Make Your Own Doc & Marty Costumes – DIY Costume Squad

Make Your Own Doc & Marty Costumes – DIY Costume Squad

Dustin McLean, Claire Max, and Benjamin Martin,
experts in the world of Cosplay and DIY. Masters of duct tape,
cardboard, and hot glue. Together, they are the DIY Costume Squad. – Welcome to the show. I’m Dustin and today I’m gonna show you
how to make two costumes, Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Which is my favorite movie. These are pretty easy costumes. I’m gonna put them together using
stuff I just found at a thrift store without spending a lot of money. So let’s get started. (Music) So this is Marty McFly’s classic look. We’ve got the poofy red vest. Jean jacket, white button up shirt,
there’s a maroon shirt underneath. And he just wears jeans. He’s actually got suspenders under there. It’s very basic. So for Doc Brown, I’m gonna go with the Back to the Future
II look because it’s really cool looking. He’s got this kinda shiny
yellow trench coat. Kind of a Hawaiian shirt. He also has a clear tie
which is really cool. It’s gonna be simple to cut out
of some clear vinyl I think. And then, he has these
metallic shades that he wears. So I’ve got a cool trick to make those. So the point here, really is that
when you’re making a costume, don’t always have to start with raw
fabric and have a sewing machine. I’m just finding some pieces at
a thrift store or a second hand store. Just looking at the picture and
trying to piece it together. So I think I’m gonna start with Doc Brown
and I picked up a trench coat for $9 at a thrift store. This is nice, because it’s kind of shiny
already, so I am just going to paint this. Once I found the trench coat, I found some pants that were as
close to the same shade as possible. That way, when I paint them,
they’ll match. So I’m just gonna paint these yellow. I picked up this yellow spray paint. It was on sale for $3,
so that was awesome. Let’s go paint. (Music) So basically I just made a rain coat. So if you can buy a rain coat that
would probably work just fine too but I couldn’t find one so
that’s why I’m painting. (Music) So while that stuff is drying,
I’m gonna move on to Doc’s tie. So I’m gonna make this out
of some old clear vinyl. If you’ve ever bought a comforter for your bed,
it usually comes in a clear bag like this. And we’re just gonna cut this up. It’s about great in vinyl and it cost $0. So I think I’m gonna trace my
regular tie on a piece of paper so I don’t get marker on it then I’ll
trace that pattern onto the vinyl. (Music) I don’t know if you can see it but
there you go. Rather than making an actual tie that
we’re going to have to tie I’m just gonna make the shape so we can just tape it on. I think I’m gonna fold this down and
glue it with super glue. (Music) Okay, it’s a little funky,
but hey, it’s a clear tie. Basically we’ll tape it on later. So in the movie he has a very
specific kind of a Hawaiian shirt, with some Chinese characters on it, but I found a shirt at the thrift
store that was pretty close. It’s just a Hawaiian shirt. So this was $3. This doesn’t have the Chinese
characters on it, but as far as like putting together the whole
outfit, I feel like it has the right look. You’ll know it’s Doc Brown. All right, there you go. Can’t see it, but it’s a clear tie. All right, so
I’m gonna work on Doc’s metal glasses. So here’s a cool trick. I’m gonna start with a plastic bucket. I got this at the 99 cents store, it’s
fairly flexible so it should cut okay. I’m gonna cut the pattern out of it and
we’ll paint it. (Music) Yeah, all right. So this is pretty smooth. But I’m gonna use a little
bit of sandpaper, just to smooth it out even more. The future is so bright,
I’ve got to wear shades. Wait, no.
I can’t see. All right, so this thing is ready for
silver paint. All right, so
I wanna use metallic aluminum paint. I already had this but
I think new it was around six bucks. The key is to not go too heavy. You don’t want it dripping. All right, that looks pretty good. That was very simple, you only really
needed one light coat of paint. I didn’t even use primer or anything so I think I’m pretty
much ready to try it all on. These are pretty dry,
this one’s a little on the crunchy side, the paint kind of soaked in to each one
in a different way but that’s okay. Also, you have a sweet pair of yellow
pants now like you always wanted. All right, I’m gonna wear my
same black boots I always wear. Fly’s down.
Great, Scott! Clear tie. (Music) Looking back on, I’m feeling like maybe I
should’ve got one that wasn’t so shiny. Because then it wouldn’t be so crunchy. It’d be more like fabric-y
like these pants. So you can find a different quality
wig for all different prices. But you can usually find cheap ones for
like 20 bucks. Let’s try this out. Definitely can’t see anything. Or you could just tape them right here. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. They fell. So that’s pretty much it for the Doc
