in her way.

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  2. фильм шикарный, но всё же ни в какие сравнения не идёт с версией 1931 года

  3. To people who complain about Russian dubs: This video is for Russian folks. There is a version of this movie in German on youtube. Go watch it there. (French dubbed version is also available somewhere on youtube.)

  4. Romy,elle est eternellement vivant dans nos coeur,l'une des plus BELLE femme du monde comment ne pas aimer sa MAJESTE.

  5. а что лесбиянки тут для себя увидели? любовь девочки-сироты к одинокой даме?!.

  6. راقبوا النشر هناك من الذنوب اكبر من ان تغفر بصدقه او دعاء انها محارم الله

  7. فلم تعبان لايوجد فيه شىء يلفت الانتباه غير انه يحث على ممارست الاسحاق والعلاقات لنفس الجنس

  8. Unforgettable Romy……

    Que sont ternes les beautés d'aujourd'hui

    Au regard de l'inoubliable Romy !

    Sous l'emprise de l'allure et du charme

    Bien des coeurs ont rendu les armes…..

  9. The English subtitles were useful. Whilst the dubbing was annoying, it matters not which language is used, the film is just rubbish. Thin plot, less than adequate acting (even from Lilly Palmer!), Poor script still et al.

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