Make ANY Baggy T Shirt SLIM FIT!

Make ANY Baggy T Shirt SLIM FIT!

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  2. Man, just today I was roaming shops to find a decent outfit to go to a wedding. No shirt fit me. And now I discovered your channel. Many thanks!

  3. It's 3 AM and I'm learning how to fix my shirts. Thanks, YouTube. I am now subscribed to one more channel than I was at 2 AM

  4. Is it possible to include the sleeve to make those slimmer as well, just like with regular shirts? Or will that ruin everything?

  5. Love this series and your video production is outstanding. Check out saraha tuned for another wiz at video production who is breaking stereotypes. I'll post the link in another comment. I have now 5 machines (all pre a anything important) and have friends and relatives offering to buy me jeans. Seems $1 Levi's comfort fit upsets the ladies. So no excuses and will be tailoring my $1 thrift store find. Check out the world of sergers. Will up your game with those zig zag hems. Brother and Singer have em at about $200. Maybe Brother would send you a machine to star in the videos. Again a big thanks for a very professional presentation. Not easy but what is that's worth it.

  6. Thank you , this helped me so much 🙂 please keep uploading you have such amazing and original videos

  7. I like it that there is a guy a MAN GUY not a GAY GUY on youtube that is not talking about fitness and body stereotypes and how guys should clean their face and polish their nails and shit …. but gives simple and useful information how to look good as a MAN without going GAY….. GREAT JOB !!!!

  8. I was thinking. Would it make more sense to measure your 4,8,12 and 16 inches starting below the sleeve that way it's a standard measure? If you start at the bottom there will be a lot of variation as shirts are different lengths so your taper will keep changing.

  9. waittt SD how do we know what shape to cut our shirts to? Like I'm still growing (16) I don't wanna cut it to a shape that won't fit me soon?

    Also, mightn't you ruin the clothing? Like if you were doing a hoodie or something

  10. Get ready because this info will change everything u currently know about fashion trends. The new fashion trend is a longer boxier shirt, 40 s inspired. Oh and 90s shoes are in. Your welcome.

  11. For the opposite side when you put the sewing needles in, did you already pre-measured the 2 inch and 2.5 inch? It looked like you just put the needles straight across in a straight line.

  12. That small detail with cutting half a inch away from
    the straight stitch was something I never knew how far to go before and thought I was suppose to cut super close to the straight stitch. Thanks for clearing that up with this video!

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