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  1. The reason the transfers for light colors did not work for you cause it is a peel when cool product you have to wait until it is completely cold no hint of heat at all to peel then you get a beautiful print then cut

  2. First of all I hate that there is the thumbs down option on these videos. Obviously your time and effort is amazing and this is great. I have a question that’s a little different. I love the circle tip but I really want my image to appear as if it is sitting on the black T-shirt. If in design space, I placed a black shape behind my entire design will it then appear as such or will it look weird? Will the black ink be an obvious contrast to the black fabric on the T-shirt?

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for this video tutorial! After watching I feel confident about using the print then cut feature and creating t-shirts successfully!

  4. Going to make my first t-shirt this weekend. Thanks for all of the wonderful information. Your tutorial is awesome!!

  5. Great in depth vid. Can you just let me know what the transfer for dark materials feels like.
    Thank you.

  6. I’m eagerly waiting on my Cricut arrival next week and trying to learn as much as I can before then. So many great helpful tips in this video! Thank you.

  7. Very happy I found this because I need to make a printed image on a T shirt for my grandson. Thank you so much.

  8. Good afternoon Cricut Goddess! I had a quick question, I tried to screen shot what you use but I hope you could clarify for me as I want the exact ones you use….

    Could you please tell me what printer, ink and transfer printer paper you used?! Thank you so kindly for all the help you give to us! 🙂

  9. Thank you!!! Best, simplest, most comprehensive video, EVER!!!! Learning so much. You’re saving me time, money and stress! Even your voice is perfect!!!!

  10. How to prevent to cut white square behind the wreath. I attached but it cuts a square around the silluette, If I don't attach. It cuts the outline of the hair, cuts the lips, etc and separate everything from the face, I want to cut the whole as one.

  11. Best tutorial ever!!! I'd love to see a tutorial on print then cut tags using an uploaded image on the tag.

  12. YOU ARE AWESOMEEE!! i been looking for a good video on cutting out iron on and yours was perfect. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  13. Awesome video dear mam. I LIKE Your video tutorial.
    Good news mam, I AM a graphic designer and specially t-shirt designer.
    Please visit my link onetime……..

  14. Thank you for your video.. I have a question on the Jolee transfer paper… How do I know which sheets are for dark and which are for light? I looked everywhere on the package and on the internet. I can't find any information. Is the yellow lined sheet for light or is the blue double lined???

  15. Looking at the comparison between the two at 41:20 the light colored paper doesn't have any of the white parts of the design visible, like they dissolved into the shirt to help it blend where on the dark color paper there is a hard white line in the design. My guess is that the lighter paper actually bleads the ink onto the shirt where the darker is more of a sticker? Thats why I'm disappointed the lighter paper didn't work because it seems to me like it would hold up better. How has the darker paper held up? Can you actually wash the shirts a few times and it will hold up?

  16. Thanks so much for your video Ms. Maker! I'm having problems with my printer printing it mirrored.. It shows it's mirrored but is printing it normal direction. I even flipped the image in design space, turned mirror off and it still printed the other way! What am I doing wrong?

  17. Hello Jennifer, I just got me a Cricut Maker. I am brand new on this world of crafting with cut die machines so I,ve been reluctant to open it and start doing something. I watched some videos from other crafters and some are very good but once I found you, I got stuck. You do an amazing job in explaining step by step so we can learn from zero. And I love the enthusiasm you put in every project. I can’t wait to start using my Maker. Thank you so much for such a well done job!,,,

  18. Great video! I just received my Maker yesterday and am looking forward to using it! Don't really need to use a period for Ms though. This is a pretty design!

  19. Thank you so much for this in-depth video! It was so much help! I created my first printable heat transfer project for my daughter's teacher with your video!

  20. Great tutorial, thank you! Can you use a transfer sheet/tape if your image has separate pieces?

  21. Very, very good tutorial!!!! Very thorough but you don’t spend too much time on any one topic. Perfect. Thank you!

  22. @Jennifer maker, I ran into an issue my cricut is not cutting the outline of the image. It is completely off. I have tested the print and cut image multiple times on plain paper but as soon as I use the printable vinyl it cuts incorrectly. Help pretty please!

  23. Help! I'm a new cricut owner and trying a print and cut to make team shirts. How does the blade not cut all the way through the iron on printer paper? When I cut regular printer paper it cuts all the way through the paper and into my mat. I can see the image a cut in the mat after removing the paper. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? I have the cricut maker.

  24. Really liked this tutorial, she does a great job with explaining things and showing point by point instructions.

  25. Did you make a video on vinyl print and cut transfers?
    I would love to watch it, and especially on weeding, if there are smaller areas. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Ms. Jennfier, thank you for such a GREAT tutorial from start to finish…I have seen many videos, but they all just show a little portion of the project which leaves me searching for individual videos to complete my own projects. I am very new to using Cricut and honestly I felt like I should just return the darn machine b'cus everything seems so complicated. You have broken down all the steps from beginning to end…including showing the video of it printing, calibrating, cutting, and wedding…I am forever thankful for YOUR tutorial and have subscribed to your channel without even looking at your other videos…I am certain they will NOT disappoint..THANKS AGAIN! 🙂

  27. This video is great I understand so much more as I am a new to the Cricut Maker. Thank you very much I'm almost ready to start playing!

  28. OMGsh..you are wonderful! You are so articulate and personable, I felt like I was right there like you were my mom teaching me. Thank you!

  29. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻The BEST how to Cricut video I have watched, I bought my cricut explore air 2, about 3 days ago and I couldn’t get passed the card stock it comes with. But after watching your video I have faith that I can actually learn with you to work the cricut… thank you so much for posting these tutorials.😇

  30. THANK YOU!! This video is so detailed and amazing. As a Cricut beginner this video is so helpful to making great t-shirt projects.

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