Makeup 101 ~ Beginner Makeup for Mature Women Who Don't Wear Makeup!

Makeup 101 ~ Beginner Makeup for Mature Women Who Don't Wear Makeup!

hey everybody its Angie and welcome to Hutton flashy in today's video I've got a makeup tutorial for mature women who normally don't wear any makeup but want to figure out how to work a little bit of makeup into their everyday look the idea for this video came from a viewer who wrote in and asked me to do a really simple everyday get out the door quickly for work makeup look that didn't involve a ton of makeup she was so frustrated because she's been looking on YouTube for videos like this and all the no makeup makeup videos actually use a ton of makeup to achieve a no makeup look what she wanted was just a way to look a little bit better than she actually is without having to invest in a ton of like foundation and do contouring and highlighter and bronzer and blusher and eyeshadow and learn new techniques and brushes so that is the goal in today's video I'm going to break it down into three sections the first one is going to be how to prep the skin so that it looks good with no makeup on it the second one is going to be how to correct things that don't look like we want them to and the third section is on how to define and bring back that contrast that color into your face that makes you look you know better and more polish than you are of course this may be more steps than you want it may be less steps than you want you can of course customize this to you if there's something that I've left off that you would never leave the house without then by all means put it on as you normally would so let's start in with prepping the skin I always think that's really important because you know once we get older and past menopause our skin tends to be a little bit drier if you have dry skin it's really important to put on some moisturizer in the morning even if you're pressed for time so you would I assume wash your face or at least splash it with water or get in the shower or something in the morning when you get out the best thing to do for your skin is to lock in that moisture on the surface of your skin so that it stays in there and you don't experience too much water loss throughout the day making your skin look kind of dull and dry so a nice lightweight moisturizer that I love is the Sara BPM it's got some nice anti-aging ingredients in it so it's terrific this one tends to be a little bit shiny on me because I do have the oily t-zone so if your dry skin definitely recommend this one oh the one I'm going to use today is from Olay it's from their new whips line and this is the Total Effects whips this has a lot of the same anti-aging ingredients in it as the CeraVe does I'm just gonna take a little bit out on my finger rub it between my hands and just apply it to my skin the other thing that I would use to prep your skin every day is sunscreen both these products come in versions with sunscreen if you're pressed for time they're both great they don't leave any white cast on your skin these are both chemical sunscreens I don't use chemical sunscreens just because my skin is a little sensitive and they irritate me so I use mineral sunscreen every day so I put on my moisturizer first and then I put on my mineral sunscreen as a second step this one is from elta MD it's their UV phisical SPF 41 this is a nice tinted sunscreen that is great for a no makeup day because it will even out your skin tone a little bit so I'm using a lot because that's how much you need to get the full SPF protection on the label but I also do put it on my neck and on my ears and everything and the backs of my hands every day letting this set up for the 15 or 20 minutes that it needs it will then lose this kind of pale or slightly pinky look to it it also contains antioxidants it's a really good moisturizing sunscreen so if you do have dry skin it's a really good one to use but I love this sunscreen because it's kind of smoothing on the pores and it really makes them look nice and it does start to do some of our color correcting so now we're ready to move on to the correcting stage so I don't know many people over 50 who don't have some issues under their eyes or around their nose so I've got a couple of recommendations for you for products here one of the most popular ones is the bare minerals powder foundation it's all minerals so it's very natural and it blends in with your skin it doesn't look dry it doesn't look cakey especially if you use just a little bit of it on the areas that you want to conceal so that is one solution of course with this you do need a brush to apply it the brush that I like the best is from it cosmetics it's their heavenly luxe complexion perfection brush and it has two ends a detail end so that you can get in like right around your nose or underneath your eyes so you can use this to do both your under-eye concealing and your kind of around the nose concealing or you can use more of a traditional concealer and this one is great it's maybelline instant age rewind dark circle eraser this comes in a few different shades this one comes in like 30 shades so you'll have a better time getting a color match in this than you will in this so I was thinking of using a combination of these two I know I know for some people it's gonna be too much makeup but you can choose one or the other right I'll show you like using this for both on this side of my face this for both on this side of my face it normally comes with like that big spongy tip on here which I hate and so I just tear it off and then I just get a little concealer out like that I put it on back in my hand over there and then I'll just use my finger to apply it so I just dip my finger in I don't want a lot of concealer so I just have a little bit on the tip of my finger and I'm just gonna concentrate most of it at the inner corner of my eye where I do tend to have a little bit of a dark shadow there I'm gonna bring it across with little patting motions and out underneath my eye but I really don't want most of it to be out here where my wrinkles are because that's where it's gonna crease and then I'm just gonna keep pressing it in pressing and patting and want to get a really smooth and even blend on that so just take your finger and just blend it right on down and that's gonna help to even out some of the color around your nose if you want to get a little bit more off the back of your hand you can take a tiny little bit there and just press it in to like the deepest parts around the sides of your nose where your going to have those broken capillaries and things so you're just going to press it in there if your nose tends to be red you can bring it across and up at the top of your nose I don't want to have this end up be that your whole face is full of concealer but where I tend to have a lot of redness is right here if you have an age spot over there you can press a a bit onto that so we're just spot covering and correcting the things that we want to correct without doing a full face of makeup so I'm just gonna take my full hand and I'm just gonna press everywhere to just kind of blend that in so we'll take a look at that side versus this side which hasn't been done so let me go ahead on the other side with the bare minerals so with this what you do is you just sprinkle a little bit on it out into the cap and then with the smaller end of the brush you're just going to dip into the powder swirl it into the cap make sure that you pack your brush off so you can use this as under-eye concealer you know a lot of people wouldn't put powder under their eyes but I find this to be a really creamy powder go in with this around my nose covering up and blending in those broken capillaries then I'm gonna use the bigger end of my brush and I'm gonna pick up a little bit more of the powder and again I'm gonna tap