Make A Kylo Ren Costume From Star Wars! (DIY)

Make A Kylo Ren Costume From Star Wars! (DIY)

Hey guys and welcome back, I’m Dave aka The Costume Kid. And today we’re gonna be making Kylo Ren. So Star Wars The Last
Jedi just hit theatres and I’m very excited. So in the past I’ve made Finn’s
costume, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, and Han Solo. So today we’re gonna tackle the
villain. This costume deals with a lot of different black clothes and textures, so
let’s get started. First of all I already had this jacket here that I was saving
from I believe in Winter Soldier cosplay and it looks pretty Kylo Ren-ish, but
it’s not perfect so I kept looking. He has sort of on intersecting lines,
checkerboard pattern on his jacket so I have this. This is some weird long vest
thing but I think it’s got a lot of good fabric that I can cut and use on the
front of the jacket so you could just use a black shirt or something and then
cut up the vest and use the fabric on the front. But since I already have this
old jacket I’ll use the sleeves from that and then cut up the vest to add to
the jacket. all right I laid down the old jacket and the new fabric and then cut a
slit down the middle to match his. I hemmed up that edge and then glued both halves of the vest onto the jacket. This was pretty tedious to make sure it lined
up and there were no wrinkles in the fabric All right, all glued up this thing is
looking awesome. Very nice and clean in the front and then the back is mostly
just the folded over fabric so doesn’t look perfect but it’ll be covered with
the cape. So we’re gonna work on that now. All right so I got two yards of this
shiny black fabric that I think very closely resembles his cape in the movie.
I laid down the fabric there and then cut off where I wanted to end it should
end around the boot there. Now save that piece of fabric for the belt. But I cut
the top corners into kind of a more curved shape and then made a hem with my
basic technique of laying down a little hot glue and folding the fabric over. And then I just glued the cape on to the
back of the jacket, simple as that. All right next we’re gonna make Kylo
Ren’s awesome belt! First I’ve got a long strip of some black craft foam and then
covered it with that leftover cape fabric from earlier. Then all that was
left for this simple belt was to draw and cut out a craft foam belt buckle.
to turn this from a strip of foam into a belt is I’m gonna do my basic
technique for making custom fitting belts and that’s I add a little bit of
velcro to both sides of this and then simply you can snap into place. All right
so the base of the costume is now complete the time has come to start
working on Kylo Ren’s awesome helmet. If you’ve seen some of my videos in the
past you know that I like to make helmets out of EVA foam. This half inch
floormat foam is really good for cutting, gluing, forming everything so that’s what
we’re gonna do. I had this old world war two helmet here that’s actually about
the right shape of Kylo’s so I’m gonna start by taking some patterns off of this and
we’ll get our base for the helmet. All right this technique I’m doing includes
wrapping your object in aluminum foil and then duct tape, drawing out the
pattern you want to make the shape out of and then cutting it out. I traced my
patterns onto the EVA foam and then hopefully if you did this right they
should look something like this. The next step before glueing is heat forming the
pieces to give them a slight curve. It’s time to glue so for the gluing I’m gonna
be using Barge contact cement it’s different from hot glue where you don’t
have seconds to set up before it dries. You can actually spread it on the pieces
and then allow them to dry a couple minutes and get tacky then you can stick
both your pieces together, and they attach together on contact. All right I
got the foam helmet here let’s try it on okay, all right I know it looks nothing
like Kylo Ren right now but stay with me this is just the base. I added more craft
foam details like this big lip along the back then using a template I traced just
the shape I want the faceplate to be I’ll be keeping that
for the silver details later. Alright so I have the face plate here done still
doesn’t quite look like Kylo Ren, but I’m getting to that.
Now using another template I traced out the shape of the mouthpiece there.
Pretty cool-looking it’s made out of multiple different layers of foam but
pretty much the same shape minus a few different detail panels cut out just glue all the many layers together and
it’s actually starting to get pretty thick
I gave it a slight curve glued it onto the mouthpiece and it’s just pretty much
done all right finished up the mouthpiece here looking pretty cool and
now maybe starting to look a little bit kylo Ren –is– well next up we’re gonna
make these silver lines that went across this and those are just going to be more
craft foam I just used a template to trace out all those silver lines there’s
a lot of detail in this including his swiss-cheese cheekbones so just be
careful and then cut them out with all the detail I painted the helmet with
black Plasti Dip and the lines with silver spray paint and then glue them on
that’s it for the helmet okay so the time has now come to work on kylo Ren’s
lightsaber hilt okay I started with a piece of one and a quarter inch PVC and
another piece of three-quarter inch I cut it down to size and then drilled a
hole straight through the bigger pipe to then place the smaller one inside and
get that T shape now that I’ve got the basic T shape here I’m gonna start
adding details primarily with more craft foam I cut this little scale looking
piece to fit around and make that detail and then six little strips to go all
around the base near the top of the hill there is this little raised section with
a hole cut out of it so I cut a piece of foam with the hole in it and then added
a little more detail at the bottom I added a small piece of one-inch PVC pipe
and then I used a bottle cap with some pieces of foam to cap it off at the
bottom alright it’s not perfect but it’s got enough
Hills on it that I’m happy with it and I’m ready to spray-paint after a base of
black spray-paint I added some detail with this exposed
red wire running down a blue wire and this little gold foam piece then it was
time for some hand painting on this to give it a little more of an aged used
look I lightly dry brushed it with some silver paint and that really brought out
the detail made this look like the metal saber it is now the tips of kylo ren’s
saber are actually quite burnt due to the excess heat and stuff from those
fiery blades so I painted my tips silver and then a very subtle gold red and blue
alright that’s it for the lightsaber now into the last few details to fish up
this costume I have these black leather looking pants I believe these are
leftover from my Voltron paladin costume and I have these nice black leather
gloves you could really wear any type of black gloves and that’s it now you’re
coming over thank you so much for watching make sure
to hit that like button and share it with your friends now this is the season
finale of the costume kit I’ll be taking a break for the holidays but I will be
back real soon so make sure you subscribe

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  1. Sry but the helmet is a little bit bad! But the costume is awesome! Happy New Year and try more for better things 🙂

  2. I just subscribed which I thought I did. Also I turned on PN and I love your videos Dave and you make the best costumes! If I would meet you, I would probably not go to any costume stores except ''Dave's Awesome Halloween🎃 store''

  3. Hey Costume Kid, can you make the spiderman homecoming suit that Peter Parker made himself? You know, the one he wore at the end of the movie? Because that would be pretty cool to make and i haven't seen many tutorials on how to make it, and if you do make the costume, could you try to make the eyes able to move? Like a normal expression, a confused expression, and a sad expression? Thx costume Kid, and also, i like your videos! Like my comment if you agree.

  4. How to look cool with a glue gun
    Step1:make a video
    Step2:choose epic video
    Step3:buy a glue gun
    Step4:make a cool outift(maybe his kylo ren idk)
    Step5:now just pose and tada u look cool with glue gun

  5. I like how you use the techniques that homemade movies, cinefix, and the costume squad use. I make costumes and I use the same ideas

  6. Someone get this kid after effects.
    You can only do so much with iMovie. I would know, I’ve got zero storage on my Mac from all the GarageBand and iMovie projects I’ve made

  7. Make a movie man low budget but make a fan film like even 5 minutes of Kyle backstory Daniel would make a great Kylo

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