Making t shirt live with a vinyl cutter a heat press and heat transfer vinyl Titan 3

Making t shirt live with a vinyl cutter a heat press and heat transfer vinyl Titan 3

and then there was a princess named Gigi she liked to sit on a throne and think and talk down to everyone yeah it's 9:43 a.m. and I was gonna start the vlog but I'm watching an episode of tiger belly my favorite podcast and Bobbili so I'll be I'll be back in a second my podcast is over tiger belly check it out came in here to try to press some films out this morning and is updating garbage need to sell it it's probably just gonna pack up the press on that and get it shipped out that way and all of this shit especially over here needs to get organized but probably not today because some news or some stuff came in the mail yesterday and I want to show you guys about it today and set it up and mess with it and get that going and also I need to get the press created up and ready to ship and via UPS can show you I got a couple of packages that came in that one and this one this is for our mobile screen print studio let's unbox it first miniatures secret and this was the lightest heat press that I could find I think it tips the scale at let's check this bad boy out to our scale thirty three point four zero pounds and I'm sure you can guess what this is I tried to get the smallest one I can find I might even keep these foam pieces because these are actually really durable so this is the 15 inch titan-3 matching color with the heat press looking good wish it came in green but I'm actually considering switching the print life colors from the neon green to something else I haven't decided what yeah but I'm strongly considering it anyway the reason I got this is because I was at an event they asked if we could do the customization pink and at the time I said no we cannot I was like well you know if I could get that thing and make it portable it'd be another option that we can offer our client so the point of this equipment is going to allow us to offer offer true customization at these at these events like if someone wants to put their name on it if they want to do the event and the date and some kind of shit like that whatever they want to do we can do it if they want to have a bunch of different silhouettes of different Hey yeah no walking into boxes cheap whenever there's like foreign objects and Gigi's not sure the Gigi's not used to she barks at them tell them good boy kill him good boss engage tell him who the boss is she don't like them she don't like we're gonna have to fix it so this is going to allow us to offer true cut true that's not true customization to our clients I mean this is going to be awesome we can do it on koozies we could do it on t-shirts we can do custom names on the back of the t-shirt we can do bags anything really we could do custom stickers to put on water bottles whatever the possibilities are endless I'm just this excites me man I gotta admit it does make me nervous just the idea of putting this in a case and then letting the throwers or the baggage handlers yeah I say that very carefully because they don't handle the baggage they throw it but having them chuck this shit around we're hired to do in the van let me show up but it's you know the mechanical parts aren't working it is that's a little nerve-wracking as long as we make good solid cases and we suspend then within that case and there's blonde shock absorption it should be okay so the color behind me comes with a vinyl master software and within the software they give you download link and the key school first thing I'm gonna do obviously it's downloadable software alright ladies and gents our software is officially activated so I don't know if I just plug this bad boy in and let it ride let's see turn the power on recognize initializing first thing I will say is that vinyl master has got some seriously good tutorials man I'm gonna make sure to do this with our software we'll have just tons of videos covering everything so that we have a really large database like this cuz this is awesome almost any question you have will can be answered by a video now I don't always go through instructions like this but because this is we're gonna be taking this somewhere and I won't have time to troubleshoot it I don't even know how to use it when we're at these events I'm gonna make sure I know the ins and outs of the software and the drivers and how to manipulate the drivers and all that kind of stuff cause you know sometimes these things when you're trying to speak to a Windows machine via USB they can get a little tricky sometimes you have to like change the ports out and stuff under the control panel and under the device manager it can be tricky so I got to know the ins and outs so I'm gonna spend some time figuring all that out I think I got that more or less installed I haven't installed the actual cutting blade yet but it's got some royal blue vinyl laying around here let's load it up do a test print just cut not print test test okay well I need I think I need to get like a stand so that I can sit the roll you know behind the thing here now I just have a thumb before see how my graphtec you can just you pretty much can just grab these sliders and just push them wherever you need to go this that feels like there's a little bit of resistance on it which makes me kind of nervous to just push it around but I guess that's that's what I'm gonna do I'm sure this get them nice and centered clamp the roller pinchers down like that okay the next step is getting this cutter installed sorry well does not seem to be much in the way have a user manual for the Titan 3 and I don't want to risk you screwing it up so I'm actually gonna go to what is this u.s. counter Titan website it comes with three different blades with three different angles there's the 60 the 45 and the 30 I think I grabbed the 60 but we need to get to 30 30 is for heat press vinyl 45 as most uses fixes for thick materials and of course I went for the thick material blade just cuz I wasn't paying attention so I'm gonna put the cover back on that one and we're gonna go with the 30 degree D so I popped the cover off of it drop the blade into the cutter and then I'm gonna back it off until it's just barely poking out now it says that you can test it by dragging it you can just literally draw on a piece of vinyl like this and if it cuts out but I'm pretty used to it I just can tell what kind of where it's at it's just barely have it poking out