Making a Pivoting Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Making a Pivoting Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Hey guys! Stick around. Today I’m going to show you how I made this coat rack. I originally got this idea off of Garage Woodworks, so check out the description below to see the original video where I got this idea. So the first thing I did here was take this 1″ x 3″ Poplar and cut it to length with each of the vertical pieces that will be making up the coat rack The next thing I did here is take everything to the router table put a chamfer so this would match the decor of the newly installed ceiling it just put my house. I’m using a fence and a stop block here to make sure I get all these holes lined up correctly for the pivot. This is a jig I created to make sure that action on this whole thing works properly. Now that I know where the hole needs to go for the pivoting pieces I’m aligning the drill press to get an exact fit, and moving the stop block up for repeatability so I can get each one of these in the exact same location. The next thing for me to do is to do a dry fit on these to make sure everything lined up properly and fit well. The next thing for me to do is to cut the back to length and, then to put the bevel that I got from the jig on the actual backer that will go and mount to the wall. So the length looks good on here and I am going to go ahead and see how this whole thing fits up, and see if it operates as well as my jig did. What I really want here so make sure all these hit the workbench at the exact same time. And then to sand everything smooth to get everything ready for painting. On this backer here I decided that I was going to actually put in three mounts to hit three different studs. I know there’s not going to be that much load on it but I wanted to see if I could get all three of these in line as kind of a challenge to myself. Now it’s not necessary if you’ve got two studs that would be more than enough. So I’m using a temporary jig to put a keyhole in the back of the board to mount [it] to the wall. Now this method seemed a little rudimentary but it got pretty good results. Next. I’m just cutting this quarter inch aluminum pivot rod to length. You can pick one of these up at your local home hardware store. Here I’m laying out where I’ll be drilling holes to attach each one of the vertical pieces that is stationary to the back plate. So the Forstner bit is going to give me a flat shoulder put the wood screw on that will allow the stationary part to be mounted to the back end. I gave myself a little bit of play here to make sure that everything got mounted properly, tightly, and to give myself a little wiggle room to dial everything in. I just used some coat hangers here to hang each of these on as they were drying with this cabinet paint. I figured they’d be getting a lot of wear and tear, and this would be some good paint that I had laying around that could take the abuse. So, I’m stacking everything up one more time. I had everything in order just to make sure that there were not any discrepancies or any issues. I just used some cardboard here to add the proper amount of space and make sure everything pivoted properly without too much restriction. Now I’m using a through hole punch on each of these holes just make sure that these screws sit exactly where I want them in the center of each of these holes. It’s probably overkill but hey. I initially put on some hot glue on the end of these but that ended up not working out after about a week or so that fell off. Now it’s time mount everything up. Overall I’m really pleased with this coat rack. It worked out really well It’s very simple and my wife is really happy, because she finally has some place to hang everything as we come into the house. So if you liked this video make sure you hit that subscribe button check out the rest of my videos on the channel and I’ll catch you on the next video. Later!

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  1. can someone make this for me. ??? JK. but dang that would be nice. this grammie knows nothing about making stuff. this man has skills????

  2. very nice work!!! can I ask you which kind of router head and which kind of wall screw  did you use? thank you

  3. OK guy you've got to come clean with us, you're building a kayak or maybe a canoe in the that shop. I recognized the strong back in the background. I know this because I built a kayak myself.

  4. Very nice work! Fantastic! Just wondering what type of wood that is that you're using and how much the parts for something like that would cost?

  5. Just curious, do you ever have a problem with the movable pieces falling down when they're not being used?

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