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  1. Please use a mask instead of breathing in all the fumes from burning material. It may hurt your lungs.

  2. Great video. I made one similar, and just ran a needle thru the center a couple of times instead of gluing. I see you didn't cut off burn area. Surprised it looks good. I love the color. I will try it again and won't cut off the burn

  3. I've tried the burn technique with organza but I didn't like how it looked, mind you I only did one piece. So maybe I'll try it again. Thx for the inspiration .

  4. Good day! Please tell me what kind of fabric do you do the flowers? Is it silk? From screen not visible(

  5. These are absolutely STUNNING! I am learning to make these, my daughter is about to turn 1 in May, and I am making ALL her deco stuff myself, from my heart it's a Princess theme not cartoons, a elegant theme oh my gosh, I am TRILLED I found your channel! ( Besides the fact I love to hear you talk. You have a " my friend" way of talking and not trying to be "professional" over your head! And you made this tired Mommy laugh! I hope that makes sense. ) Thank you SO much for sharing your talents and helping out this Mom!
    ( I am hooked, I am binge watching..lol ) Be BLESSED!!!

  6. I’m an old disabled lady that is 60 n not worth anything now. I am trying to learn crafts that might be able to do. I am going to ask a stupid question, where would I buy the netting? I learned a lot from your vedic. Thank you

  7. sweety just love to watch and make your fantastic flower!! they are just fantastic!! where do you buy all the centers? thanks alot

  8. Could you hold me you said you were going to sell those at Izzys you give me the address I love your flowers and then go really good with the wedding post that I made I can LOL I need to finish this quickly

  9. I think I watched this video more then 10 times. I love long videos where you can craft and listen to someone else’s thought process, you did an amazing job! 🙂


  11. Fabulous…question #1: where do you get your bling centers?…question #2: can you singe the netting?

  12. I used a lighter and I'm still recovering! Thanks for showing me the candle! Yours are beautiful!

  13. I've been looking to make my very first Grand daughter some head bands & came across these beauties! I'm definitely gonna try these! thank you so much for sharing this!

  14. They are very pretty flowers and you give lots of information! Thank you for sharing!!! Just Subscribed to your channel…

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