there so once you have that set it's hard to see this on camera but I'm just I back this bolt off here and then I dropped the blade all the way in like that and I tightened it back up so it's seated when you can see the brass ring here is touching the top of the lock on the thing anyway that's in C enter all right here okay so you go offline or you turn you've hit the off button get the origin where you wanted to go stuff rewind then you hit this enter button to set the origin and now it kind of takes you back to the speed thing so you know it's good to go I might hit the test button and it starts cutting it's test of clean straightforward let's see if we got the depth right we need a nice clean test cut I have these two cuts in here I want to see how easy this is to send to the cutter I'm gonna come up here to file I'm gonna go cut plot send a cutter media width is 14 not 15 we also are gonna make sure it's mirrored right because this is heat pressed vinyl so we read it from the back and it heats on the thing let's go just send this bad boy to the cut and see if it pulls it off and doubt it okay I'm going to turn it off it says to turn off the device and then it's and then it says please turn it back on turn it back on operation device has been automatically checked in and it is ready to use did I say automatically tected I meant to say the device has been automatically detected and it's ready to use so we're gonna hit done let's go ahead and cut this bad boy see what happens so it's trying first thing I'm gonna say is compared to my graphtec which is an old graphtec and it has long old drivers and stuff and I can't even use it on Windows 10 it has to use Windows XP the setup on this thing with this thing and with the vinyl master the setup and the driver detectors and all that stuff was like mwah now let's see if it weeds out because I opted for the cutter with the servo motor as opposed to the stepper motor I mean it cuts some fine ass details dude it cut that out so clean they're really the main differences are the type of motors in them the cheaper ones use what's called a stepper motor it's a cheaper motor and it does not allow as fine of details the cuts aren't is its detail whereas any of the cutter or the plotters that come with a servo motor you will find they're usually double or triple the price but in exchange for that price it can handle much finer details it makes smoother contoured lines especially with vectors as opposed to the stepper you might see like little jagged edges on the cut I did a bunch of searching and shit like that you know you got your graph texture Rowlands they're all a thousand dollars plus even for the smaller 15 inch model and then I found this Titan 315 inches wide which will handle most of your t-shirt vinyl cutting needs and at 15 inches wide with the servo motor and the cutting software the viol master probe 34.0 i'll remember it at some point with all of that it was $700 but this is free promotion for them because it was super easy to set up it was a Ford it was the most affordable servo vinyl cutter that you can get as far as I can tell and to me that's a goddamn win all right not my very cool little us cutter heat press my mini press we're going to come in here to hit this little setting this is cool cause it's a touch screen so the first thing we're gonna do is hit settings we're gonna set our temperature to that's already set at 305 we're gonna set our tenth hour seconds to I mean let's push it to 15 seconds I think you only need to do it at 10 with scissors easyweed we're gonna go 15 and that's in Fahrenheit we're gonna let this get up to temp and then we're going to heat press this on to something hey Jesse touch chuck me a scrap t-shirt please Wow scrap tease your check all right we're getting close to temperature now baby shout out to James your game don't know Wyatt that hit his name just went anything weird it's at 3:02 that's good enough so let's go ahead and apply some medium pressure force counting down to 14 seconds 13 12 you have to be on the ball it doesn't have the auto pop feature so beeps then you gotta release it yourself that is one customized item thanks for calling Monument this is cam how may I help you dude almost so I'm slacking uh let's see what I got I'm so absent-minded when it comes to like sending tracking numbers and responding to emails I'm just I'm a shit so you know you are Tanner sorry you got the tracking number now yeah we used to have tracking attached to our invoices but for some reason there's a glitch in the existing system and again I'm not updating that system it doesn't attach the tracking number to the clients invoice I can see it from the admin side but they can't see the tracking number from their side so it's a little glitch in the existing system I'm not paying to fix it because we're not fucking with that one anymore but it'll be fixed on the new system god I'm so excited to have that done it's getting so close it's getting so books I got these camo shirts in from l80 I thought they were pretty rad looking pretty good fit man I got a large and extra large I typically like to wear my shirt it's a little baggy er this is pretty cool I ain't going a lot man okay so I just had a really cool client drop in shot the shit with him for a little while shoutout to you thanks for hanging it's been all day okay and this motherfucker has been on the same 24-piece job since he got in it what times you get here wasn't six now that's much that's money well spent we've been messing with all kinds of different combinations and sometimes they work out really well but when they don't work out they really really really really really really don't work out the issue were having what this one is the royal blue we cannot get that shit to lay down smooth and not look splotchy we've tried it on water-based under basis regular pasta saw under basses different mesh counts it just looks splotchy and this is this super royal from will flex but tried the regular light royal from will flex yeah like it just looks splotchy look at this just horrendous and that is a will flex plastics all over an acrylic under base and a plastics all under base so what we're gonna do now is use matsui acrylic water-based royal blue and see if that gives us better coverage you know this was a cool blog I'm really excited about the new vinyl cutters I'm excited to get that thing in our lineup for our mobile screen print studio so y'all know what you got do take care yourself rip in peace out you

