Make Leeloo’s Outfit from The Fifth Element – DIY Costume Squad

Make Leeloo’s Outfit from The Fifth Element – DIY Costume Squad

– [Voiceover] Dustin McLean,
Claire Max, and Benjamin Martin experts in the world
of cosplay and DIY. Masters of duct tape,
cardboard, and hot glue. Together they are the
DIY Costume Squad! – Hey everybody, it’s Claire, and on today’s episode
I’m going to use some thrifted materials, some
craft store supplies, to show you guys how
to make Leeloo Dallas’ orange suspender outfit
from The Fifth Element. So let’s give it a shot. All right, so this is the
costume that I am making. It consists of a white crop
top and then she’s also got these orange, rubber
suspenders, and a pair of golden-ish pants which
are really tight fitting, kind of like leggings. And then she’s got this
wide belt that kind of sits slung over the hips. I’m gonna start with the shirt. I went to the thrift
store and I found this top for a $1.95, pretty great deal. And I chose this one because
it has, you can kind of see, the same rib knit
pattern that her top has. I am going to put this on. I’m gonna pin it up around
my body so that I can take it in a little bit, and then I’m going to
cut the sleeves short and cut the body of it short. I’m gonna fold it in half
so I make sure that the sleeve is the same
on the other side. It’s time to take it over
to the sewing machine and give it a little
bit of hemming. If you do not have
a sewing maching, or you’re not comfortable
sewing, you could stitch this by hand, you could
glue it, you could tape it, there are lots of other
ways you could make it work if you really had to,
but because I have it, I’m gonna use it.
(machine whirs) And the final step is
to hem the sleeves. I’m gonna do that with a
zig-zag stitch on the machine so that the fabric
can still stretch. Ta-da. Now I’m gonna move
on to the pants. I got these leggings at
a cheapo fabric store for $5.99, and bonus,
they are butt lifting. All right, so I have
my pants on now, they are extremely comfortable,
which is always a plus. I’m gonna go ahead and
add the lines using a fabric tape, so this is
a really flexible tape, it’s about $15
bucks for the roll. Ah, tape is so sticky. And I’m doing it while I
have them on not only so I can make sure the lines
are in the right place, but also because now
they’re stretched out. If I were to put this one while
they weren’t stretched out, and then try to stick my leg
in there, it’s not gonna work. I decided once I took
these off that they need a little bit of help
staying in place, so I’m gonna add a
little bit of hot glue. (energetic, mysterious music) All right, and the last step
to this costume is to make the infamous orange suspenders. Her real suspenders in
the movie are made out of silicone rubber, but
that takes a lot of specialty materials,
molding, casting, it’s expensive and complicated. We’re gonna skip all that
and we’re going to use an old favorite of mine,
this is craft foam. It’s usually in the children’s
section of the craft store. This package of foam
comes with about 10 sheets and it was about five dollars. I am going to take some
measurements of myself, and then I’m going to
draw out a pattern on some brown craft paper, I get
this at the post office. It’s a few dollars per roll. I’m gonna use my
measurements and go ahead and draw this bad boy out. (laughs) Don’t eat pins, cat. So I’m using a thread
spool or any round object that’s the right size
to trace where the hole shaped cut outs
are going to go. Hole shaped?
(laughter) (energetic, mysterious music) All right, so I’m gonna go
ahead and move on to the back. (energetic, mysterious music) Undercover cat producer. Now I’m gonna tape both
together and try it on. Not half bad, it’ll look
better when it’s not paper. Let’s get it
transferred onto foam. So these foam sheets,
obviously, aren’t big enough to cut the whole piece out of. We’re gonna have to
piece them together. I have here my
trusty X-Acto knife. This is my preferred method
of cutting foam rather than scissors, because scissors
can sometimes make jagged lines that are
really easy to see on foam. (energetic, dramatic music) So, it’s a whole lot
of cutting out circles one by one, kind of tediously, but once they’re all done,
I will be able to attach all the pieces of the
suspenders together. (energetic, mysterious music) All right, so here are
my assembled suspenders, and now we are ready
to prep them for paint. Sort of weird, like,
“What is that?” So I’m starting out
with a gray primer, because the foam is a
few different colors and I want an even base so
the paint goes on evenly. All right, so now that
our primer is dry, we’re ready for the color, this
is some flourescent orange, and it was about five dollars. (air hissing) All right, so while that’s
drying, I’m going to make another special, little,
accessory, the multipass. For this, I’m gonna have some
help from my friend Dustin, I think I hear him coming now. – I’ve been hiding back here. All right, multipass time. – What do you have for me? – First of all, I Photoshopped
together just the graphics and printed that out.
– [Claire] Perfect. – So that’s ready
to go, and then, also just made a little
template for you. Just while I had the sizing. I just looked at pictures
online and stuff, Went through my junk box and
found some cool, little tidbits a little piece of wire.
– [Claire] Awesome. – And the end of
an old flashlight. Got some yellow spray
paint, and some glue, and some wire cutters. That’s a full multipass
packet ready to go. I’ll just be hanging
out back here. – Thank you so much, Dustin. (energetic, suspenseful music) So now that I have
these pieces done, I’m gonna take them outside
and spray them with the same gray primer
that I used before. So now I’m gonna use this
little flashlight piece that Dustin gave me. I’m gonna take out the
little, plastic lens that’s on the inside, and
that is going to become this little, yellow gem here. (energetic, dramatic music) Multipass. All right, so now that we
have the completed costume, it’s time to try
the whole thing on. The last few finishing
touches are a belt. I got this at Goodwill
for four dollars, And some boots
which I already had. (energetic, dramatic music) This is the strangest
outfit. (laughs) All right, not bad
for a day’s work. I know Leeloo doesn’t
have pink hair. For now, let’s go show the guys. – Are you ready to check
out Claire’s Leeloo Dallas? – Should be here any minute.
– [Dustin] She’s coming. There we go, all right. – Hey guys.
– [Dustin] Looking awesome. – That is awesome.
– [Dustin] Nice wig too. – Thank you, thanks to my
friend Meredith for lending me the very legit Leeloo wig. – That is a proper wig, you
could probably make your own. You could just use
the same spray paint and chop one up, but
this is looking great. – What are the suspenders here? – [Claire] They are
made of craft foam. – Nice, and you
got your multipass. – Got my multipass. – I helped out a
little on that one. – Thanks Dustin. – [Dustin] It
functions too, right? – It’s totally functional. I could get on board
a spaceship with this. – So how much did this cost? – The whole thing
was under 40 dollars, which is pretty amazing. – That’s pretty awesome.
– [Claire] Yeah. All right, so, thank you
guys so much for watching, make sure you
subscribe to Mashable. Next week we have Ben making-
– [Benjamin] Megaman. – All right, Megaman. – Make sure you check it
out, make sure you leave comments, if you have any
suggestions for costumes you wanna see us make,
hit us up for sure. – All right, guys, here we go.
– [Claire] Okay. – Costume Squad, away.
– [Claire] Go. – Away, team.
– [Claire] Whoosh. (energetic, suspenseful music)

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    Also, her orange straps were much tighter – hence the front was straight (also, it seemed to pull up between her legs, so I doubt that the movie costume was very comfy…)

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