Make Cindy Aurum’s Outfit from Final Fantasy XV – DIY Costume Squad

Make Cindy Aurum’s Outfit from Final Fantasy XV – DIY Costume Squad

Masters of duct tape,
cardboard, and hot glue, making cosplay out of everyday materials,
they are the D.I.Y. Costume Squad. – Hey what’s up, I’m Dustin and
joining the squad today is “Tali”. – Hello. – Welcome to Costume Squad. – Thank you, it’s nice to be here. – You’ve been known to make a costume or
two in your day. – At least one or two. – One or two, maybe more like 100 or 200? – (Laugh) More like 150 maybe 200 range. – You’ve got the skills. What are you gonna be making for us today? – Today I’m gonna be making “Cindy
Aurum” from ‘Final Fantasy XV’. I really love Cindy,
I think she’s the cutest character. I think that her design is adorable, it has a lot of elements
of real life clothes. – Realistic, grounded. – And so the jacket I actually
wanna find a leather look. – She’s got some logos and stuff too,
on the jacket and on the hat. – Yes she has. Much of these same logos. I’m also looking for
the bikini and then the belt, and then the boots, which are super cute. I really love them. Maybe the wrench, if we can find one? – Are you gonna make
the wrench out of foam? That’s the question. – No.
– Nope? Well I’m excited for this. I’m gonna leave you to it. I’ll be checking in throughout the day and
see how it’s going but I’m excited to see what you come up with. – Cool. – I’m out of here. – Okay, so I think that the first thing
that I should start with is the jacket because that’s gonna be the most
difficult thing to do so let’s just get it out of the way. What I found was this jacket at Goodwill. I think it was about $5. All I’m gonna do is shorten it,
add a couple pockets up here and a couple pockets on the arms. And I’m gonna use these men’s khakis
pants to do that where all I have to is cut these out and glue them on here. (Music) If only those people at
Goodwill could see me now. (Music) That’s gonna go kind of like that. – I’m really excited to see how
this jacket comes together. That’s one of those items that you just
kind of have to get lucky when you’re at the thrift store, and hope that you can find something
that you can shape into the right thing. And she found the perfect base for it so
I’m excited to see how it all comes together and
then what it looks like when it’s painted. – All right, so my pocket journey is over. Now I think the best thing to
do would be to shorten it. I could probably take this ribbing and
just move it up a couple inches. (Sound)
– Special delivery. – (Laugh)
– Here. Look what we got. – Is it? We got stockings! Okay.
– No, these are for me. – No. – Look how little these are. – Goggles. Just arrived. We’ll get to those in a minute. (Music) – I don’t want anything pulling this off. Can you hold that there? (Music) – Yeah, that works. – Yeah, it’s pulling off. I’m gonna be able to fix cars soon. (Laugh)
– When I first started cosplaying, I would use glue on everything. Everything. And we can still stretch. Jacket’s finished, so
it is now time to paint it. So first of all,
I’m going to coat it with a primer. We got this gray, it’s about $3. (Music) So this is some yellow spray
paint that I picked up. It’s $6, I think. It might take a couple coats. We’ll see. – So Tali’s having a little bit of
trouble with the color being consistent with this yellow. That happens sometimes when you’re
using different types of fabric. So you’ve just gotta fight with it a
little bit, and try some different layers of white, or grey primer, until you
get the even color you’re going for. – Okay so after several coats of yellow, I think that we’ve got a nice
mechanicy looking jacket. The next part that we need to do is put
all of our little details on the jacket. So what I’m gonna be using is this
pink trim which was about $1 a yard. This black leather trimming
which was $1 a yard. And this white which was $1 a yard. (Music) And now we can move on to the little
metal thing that she has on the front of her coat. So just a little bit more of this and we’re gonna use this craft
foam with sticky back. It’s 99 cents. (Music) My little medal dealies are all done. So let’s go spray paint them and
then we can attach them to the jacket. (Music) And now I’m just gonna give a little
bit of detail and use some puffy paint. Next, the logo. And now we’re gonna make a circle. That’s not big enough. – What about like a small plate? – Slightly bigger? – Maybe like a small snack plate. – What about this guy? – I think that’s gonna work. – Yeah,
just slightly bigger than the duct tape. – That’s the one. (Music) Okay, time to color. (Music) So my jacket is all finished,
I think it is time to try this on. (Music) Back looks good,
well I’m actually pretty happy with this. (Music) All right so we’ve finished the jacket,
and it’s time to move on to the hat. So I’ve got this white hat,
it was about $2, and I’m going to spray this entire thing. I also picked up this maroon paint,
it’s about $6. So I have my hat, it’s all nice and maroon now, and I am going to
add all of the little details. This leather strapping, and then I found
this cool stud trim for $3.50 a yard. We’re gonna put the logo on here, and I’ve got some craft foam, which I
will draw on with these fancy markers. (Music) So the trick for getting perfect
circles is using perfect circles. (Laugh) It’s amazing, really. (Laugh) (Music) So now I’m gonna use this yellow
paint which goes for about $1.50. Do you have paint brushes? – We definitely have paint brushes. – Awesome. – Let’s see what we’ve got here. I’m a paint brush peddler. Ooh, that’s a nice one. They are $20 each. (Music) – I really like the way
this hat is turning out. As we saw with the yellow jacket, you
never really know how the spray paint is going to interact with
different types of fabric. But, she got a really great even
coat of that maroon spray paint, and so it’s turning out really cool. (Music) – So moving on, we have boots for Cindy. These boots were $10. These need to be painted. (Music) There we go. I’ve got my white boots. All I have to do is cut off the top. And then I’m gonna to be
using this belt which was $4. This pink ribbon which was $.50. These two little belts that
