Make-Up Hater Wears Fenty For A Day

Make-Up Hater Wears Fenty For A Day

– I’m hoping to get
reactions that are like, “Oh, Quinta, that’s you!” “You did that little
thing with the thing…”, but I hope it’s not like, “Damn, girl, you beat your face!”. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Quinta Brenson and I hate makeup but I love Rihanna. So today I’m trying Fenty Beauty products to see if they can change
my mind about makeup. I’m a big fan of Rihanna because she seems to just always do what she wants. She just seems, very,
just genuinely badass, and I love it so much. I’m not the biggest makeup fan, I don’t wear a lot. At the most, I wear eyeliner, I’ll wear a little bit of
eyebrow enhancement tint because my eyebrows are a little light. But besides that, I’m not
really a fan of foundation. I’ve never really had a good relationship with beating my face in the morning, it’s just time I’d rather
spend doing something else, but I think more than anything, I just don’t know how to do it. As we all know, it’s
hard for women of color to find foundations that
match their skin tone. Fenty has all-inclusive makeup. They have 40 different shades. Lighter shades to darker shades, shades for every shade of shade. Fenty! Sorry. I’m pretty sure I can find my
shade in that mix somewhere. I know I can, because I tried
to do it and it was easy! So I did not trust myself to beat my face. I think we have examples in
the past of what it looks like when I beat my face. I did the best I could
with what I was given. Pat myself on the back and say that, “You know, Quinta? You did it.” It’s not a good experience. So I have enlisted one of the
many people here at Buzzfeed who’s really good at doing makeup, Nina. Nina’s gonna come down
and beat my face for me. (hip-hop music) Nina just gave me a beat face beckie. That might not be the right term, but that’s what I call it. So, I’m about to go about my day. I’m going to have a lunch. I’m going to have a meeting. I’m going to get this paper, and I’m going to do it
all with this makeup on. I might even go out tonight. So, Charlotte, what do you
think about my makeup today? – It’s fresh. You look, like, dewy but in a really not wet way. – Can you see that highlight? – Oh, wow! (laughs) – Wow, that’s crazy! So I’m really excited, so far
everyone has liked it a lot. It hasn’t been alarming to people, but they’ve given a
little compliment, like, “Wow, that looks nice!” Okay, so I’m wearing foundation; I’m wearing a full face
of foundation (laughs). – No! – Yeah! It’s a full face of foundation. It’s my favorite part about it. She has all these ranges of shades, and I was actually able to find the shade that works for my face. – Girl, it doesn’t even look
like you’re wearing foundation. – [Quinta] Thanks, Nila. – So, it doesn’t look like
you’re wearing foundation, your face is not cakey and
that highlight is perfect. – [Quinta] What do you think, Lindsay? – You look so glow-y! Like, natural beauty. I think it’s really good. Nina was actually saying
it’s kind of like a glossy, but for, like, – [Quinta] People of color? – People of color, yeah. That’s exactly what it feels like. – Literally, your skin looks effervescent. Like, the glow, that it’s like, coming off is so sheen and so natural that I love it so much. Like, you can see your
natural pigmentation, but you can also see how
everything’s kind of just all, like, balanced out together. – Everybody likes it a lot. I think that it’s really
natural and subtle. That’s what I was looking for. That’s my favorite part about it. It’s kinda nice to feel
like I’ll be able to buy one makeup line and
everything will be in there. Granted, I know this
isn’t case for everybody. It might be different. Some people might like Mac, or Sephora, and get everything from that line, but that’s where I had trouble. So I’m happy that I can use
everything Fenty all the time. Everything Fenty all the time. So it’s, uh, six o’clock, and
I came to talk to Tristan, and he just said– – I love it. It’s so good. – [Quinta] Really? – I like it a lot. – [Quinta] Do you know who it’s by? – Fenty, by Rihanna. – [Quinta] Oh, did you see my Instagram? – I saw the Tweet, but I also just, like, knew you’d be supporting Rihanna because it’s the dopest shit right now. – [Quinta] But you think
that shit looks good. – It looks good. – So it is the nighttime
and I’m on my balcony. I like what became of it. The highlight’s still there. I’m really, “Who? Who knew?” I didn’t know about highlights. I really enjoyed wearing Fenty. I’m not a makeup goddess or a makeup guru, but it felt like I wasn’t
wearing too much makeup, which is all I’ve ever wanted. Final run-down. I would use this lip
gloss every single day. I have it on right now. It feels good, it looks
good, and it does its job. But, when I do need to wear foundation and I need it to look good, I’m probably just going to put this on. I’m not sure I love makeup, but I do like Fenty Beauty. (upbeat music)

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  1. I mean i hate most makeup i only like eyeliner mascara lipstick im alright with false eyelashes but i only wear matte liquid lipstick n occasionally mascara i look weird with eyeliner

  2. Quinta does have natural beauty and she's right by saying she prefers spending time doing something else instead of putting make-up on. She really doesn't need it, so I guess her relationship with beauty products is one of the "healthiest" here. Used when actually needed, never getting obsessed with it. She rocks.

  3. gonna be honest. if she didnt know this was rihanna's line, she wouldve had the same reaction as should wouldve had with any other brand.

  4. 3:20 the vid was they wear school uniform for a week

    LOL 😂 they are not that weird but still kinda weird doing that out in public

  5. “i’m gonna call in someone who’s really good at makeup…!”
    me:oh, probably freddie or jasmine!

    again, WHAT?

  6. Nowadays advertisements are smarter! They make you think you are watching just another video, but they are actually selling you products!

  7. I’m sorry but Quinta looks exactly the same with or without makeup besides the highlight, she’s really a natural beauty and it would be a waste of money if she wore this makeup everyday

  8. I hope I get reactions that are like ‘ oh Quinta, I see you, you did a thang with the thang!’ but I hope it’s not like ‘DAYMN GURL U BEAT UR FACE!!!!’ 😂😂 Same Quinta, Same! 😂😂

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