outfit, so now I’m gonna move on to Marty. – Hey, stop Marty, we gotta go! – So this is what I’ve got. Pretty close dress shirt,
and this cost me 3 bucks. The main thing here is
the certain pattern that it has. This shirt has a little bit of blue in it, which I don’t really mind because
the rest of it was so perfect. So this is a long sleeve shirt. His is actually short sleeve. If you just gonna put on the whole
vest and the jacket and everything, you can just leave it long, but
we can just cut it real easy. Short sleeve. (Laugh) You could stop there but
I’ll just glue a little hand. There it go then underneath that you
he just wears a plain maroon shirt. I picked up an extra here, this was $2,
it has a pattern on it but I’m just gonna wear it inside out
then I picked up some suspenders, this are just black suspenders and
this were $4. Now, this is what really makes the outfit
right here, it’s the red poofy vest. I didn’t have any luck finding
this at a thrift store, but I went to a vintage store. I paid 16 for this, but totally worth it cuz this is
exactly the right shape for Marty. So I think this one’s a little
on the big side, let me see. So it’s pretty giant, but I think I can
easily just kinda tuck in the sides. Let me just do that now. (Music) So on the inside edge, I’m just gonna
reinforce it with some heavy duty tape. (Music) So if you can’t find the red vest, but
you find one that’s just the right shape, you could also just spray paint it red,
I’ve done that in the past. One I made years ago, it was just a blue
or green vest and I painted it red. So that works too, I just got
really lucky finding this red one. All right, so the last thing I’m gonna do,
it’s not the most important detail, but Marty wears a very specific shoes. They’re white Nikes with like a red logo. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I got some Nikes. These are my regular shoes. They’re not red though. You can buy rolls of red duct tape. They’re usually only a couple of bucks. I’m gonna make the little swoosh out of
the tape and put it right on my shoes. This is kind of a good technique for sort of extracting the outline
of a textured surface. (Music) And now, I just trace this outline
on to the tape, and cut it out. (Music) This episode’s not brought to you by Nike,
but it should be. All right, cool,
I think it’s time to try it all on. Sweet, custom Nikes. Then, Marty just wears jeans. (Music) Simple enough. So here’s the thing, if you want to be
authentic Back to the Future two Marty, you can stop right here. But we’re gonna keep it going. So before you put the red poofy vest on,
he is wearing a jean jacket so maybe see if one of your
friends has one you can borrow. I already have one so
I’m just gonna put that on. This is sufficiently open. Now, the vest. All right! That’s Marty McFly right there. Ready to hop in the Delorean. Where we are going we don’t need belts. Could be our suspenders. I think I am ready to show the guys. – All right, everybody,
to see Dustin’s costume? – I am.
I can’t wait. I think he’s coming right now. – Great, Scott! – It’s Marty. – Hey, where’s Doc? – Marty, great scot! I’ve got your hoverboard. – Thanks, Doc. – Come on, we’re running out of time. – This is what the future looks like? – Absolutely. – This is the future of fashion,
right here. – 100% authentic. – It’s a little loud. – (Laugh) It’s a bit crunchy. You guys have to get
back to the future/past? (Laugh)
– Yeah, it’s not the future anymore. – Yeah, it’s Back to the Past. – (Laugh)
– (Laugh) What are we gonna do about that? Are you from the future or the past? – Don’t mention anything about the future! You’ll ruin the space-time continuum! – (Laugh)
– Okay, let’s not do that. – How much did this cost in 2016 money? – (Laugh)
– Okay, in 2016 dollars, I spent about $25 on this costume, not including the jacket which I already
had, and $25 on Doc’s beautiful. He knows how to model, he’s got the moves. – Awesome, you guys look fantastic. – Thanks, we’re ready to go geek out–
– Thank you and you’re not too bad looking yourself. – Whoa, she’s got a boyfriend. – I heard you got a time machine. (Laugh) Not all the time. – (Laugh)
– I think we have a love connection over here. – All right,
well special thanks to to my buddy Piotr. You can check lot of his other
impressions on the Howard Stern show, and his website Next week we’ve got Ben. What are you making? – Stormtrooper. – Yes, can’t wait for that. That’s gonna be awesome
– And be sure to subscribe and write comments below,
about what you want to see next. Great Scott, we’re running out of time. Hurry, we gotta get
back into the DeLorean. This concerns you too, let’s go. – Go.
– Not you, Ben. – (Laugh) (Music)

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