that up color-correct the front of my cheek here age spot that I have going on over here and just very lightly kind of even up those areas with a little bit of powder so we're just gonna apply makeup differently and less or more depending on what our skin issues are so where I have the combination you know oily t-zone I tend to have a lot of texture up here I tend to be red pretty much down the center of my face so I put you know a little more of the powder down the center of my face if you don't want to put any on at all and your face is nice and clear and doesn't have redness or the broken capillaries or the enlarged pores or the texture then you know you could definitely skip this step but for me I'm just gonna put a little bit of this kind of right in the middle between my eyebrows and a little bit on my chin puffing it in along the center of my nose I have a lot of discolorations down the center of my nose from sun damage so this is the area that I like to color correct my face I really don't do as much for my eyes because I don't have as many under-eye issues that mainly is genetic but also because I sleep on my back and so I don't have a lot of puffiness and I don't of genetic dark circles under my eyes so I'm fortunate from that aspect but you know I do have other stuff that I do like to cover up so depending on what you need to cover up you will do this differently so it all depends on what you need this is the matte version and I wear medium beige number twelve there's also a non matte version of this for people who have drier skin but this doesn't ever tend to look cakey or like makeup or anything so it's just a very natural look you can still see my skin through it so you know where my cheeks aren't pink on the Front's you can still see that so we don't really need to put on any blush we have just color corrected the things that we wanted to cover so let's move on to step number three which is to define our features the last time I did a like no makeup makeup look and I didn't do brows and the comments underneath were like how could you leave the house without your brows on it looks like wide oh my god okay so I'm gonna include brows in here they really are kind of the frames for the face so this is one of the places that we're gonna add in definition because of course as you know as we get older our brows tend to get sparser and our lashes tend to get sparser so for today's brow product I'm gonna use Anastasia brow Wiz this is a really nice brow pencil the color I have it in is taupe so first I'm gonna take the spoolie and comb my brows so that I can see what is needed and then to define the brows the other end has a superfine pencil so this is great for drawing on individual hairs now if you're not used to doing your brows this is like going to be your first time you don't want to start at the inner corner because if you go with too heavy of a hand here it's going to look really obvious and drawn on and what you want is a nice natural looking brow so always best to start out in the middle of your brow get used to making strokes that you want to make and then once you're used to it bring it in here so you're gonna want to fill in any sparse spots so like I have a little space there that doesn't tend to have any hairs in it back in the day the brows used to be curved now they're more straight so where I have a big curve up in here I like to kind of straighten that out by just drawing a really straight line right across there I do use the lightest stroke so it's almost like touching and then pulling away and touching and pulling away and then you just make these tiny little strokes you can extend the tail of your brow a little bit and then once you're used to making those tiny little strokes then you can start going up into this area and filling in the front section of your brow so we're gonna go ahead and get out that spoolie and then you just use that to comb this through and kind of blend in everything that you just did that really helps to soften and blend out your brows so I'm gonna go ahead and do everything on this side and we're gonna leave this side plain so that we can see the difference of how these things will like define your features then moving on to the eyes I think the eyes are really the one thing that we want to define most and it's really all about the eyelashes I think eye lids actually have really pretty coloring on their own so the liner I'm gonna use today is from Marc Jacobs it's the gel highlighter this one is matte and it's called irony and this is a dark grey once you get to be a little bit older sometimes black can be just a little bit too harsh bird defining so I like to use something that's either a dark matte grey or a dark matte brown what I mainly do on an everyday basis if I'm not wearing makeup is I will tight line my eyes which means that you put your eyeliner at the base of your lashes instead of above so basically you want to open your eye but look down into your mirror you want to press your eyeliner at the base of your lashes and this is going to help your lashes look a really full and darker and like you have more of them and there you go so now you've done your tight lighting so quick and easy and if you do want to add eyeliner on the top you can go ahead and put a little bit on the top or just do a little bit of a smudge on the top and then I'm just gonna use my finger to smudge that line out then I will usually not do any dark eyeliner on my lower lid but I do like a nice sparkly eyeliner down there to open up my eye kind of define the lower lid the eyeliner I use for that is Physicians Formula shimmer strips this is the silver one this comes in a packet of three and it does have like a gunmetal grey one and a matte black which you could have used for this one so I just pull that lower lid down ever so gently and slightly and I just run that right at the base of the lashes so that helps to define my lower lid it brightens and it keeps my eye looking open and awake that all we need is a coat of mascara I'm gonna use my stay Lauder sumptuous knockout mascara today this one gives me really nice natural looking lashes so we'll just put on a couple of coats of mascara I like to concentrate most of my mascara at the outer edge of my eye especially if you have closer set eyes concentrating your mascara at the outer lashes really helps to make your eyes look like they're a little further apart and then the last thing to define is the lips I don't know about you but as I've gotten older my lips have gotten thinner the coloration of my lips is a little you know cuz all my sun damage they're not even around the edges so I do like to wear a lip liner and a lipstick or else you know if I'm really going just an everyday thing I'll just put on a little lip gloss if I unplug on just lipgloss the one I'll usually use is the buxom full-on lip cream this one's in a hot toddy it's really pretty but today I'm gonna line the lips just because it helps to define them this is my Urban Decay Naked lipliner here's a full-size one 24-7 lipliner this one is a naked which is a perfect like nude color so I'm just gonna line my lips but lining it I find just really helps to define the shape of my lips oh yeah I'm only going to do the one side so let me do this side and then the lipstick I'm gonna put on is another Urban Decay lipstick this one is in sheer liar this is their comfort matte really pretty color alright so let me just hold still for a side-by-side picture all right so I went ahead and evened everything up so we have the makeup going on on both sides of the face so I hope you found the video helpful and informative if you did give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so thank you as always for your time I really appreciate your watching so I have a great day and I will see you in the next video take care everybody bye bye

