Making Real Clothes Into ROBLOX Clothes! [FREE]

Making Real Clothes Into ROBLOX Clothes! [FREE]

how's the pain guys sharp books here so you guys actually gave me the idea for this video now this is something I've done in the past on roblox but it wasn't really something I thought about making a video on and so I thought my Instagram I've been posting a few pictures and some of you guys are saying you like that kind of like clothes I won't of it in the pictures and I should put them on to Robox and that is a very good idea so I fought in this video I will show you guys how to turn your in real life clothes into shirts on roblox now you can do this with like pants as well but obviously it's just a bit more weird it's probably easier just to design them on the computer but of shirts it's kind of easy all you have to really do is take a good quality picture of the logo and then you can pretty much just edit it on your computer and you can turn your in real life shirts into roebuck shirts so maybe you've got something in real life and it's just easier to get a picture of it and then find it on Google Images I know I've got some hoodies that I can't find pictures of them so um yeah it's pretty cool and this is something I've actually already turned this is this t-shirt is kind of like messed up but this is just like a fresher gx4000 shirt this is one I do actually have on roblox I made this into a row book shirt using my version maybe like I don't know a few months ago or something like that but it came up pretty well and yeah so I'm gonna do it with some other stuff I have actually made other clothes I've got into robot clothes as well but let me show you how to do alright so this is probably gonna look like a complete mess on camera because I do not have the right kind of like camera to I film this it looks like a mess but this is a champion hoodie and this is something I could definitely turn into a hoodie on roblox and so basically what you'd have to do is just take a picture of the front of it so the logo and this one actually has a design on the sleeve so on the sleeve harris's champion so it's kind of easy on the sleeve as well you just have to take a picture of it maybe I will make this one soon this one here this antisocial social club one I've already got this on roblox I actually made I made this on roblox what I did is I just took a picture of the barcode here because there wasn't really a high quality one online so that is like the front of the hoodie is a barcode and in the back I just got Google Images you know it's just your basic antisocial social club hoodie I don't know how much it is worth maybe like 170 or something but yeah yeah I've already put this one on my roblox profile so if you want to get this it's on roblox and this is one I'm gonna make in this video this is kind of like her I don't know they're kind of like a new brands they haven't really like made much stuff and the real the reason why I like it wrong it just looks really cool and I'm yet I like a starting band I like to support brands that are just you know starting up and these guys are from London as well so that's pretty cool so yeah I'm gonna be turning this hoodie into a real well into a roblox virtual hoodie so what you want to do is just kind of fold it and just get it so the logo is flat like that the main part of all of these hoodies we need are the logos of course you just need to get like a good quality picture of it so basically what you want to do is just get your phone and you can go and open up the camera app and we just need to take a good quality picture of the logo on the hoodie so I actually like to put mine into like portrait mode when already portrait mode the photo size I like to put it onto one one and yeah portrait mode of course and then we can get like a pretty good quality picture of it so as you can see this is logo just make sure it's flattened out without any like creases or anything like that I will take a picture of it and then I can edit it on my computer and turn it into a real hoodie it's actually like a really nice green I don't think it's showing up it looks like it's white on the camera for some reasons that's a bit weird yeah let me go and take a picture of this right now I'll do it and then I'll put it onto my computer ok guys so this is the picture I've got and what I've done is I've just pasted it into over on my computer so basically what I can do is I can get this logo and I can kind of crop it out and then we can put it onto a roblox hoodie so I'm gonna use the magic wand tool which is this tool right here and the tolerance I've got about 20 it's gonna be different for every image but I'm just gonna press the Delete key I'm gonna try and remove as much black as possible now it doesn't really matter how much you remove obviously the hoodie is going to back anyway so it's kind of gonna blend in we can also use adjustments so maybe the picture didn't quite get the right color we can actually up the saturation so on my hoodie it was really green so I'm gonna try and find like a decent green here which kind of matches it in real life maybe like this one that looks a lot more like it and yeah you can pretty much adjust stuff you can change the hue and saturation to make a bit you know brighter warmer you can also change the lightness or darkness and yeah that's pretty cool I think that is looking pretty accurate of what it is like for some reason when I took a picture it came out as blue maybe I'll make a blue version anyway and ya know what we can do is pretty much just save this logo so I'm going to go to file I'm gonna go to save as and I'm just gonna save this somewhere in my downloads folder so just once save it make sure you say that as a PNG file and you can call it what the logo is so – wrong yeah and I'm just gonna press Save and then there you go click OK and now we've got our logo saved so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna turn this into a roblox hoodie ok guys so this is the basic hoodie template I have got I might add it a bit might put some