Make Your Own Genderbent Khal Drogo – DIY Costume Squad

Make Your Own Genderbent Khal Drogo – DIY Costume Squad

Masters of duct tape,
cardboard, and hot glue. Making cosplay out of every day materials. They are the DIY Costume Squad! (Music) – Hey, what’s up? Welcome to the show, I’m Dustin. And we are here in beautiful
New York City, and joining me in New York is Isabella. – Hi, guys.
– Welcome to the show. You’re an amazing cosplayer. – Thank you.
– Huge fan of your work. What are some of your favorites
that you’ve done recently? – I’ve done Harley Quinn,
Judy Hopps, Ariel. – I really like your Dr. Strange. – Thank you. – Kind of gender bent. What are you going to be making for
us today? – So I’ll be making another
gender bend actually, and I’ll be making “Khal Drogo”
from ‘Game of Thrones’. – Nice, so
you can kinda put your own spin on it. – I am.
– Make it a little more feminine? – Definitely. – Okay, well, let’s head inside, and you can kind of walk me through the build,
here we go. – All right, awesome. – All right, let’s take a look,
what are some of the elements for this? – Well, the main element is
going to be this middle piece. – That’s like one of those things when
you’re lifting boxes you’ve got to wear. – (Laugh) Yeah,
then there’s this gold belt and flog. – I’m noticing that he is topless here. – (Laugh) So
I am going to be making a top, yeah. – I’m assuming you’re going to be doing
something that’s in the Dothraki vibe. – Yeah.
– That seems like it would match the character. – Yeah.
– Is that feathers? – Yeah, they have a bunch of feathers. – He’s got some traditional
Dothraki markings. – Yeah he does,
very heavy make up situation. – All right, very cool, well, I’m looking
forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m going to be hanging out, so good luck. – Great. So I’m going to start by making
the middle piece corset, and for that, I bought a bunch of leather scraps. Many of these I actually already had,
and some of them I just bought online, it was like $5. I think I’m gonna be
using this leather color. I’m gonna start by taking
the biggest pieces, and kind of trace out the shape
that I want to use for them. And then I’m gonna use
it as a template for all of the other horizontal
pieces that I have to do. And now I’m gonna be cutting the vertical
ones, which will kinda be like this. I’m gonna make sure that this is gonna
be as long as at least three of these. (Music) All right, they’re all cut now, so I’m going to attach them all together
by using strips, like these ones. I’m gonna cut some slits, so
I can put these through, and they’re gonna be holding
together two pieces like this. (Music) I’m gonna start with hot
gluing these pieces together. (Music) This is how we will do this. So I am going to do the same thing
I did here for these two pieces. – So I really like how this
middle piece is coming together. She’s got all these
individual pieces of leather. It looks really cool to have this one
solid piece that is made up of tons of smaller pieces. – Now I will use the leather cord to
attach these two back pieces together. (Music) And the back is done. So now it is time to do
the decorations on the front. (Music) All right, so
this is all the little X’s, and now we are going to move on to
making the little stars right here. (Music) I will be using this velcro,
which I already had, but it should be around $3, or something. (Music) And you can slip it right on. (Music) All right, I’m gonna reinforce
the inside of the straps with some tape. – I am the tape ripping champion. Some people do hot dog eating contests,
I do tape ripping contests. – (Laugh) (Music) Perfect, thank you. (Laugh) (Music) All right, so now that the middle piece
is done, I’m gonna start making the top. So I’m gonna be re-using this bra
that I bought, and it was around $5. And then the rest will be pieces of
scraps, kind of making a cool pattern. (Music) I’ll be coloring the straps with marker, because I think that if I put leather on
this, it’s not gonna be stretchy anymore. (Music) All right, so day one is done, and so
it’s almost the first part of the cosplay, the top half. So see you tomorrow. (Music) – Okay, day two,
this is looking great so far. – Thank you.
– I’m loving this. So what do we have left to do? – Today I’m gonna be adding the fur
on the top part of the bra, and then I’ll be working on the belt,
the pants, and the arm pieces. – Sounds like a plan, all right,
I’ll leave you to it. – Thank you. All right, now I’m gonna be using this fur