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  1. Thank you, Angie. Great video. Doing just half your face in is brilliant, shows how a little attention can make a huge difference. You are a classic beauty! I have no idea how old you are, but you are going to age well. I promise 🙂 The only thing in your routine I would not attempt is brow pencil,. I don't see well enough to do that kind of detail. But my brows are turning white and the white hairs are very coarse and go in all directions. So I use a tinted brow gel to tame them and add a bit of color. Thanks again,. I subscribed!

  2. Hi Angie, I am getting married in August and I'm hoping you can recommend an affordable powder to go over my foundation that won't cause flash back for photos. I'm hoping to purchase the Estee Lauder Double Wear stay put foundation which runs about$ 52.00 before tax in NS, Canada so I'm looking for a more affordable powder, $20.00 – $25.00 or under if possible. The main factors are: I am over 50 so I'm looking for a powder that won't settle in my pores and fine lines, one that won't appear cakey or dry, if possible one that helps with blurring and once again MOST importantly one that will cause NO flash back in photos. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

  3. i'm twenty-three but i really like listening to your voice 🙂 also LOVE that you make these videos!!

  4. I love doing makeup. Love to take my time and enjoy listening to your tutorials while doing so. 😊 I was just applying Bare Minerals powder foundation when to my surprise you mentioned it! It's a great easy summer foundation. I just bought Neutrogena Dry Touch 45 facial sunscreen and it makes a wonderful primer for the foundation! Keep up the fantastic job! ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Thank you so much for your videos, I recently loss some weight and loss all my natural face filler😆 I was at a loss with my make up, You helped me look as good as I feel🤗(without having to spend a ton of money too ❤)

  6. Love your videos, have watched most of them more than once. Living in a tiny town on the South West coast of NZ though, I am kind of limited in my choice of cosmetics. The supermarket carries one bay of makeup, Maybeline I thin. Our one chemist carries L'Oreal, and Natio, which I have never seen on youtube.. your videos have made me more confident buying online, but sometimes I feel like the onky one in the supermarket with mascara on!. Keep up the good work.