hoodie strings on just like the one I've got but it's pretty much the same kind of hoodie so now I'm gonna bring up my logo here it is my wrong year logo I'm gonna right-click I'm gonna copy it this and we're just gonna paste it make sure we make a new layer and then we can paste it on that keep canvas size and then what we've got to do is hold the shift key on our keyboard and we can actually resize this correctly so if you hold shift and just resize it it will actually resize without going weird so now we're gonna do we're gonna position this where it would be in the real life version so I think maybe we don't want to make it too small so I think maybe about here we've got a lineup of that bit so I think that's probably pretty good alright we're gonna line it up about there we're gonna press Enter what does that look like is that like okay there you go I like that I think that is looking at pretty good just like one in real life so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to add the hoodie strings that I've got okay so I've got some hoodie strings here just some black ones today I like the one on the hoodie as well we're gonna create another new layer and we're gonna paste these in as well keep for canvas size again I'm gonna hold shift and just make them a lot smaller and we've just got to position them where they would go on the real life version as well so again I can just sort of line them up here and I can pretty much just get them spot-on maybe something like that have you know looks pretty good press ENTER and there you go we've got a hoodie I think that is looking pretty good I could have made it a bit better maybe there's a bit of like I don't know like like lens flare maybe it's light a bit this bit here's a bit white I don't really know why I could always color that in Korean I guess and see what that looks like maybe that I look a bit better I don't know why it came out a bit gray but let's see it's not looking better there you go that looks a lot better okay so there you go that is my hoodie now all we have to do is save it but save it as a PNG file so we're gonna click file we're gonna click save as and it's gonna say PD n for paint on there we need to save this as a PNG and then we're going to call it wrong yeah hurry just like that press ENTER click OK and there you go we can now upload this to roblox make sure you click flatten it as well and there you go it's turned into the hoodie so let's take a look at this version compared to my last version and of course if you guys want to upload this for free this is the part you want to copy so if you want to beat this to be a free shirt and you don't alike have builder's club or anything this is the part you copy so let's have a look before and after a real live picture turn into the roblox hoodie let's upload this to the robots website and let's see it what it looks like ok so here we go guys I've just uploaded it to my group wrong yet so lime hoodie now all we have to do is just wait for robots to allow it it shouldn't take too long and then we can wear it and it's pretty much how you turn you're in real life hoodies into well in your life shirts or hoodies into roblox clothes so you can try this and if you don't have builder's club you can just upload the t-shirt version yeah we're gonna wait for this shirt to like the admins to allow it and then we can actually wear it you guys check out how cool I heard I got a bloody warning for uploading hoodie this image is not appropriate for Robox what the hell all right we're gonna agree I think my looks are trying to get me banned I'm not sure they seriously delete that what was wrong with it I don't understand shirts why what is wrong with this why did they delete it I admit maybe we can view it in this as a last view on this I don't know I don't know why we wrote books felicitous there isn't anything wrong there but there you go that is how you this video kind of felt I guess that is how you turn you're in real life hoodies into real life ones why did Robles to leave this I can't work out what's wrong with it what's wrong the wrong year what is that admin actually stupid like what the hell all right guys so I'm back and ivory uploaded it I just made the text a bit bigger I think maybe that admin was kind of like blind and they can read what it says so they thought it was a swear word or something but here you go re uploaded it I don't know if it's gonna get banned again probably well but yeah that is pretty much it for this video that is how you turn you're in real life clothes into roblox clothes I really like how this hoodie turned out even though robots are gonna delete it in five minutes I think it looks pretty cool and I will put this on sale if roblox let me have it on the website so if you guys enjoyed make sure to leave a like and I will see you guys in the next one

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  1. SharkBlox i got banned on my 2nd main account just because i uploaded a few Harmless T shirt that i made with GFX photoshop and blender

    it made me so mad that i almost wanted to quit roblox because of their stupidity



  2. I got a warning 2 days ago for trying to make my game thumbnail Scarlet Witch, I think they deleted it because it had a bit of cleavage smh

  3. Can you make a video of this glitch where i tried to buy robux but it said Error when i clicked the amount i wanted :/

  4. whats the song you used at the beginning of the video because i really want to hear it and i like it alot

  5. This Is Why I Hate Stupid Roblox, Likes To Moderate Whatever They What Stupidly, Makes Numbers Tags, So Stupid, Thats Why I Like Epic Games As A Company More Because They Giveaway Free Items Such As Backcblingd, Vbucks And Other Stuff, And When They Accidentally Ban Someone, They Listen To What They Will Say Through Email

  6. Things ROBLOX doesn't allow:
    harmless shirt
    a creeper decal i posted when i was 8
    Things ROBLOX allows:

    Roblox needs to get their moderation straight.

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