that I got from an old cosplay of mine. They used to be leg warmers and
I would say they were around $7. I’ll be cutting an inch of it and putting it on the top of the bra. (Music) All right, so
now I’m gonna be moving on to the belt. And for that, I’m gonna be using
this folder that I already had. And I’m gonna be using this for
the circles that he has on the belt. And I’ll be coating it with
gold paint that I already had. And I’ll be making all
the creations with the hot glue. (Music) And I don’t know the exact amount, so
I am just going to be making a bunch. (Music) So I’m gonna be using the leather
cord from before, and I’m gonna be attaching them all together. So there’s gonna be three strings that
are gonna pass through, like that. Then on the back,
I’m just gonna be tying it together. (Music) – Sometimes you just need an extra set
of hands when you’re making costumes. (Music) – I’m gonna be reinforcing
the hot glue with some tape. (Music) Viola! – (Laugh) That’s pretty sweet. – (Laugh) Now it’s time to decorate it. (Music) – Hm, I see a horse. – Yeah, don’t you? – A very detailed, yeah, I see it. – This is the head. – Yeah. – This is the tail. – I thought that was the tail. – This is the body. (Laugh)
– Yeah, okay. – Now I’m just gonna wait for
them to dry, and I’m gonna be painting them with gold and
black. (Music) All right, so the belt is done, and
we’ll be using the cloth that we used for the top piece before. And we’re gonna be using that as
like basically our main component. And I’m also gonna be adding the scraps
of leather that we did use before. All right, so
the base of the belt is done. And now I’m just going to be adding more
details to it to make it more interesting, and I’m gonna be adding the feathers. I think these were $3, I’d say. (Music) All right, so, the belt is done, and
now we’re going to move on to the pants. I literally bought the cheapest pair
of leggings I could find on Amazon, these were like $8. But we’re going to be cutting it up,
so it doesn’t really matter. – One interesting thing about this
build is I believe it’s the first time on this show we’ve ever done an entire
episode without using spray paint, so that’s pretty amazing. – These should be good. So the pants are done,
I think they’re ripped enough. And now all is left are the arm pieces. For the arm pieces, I’m gonna be using
this, it already has velcro on it. And all I’m gonna do is
add more pieces to it. (Music) They’re done, and now the only thing I would have to
do is just wrap this cord around. (Music) All right, that’s it. Everything is done and
now it’s time to try it all on. (Music) All right, so I’m ready, and
now it’s time to put on makeup. All right, I’m gonna start
with using a black eye shadow, he has it up to the brow. (Music) I’m gonna be using this to
make the scar on the eye. (Music) All right, so my face makeup is done, and now we’re gonna get to the stripes
that he has on his body. (Music) All right, so makeup is done,
costume is done. It’s time to show Dustin. (Music) – Okay, I can’t wait to see
the finished gender bent “Khal Drogo”. Come on in, let’s see. Yes! – Here I am! – This is awesome. – (Laugh)
– Great job on this, I love it. – Thank you. – You look like you’re ready
to go fight some people. – I am so ready. – Especially with these. – (Laugh) Right? – You’ve got a wig now. – I do have a wig, yes. – Very nice. The wig was about $15, got it online? – Yeah, about $15. – Very cool. Now, you were telling me earlier that this
is actually the very first full DIY build that you’ve ever done? – It is, yeah.
– That is amazing, you did so good. – I’m kind of impressed. – I knew you could do it. – I didn’t.
(Laugh) – I especially love the very DIY touches, like the hot glue, and using the folder,
so innovative and awesome. And great job on the makeup too. – Thank you.
– It looks really cool. I love the bright blue,
it’s a little brighter than his. – It’s more feminine, yeah. – Exactly. How much did you end up
spending on this whole thing? – It was around $50 to make everything. – Including some of the stuff
you kind of already had? – Yeah, I already had most of the things,
actually. – Nice, very cool. Well, thanks for joining us,
and thanks for being here. Great job, loved having you on the show. – Loved being here. – Be sure to subscribe, let us know what
other DIY builds you want to see us make. And thanks a lot for watching,
we’ll see you next time. I think winter is coming. – It is. – To King’s Landing! (Music) (Music)

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