Making A Coat Rack

Making A Coat Rack

I don’t have a good place to put my stuff
when I get home from work. So it usually end up on the floor. I really need a coat rack.
After cutting it to length and ripping it to width, I route each end with a cove bit.
I’m using just standard 3/4″ solid oak that I picked up at the home center. After
routing each end, I switch over to the front end. This will be the top part of my coat rack.
Also called the Cap Cove. I measure to the edge of the cove, then subtract 1/8″ from
each end. And then 1/8″ from the front. This will give me the dimensions for my cap
bead. I plane my board to 1/2″ thick. Then, I cut it to length. Then rip it to width.
The offcut will be used for the Base. With an ogee bit, I route each of the ends. Do
the ends first to minimize blowout. Then I route the front edge. For the cutoff, I use
a roundover bit. I flip over the stock to route the other side. This will give me a
nice bullnose profile. I do the same for each side, and the front. This will be my base.
I plane down the Header to 5/8″ thick. And then I Cut it to length. Then rip it to width.
Then everybody’s favorite part, sanding! I sanded everything to 220 grit. I also did
a little bit of hand sanding to get into the profiles. On the back of each of each one
of the pieces, I mark the center line. This will make it easy to line everything up when
I’m ready to assemble. I spread glue on the edge of the Header and then carefully
attach the Base. I secure it with pin nails, and then clamp it up until the glue dries.
Once dry, it’s time to glue on the Cap Bead. I line up the center lines I drew earlier
for easy alignment. Then I Pin it into place with my pin nailer. While the glue is still
wet on the cap bead. I glue on the Cap Cove. This time, I’m using my brad nailer to secure
both Cap Bead and Cap Cove. And then I add clamps until the glue dries. I’m using a
canned acrylic spray for the finish. I like the non-yellowing finish it provides. I put
on a total of 4 coats. I took extra time lining up the hooks, making sure they’re evenly
spaced and square with the top and bottom. With an awl, I marked where the screws go.
Then I pre-drilled each of the screw holes. Then I attach each of the hooks. I made 2
sets of these coat racks. I’m really happy how this project turned out. I love the profile
of the final piece. Now I have a place to put my coat and hat when I get home from a
long day’s work. And so does the rest of the family. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Just found this video and i thought it was Brilliant and well made just goes to show what you can do with a Router.
    I enjoyed it that much i put it on my Pinterest Page. Well Done.
    Barry (ENG)

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