31 Replies to “Making t shirt live with a vinyl cutter a heat press and heat transfer vinyl Titan 3”

  1. So it's been about a year, do you recommend the cutter? I've been looking at getting a desktop vinyl cutter for personal use and am looking at this one. They sell the old version with a stepper motor for $400 refurbished and this Titan 3 with a servo for $675. Is the servo motor really worth the extra $275?

  2. Thanks for the helpful video. Have you tried cutting printable heat transfer paper such as Jetpro with this cutter?

  3. Have that cutter and love it, grabbed it used off Facebook for $150 over a year ago and still going strong.

    Be careful holding your heat press by the handle like that, I had one that snapped on me after a move, we carried it from the base with one hand on the arm and a few days later the 2 metal plates holding the arm in place just clean snapped in half, had to send it in and wait for a replacement which isn't what you want happening for a live event I'm sure.

  4. Haven't watched any print life in a few weeks…sorry…busy with two businesses! But…bro…the haircut and beard trim…two thumbs up! So much more professional looking bro.

  5. Watched this one all the way through. Pretty entertaining stuff! Congrats on 15k subscribers. I’m going to be stopping in this month to say what’s up and get a quote for a project. See you soon Cam

  6. Cam, that royal blue since it was only 24 items maybe heat press them after, you screen them. Kind of dumb sometimes but you got to do what you got to do. Remember to use a cover sheet so the material doesn’t stick to the press.

  7. Hey Cam Cool Buy .. Just make sure when you take it somewhere you plug it into the same usb on the computer or it will install again and you wil have to play with it every time you want to cut..

  8. You can make a killing doing single vinyl shirts with simple sayings or designs. $20 a shirt and doesn't take more than 10 min to make. I would suggest getting the Stahls Premium plus vinyl as it stretches and it's super soft.

  9. Titan cutter sales are now going to shoot up… they will be scratching their heads wondering why sales went up… what did we do differently? LOL! Great vlog!

  10. Vinyl Master is great cut software. I tried several before settling on that one. I dig it! I just wish there was a way to cut directly from Coreldraw. If there is I haven't figured it out yet. I just save designs as .ai and import them to VM. PrintFam!

  11. hey man just wondering why you didn't get the Graphtec ce lite 50 instead? Sure it's a bit bigger, but it's coming with a stand for rolls, supposed to even work on mac and I saw that they got a $200 rebate in the US so basically end up the same price as the Titan. Asking cause I'm planning to get the Graphtec next month

  12. Awesome video. I had a vinyl cutter several years ago and hated it… simply because it was a pain for me. Clearly because I was garbage at it lol

  13. Intro was awesome …“YEAAAHH!!!….The Print Life!!!” Just add “mother f##kers” at the end next time for even more badass points 👕⚡️🤘😆

  14. I’ve got the uscutter laserpoint II and I like it a lot. But what I don’t like is the program they provide everything is super simple to set up and cut but if you wanna change anything on the design it’s like working with paint on widows 95 i wish someone could figure out how to crack the code to cut from illustrator I tried a few things but was unsuccessful! 🤔

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