24 Replies to “Make a Baby Quilt – Part 1 – Fabric Selection & Assembly”

  1. I sewed my squares together lengthwise, will that make a difference? Also when machine quilting, what thread is best to use? Thanks

  2. Very interesting on how to make a quilt. I sure hope you wash the quilt before you give it away. It's disgusting how you keep licking your fingers and putting your saliva on something that someone else will cuddle up to.

  3. Could you please tell me what the name of the quilt is that Jenny is sitting in front of at the sewing machine? Is there a tutorial for it? Thank you.. learning to quilt, thanks to Jenny!! ❤️

  4. I wish you would have a item list: pattern? How much fabric is needed for this, etc. Like 1 charm pack, backing 48" or 1.5 yards, binding XX yards, Small border, large border…

  5. I’m sure you will explain later but I’m going to ask anyways lol. After finishing the top, what prevents the pieces from coming apart and breaking seams besides the actually quilting on the finished quilt? I know that’s pretty much seals the deal, but won’t tons of washing break apart seams in small places where a stitch isn’t if you are free motion quilting? And when sewing in the ditches for the last step after it’s all done, how do you ensure you’re actually sealing the seams to prevent broken seams?

  6. Great video!
    I plan to make my first patchwork which will be a baby blanket for my best friend's baby due in November.

  7. What sewing machine would anyone recomend for fake fur and quilt making? 🙂

    I plan on making costumes using fake fur so a sewing machine thats good for beguiners would be really helpful!

  8. Jenny, thank you so much for making these videos. You explain everything so clearly. I have followed your instructions and have made a gorgeous quilt which I would not have even attempted without watching you first. You have really inspired me to have a go at more quilting projects. Your great teaching is appreciated in England. Thanks.

  9. People asking the size of the squares, she has 6 squares per row. When she measured the squares, they measured 28in. Take into account your 1/4 inch seam allowance. 28 divided by 6 is 4.6 inches per square, plus 1/4 seam allowance, squares are 5×5 inches

  10. ok so im trying to make a super small one for my doll would this still work for it if i got em to the right size?

  11. Jenny I made my first quilt by watching this 4 part baby quilt. Thank you it help so much and I like that you get to the point and move on. You are best!

  12. totally new to quilting. I want to use my own fabric, you are using a "charm pack" ?? Can you tell me the size of the square I would cut

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