came with these boots but I’m actually only gonna be using these
little D rings here for the detailing. (Music) I’m gonna save this buckle for later but all of this beautiful beige leather
is gonna go on the top of my boot. Now, we can do the little pink straps. (Music) Okay, so these are my brand
new cowboy mechanic boots. I think I love them and
now we’re gonna get started on my belt. So, I’ll be using this long belt. To get the little pink pieces behind it, I’m gonna be using these two little
pink belts that I got for $2 each. And, I’m gonna be putting them underneath
to kind of mimic a wider belt. (Music) And we got our cute little Cindy belt. That looks so cute. Because I don’t really like this belt
buckle, we’ll be using this one. – Here comes the toolbox, okay. – Sure.
– This is sure a mechanic, right? (Music) – That’s look really good. Now we just have to keep it on somehow. (Laugh)
– Old scraps of metal, I’ve got those. – That might actually work if
you could just stick it right. – Stick it in right across. – Right in between. – That holds it. It’s only fitting that we had to use
the heavy tools for the mechanic. – Definitely. – So I’d say just lock it down and
then cut the back. – All right. – Cool.
– We did it. Almost finished. I just have a couple of little
details that I want to do. (Music) So our belt is pretty much finished and
now we’re gonna start with the bags. Some brown craft foam. (Music) My two bags are my base bags that
I’m now going to decorate and I have this cording which I already had
but I think it’s about $0.60 a yard. So what I’m gonna do is take this cording. And I’m actually gonna
thread it through it so that it looks like it’s
sort of binded together. (Music) And you know what, I’m actually gonna put
a little bit of binding around the tops. Okay, so I finished my boxes and
now I’m gonna paint them. (Music) Okay, so my boxes are finished drying and now I’m gonna start decorating
the sides of my box. And then I have this cute little pink
strapping that goes on the sides of the bags which was $0.50 a yard. I have my puffy paint. (Music) These two colorful paints and
these were $1.50 each. (Music) All right, so
I think that my little bag is finished. We’re gonna attach my
little baggies to my belt. And my belt is done. So later on when I put it all on,
I’m just gonna tape it in the back. Next is something super straightforward,
I’m gonna be making my shorts. Done, (Laugh) not really. So I’m just gonna cut these off and
I’m going to give it a hem. And that’s all it takes to make cute
little cut off jeans for Cindy. Because my belt is humorously large,
I need a new belt loop and I’m just gonna use my scrap fabric from
my shorts, comically large belt loop. So, now is the time that I would
like to work on the gloves but unfortunately I couldn’t actually
find gloves at the thrift store. But it sounds like Dustin might
actually have the ones that I need. – I think I have the perfect ones. I found these in the attic. These are leather. – Why, aren’t these lucky? – My dad sent these to me knowing that
they would probably end up in a costume. And now they are. – Today’s that day. – Maybe just a little bit of
black paint over the yellow. But they look right to me so. – Looks good. Black spray paint, $3. (Music) My gloves are done so
I’m gonna use this cord and she just has a little white
design all the way around. Those are finished and
now I have my little bikini which was $5. And I have this special pink spray paint. This is for versatile surface color. So anything that bends,
you can use this on fabric and it will actually coat your fabric. – So, I’ve spray painted a lot
of things in my day, but I have never spray painted a bikini, so I’m
kinda curious to see how this works out, if it’s gonna stretch in a weird way,
or if it’ll hold up. – Those are finished, and now I have these
nylon stockings that I got for about $6. And I have this leather
binding that was $2 a yard. So once I put this all on, I’m just gonna
tape these to the top of my stockings and that will create our little leather belt. Just to finish off my costume, I have
these lovely welding goggles for $7. And I don’t have to do anything to them. And last is the wig which was $15 online. Also if you have blond hair,
don’t be afraid to just curl it. Maybe it just needs some brushing out but otherwise I think that’ll
work really nicely. Well, I guess it’s all finished so
it’s time to try everything on. (Music) All right, it’s finished. Time to show Dustin. – Okay, I’m so
excited to see the finished costume. Where is Cindy? – Howdy y’all? – She’s southern. I had no idea. This looks amazing. – Isn’t it good? – I love it.
– It really came together. – I feel very short next to you now too. Amazing white boots, pink details. It’s very sexy but
it’s very, like heavy duty. – I feel like I could fix a car in it. – Yeah, I mean you got the gloves,
you got the jacket. – I would like to point out
the functionality of the pockets. – Yes.
– I couldn’t help but notice, you got your phone in there. Excellent for
walking around the convention floor. – I’ll never carry a purse again. – I feel like something is
missing though from this costume. Is it this? – There we go. – (Laugh)
– That was it. Finishing touches. – This is the real deal here. – This is the real deal. – Yeah, this is heavy duty. We found this at the store for $15 but you
could make one out of some cardboard, or some craft foam. – You totally could. – Spray paint it silver. – Yeah.
– So how much did the rest of this costume cost you? – So all of it ended up being about $70. – Not bad. – And then,
we have the wig which was an extra $15. And I love it,
I think that this is a really cute wig. – It’s super cute,
especially with that hat, DIY. – It turned out awesome. I love this costume. – All right.
Well, thanks so much for watching. Thanks for joining us. – Thank you.
– Excellent work. Be sure and let us know in the comments
what other kind of costumes you wanna see us try and make DIY style and
be sure and subscribe. And we’ll see you guys
later on DIY Costume Squad. I actually am having
some trouble with my car. Do you mind just helping
me out real quick? – Yeah. Yeah, all right. Let’s go. (Laugh) (Music)

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