Make Deadpool Mask Part 2 – White Eyes & Fabric | Costume Prop // How to

Make Deadpool Mask Part 2 – White Eyes & Fabric | Costume Prop // How to

Deadpool Semi-Rigid Mask DIY – Part 2 previously… paint eyes black cereal box inner eyes support the next part might be the trickiest, for single guys out there 🙂 yes, white, female stocking… you can ask a female friend or your mom 🙂 punch some breathing holes cut off red tshirt sleeve, big enough to cover the back rubber cement – for repairing shoes do not put glue on the nose & mouth area good thing about rubber cement, i can peel it to adjust, until i put glue on the fabric overlap the previous fabric on the ear rubber cement only get really strong when both pieces has glue on them you can get rid of all wrinkles, but i like to keep some just like the comic apply rubber cement on the inside edges i think Deadpool & Spidey are actually twins 🙂 put rubber cement on both pieces, wait for it to dry a little, put together & they are almost impossible to take apart, so take notes… still very flexible, nice… fit nicely… cool… & cute… so LIKE & Share this video NOW!!!!! or else… just kidding, PEACE! 😀

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  1. I'm almost finishing my iron man costume (cardboard), when i finish it can i post images in your blog?

  2. Friend you do me a mask and Deadpool please send me but I can not afford to mug me get in dollars and send them by mail you a live aa Colombia I will be very expensive please help me

  3. I decided to make it and it was the best decision ever I am totally making more if ur diys and I'm definitely subscribing

  4. because of this tutorial again i've successfully created a deadpool semi rigid mask thank u again Dali Diy !!!! ur tutorials are so awesome i'm always watching them!!

  5. you Dali DIY you could just use red, black fabric and white screen fabric and sew all that together instead of using card board and all that fancystuff

  6. Hello , I have already commented on this video saying it's perfect , and it really is ! I would like to ask you some questions about the materials . I'm from Brazil , and here in my country there are the same marks that have there . So , I wonder what kind of glues, paper ( I do not mean to A4 ) , the role that leaves more flexible and firm and tough. Why from what I saw in the video, you use the A4 to play over another paper and there begins to cut to assemble later. I look forward . ( Excuse the long text ) I am your fan . I swear I'll stop with the huge text , I swear. You are awesome.

  7. First off, I want to thank you for this. I finished doing this Deadpool mask and I'm so happy with the result. I need help cleaning up the excess rubber cement stains all over it though. Any ideas how to remove them?

  8. Hi Sir Dali Diy! What can we use instead of rubber cement? because I think it is not available in our place. Thank you sir😀

  9. Sir im your biggest FAN sir..Your my IDOL Dali DIY…im so thankful that i watch your video i learn alot sir..THANK YOU SO MUCH….HAPPY NEW YEAR..

  10. hey are you going to update your mask to the movie version and if you are can you make it out of something stronger then cardboard because i made one and it looked awesome but after some time it broke because it was weak PS show your face in the videos PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i did mine with primer and spray paint, i gave it to muy boyfriend he loved it, thanks for your tutorials they're awesome

  12. You can use white buckram in place of the stocking. Buckram's used for eye covers (especially where the costume's eyes are not in the same place as a person in the suit) all the time. 😛

  13. Hey Dali, would you like to build a T-45 power armor helmet from Fallout? I'd love to see that with your techniques.

  14. Dude would you be willing to make another one a little smaller for a 13 year old? If so I would be willing to buy one as it as amazing!

  15. thank you! i've been looking for a way to white out eyes on a mask without using plastic mesh and you made something simple make so much sense. thanks!

  16. What do I do to move the templates since it cant fit on my paper? Im just 11 making this helmet so I have only a smaller head but when I get the exact size, it wont fit!

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