  7. How do you wash or clean the eyeliner from the top, inside area, tight line, when you cleanse your makeup??

  8. So so so helpful Angie… I am getting totally inspired. I wonder if you could do a makeup beginners video with natural clinically-validated non toxic products. This would be awesome… all the best for your great vlogging.

  9. WONDERFUL video! Angie – you have no idea how much I appreciate the time and research that you put into each and every one of your videos. You’re an intelligent person and you have a “style” of saying things that is “to the point” but with the bit of humor that we all need at this stage of our mature lives (you know – we feel 35 on the inside but we look in the mirror and see that reality is happening!). Thank you for speaking our language, keeping things “to the point” -(there are SO many you tubers that I adore but they clown around and get off the subject, etc) – and most of all thank you for preparing ahead with your excellent research into ingredients and products that perform best – from skincare to makeup. You are a beautiful person who is honest with your viewers and your dedication shows!!! NEVER stop making videos!!! I personally think that your channel is the holy grail (!) that other youtubers aspire to!! I’ve been a subscriber for years and will continue to be as long as you keep making videos – you have no idea how much you have helped me and many, many other women in so many ways. Love you!!!
    Karen from Alabama. Age 60 – (and can’t believe it)

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you Angie!! I just turned 50 and am basically using the same techniques for the past 20-30 years. My basic look is just mascara and lip balm (I’m a lip biter/anxiety biter). Hoping to get some tips/ideas to be able to do a more complete look appropriate for my age.
    Thanks again!

  11. Once again, I would like to thank you for your tutoring for beginners more mature never wore makeup and is really needs the knowledge

  12. The point that has to be remembered is that typical "powder" products are talc-based; mineral powders are not. They are much finer, nothing at all like talc-based products and so not to be confused with typical powders – face powder, etc.

  13. Really appreciated this Angie! This is what I instinctively do most days, so it was nice to be reassured! Whatever you do, with or without make-up you look lovely!

  14. Love this minimalist look. I’ve always stuck to Mac Studio Fix foundation cum powder …I just press in more powder under eyes, tight line my eyes and lippy. Been doing this since I was 30😆 15 years later, I’m now trying out proper make up aka concealers😁

  15. Really excellent video, Angie! Thank you — why it matters that we look our best at every age.

    I am 73 and I've been mentoring young adults (for free) since I was 43. My generation of Baby Boomers began a dreadful trend beginning around 1965 when someone came out with the phrase "Don't trust anyone over 30!" I felt surely this ridiculous idea would lose traction quickly but alas, the media grabbed on to the idea and began showing ads in the '70's and '80's that made older people look inept — what this is doing to our young people is that they are terrified of growing older and so often, they then don't plan for it. This has even served to increase the suicide rate among young adults 25% over the past decade.

    When we look out best at each age, we inspire young adults that they have something to look forward to and that life is not just all down hill after 25.

    I just had all my dyed blonde hair buzzed off to reveal a crew cut of silver/platinum/white hair — this is not for the faint of heart but I wanted to be sure that I was not tempted to re-dye the roots.

    I am in the process of learning how to "rock this look" and so far, I've had young adults in the Colorado city in which I live come running up to me asking me to remove my hat and saying how "rad!" I look. Well, if I could grow out some length immediately I would opt for that but I AM rocking the look I have with the shortest hair I have ever sported in my life. When it's shoulder length I believe it will look quite stunning but that's a ways off.

    Keep up the good work all you ladies who are concerned with always looking your best — it's not just for us that we do it (whether or not you consciously realize that yet) but for our loved ones, our friends, and our young "audience" who are busy watching older people to see what it might be like for them.

    In order to encourage young adults to make a plan, honor themselves, and take the best care of themselves we need to model the rewards through looking our best, spunky, spry, "sparkling," and sometimes funky selves — it entertains them and it delights them and it encourages them.

    I'm all for that!

    Thank you again, Angie!


  16. I have a problem following what products your using . I would really like to do this video could you please list the products for me thanks

  17. My favorite products you used today are the Marc Jacobs liner, BareMinerals powder. I think the bare minerals side looked more natural and light with good coverage

  18. I wish I could like this ten times! Thanks for the explanations and choices. I've never been a big makeup person, but I'm approaching 50 in a youth-trending department at work so I think it's time.

  19. I just found your channel and love it! Do you have some good tips for sunken / hollow cheeks? Thank you!

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