Maid wear is a good culture

Maid wear is a good culture

CHAT:let’ go for Heavy Construction now!! RNG god love you I just realize when I go to 8-1N farming EXP
I just don’t put a pistol in the team now we won’t see the warning~

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  1. 台灣藥頭就非你莫屬了 (´◓∀◔`)

    1. 雖然不是說有中文出現不好, 但那種不用文字就能心領神會的呈現方式會更好

    2. 能不能給藥給長一點(X

  2. what is this witchcraft i cant even get any of the new SGs for the life of me and then you get saiga why rnjesus hug,fkbjldbkjorfkpjejfkrpep[[w—[r42–[

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